Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tant' è amara che poco è più morte; ma per trattar del ben ch'i' vi trovai, dirò de l'altre cose ch'i' v'ho scorte.

OHH MY GOD!!! THERE IS A GAS SHORTAGE IN THE ATL!!!! Please... more bullshit propaganda instigated, though not admitted to, by the local media in Atlanta. This morning around 7am the media started reporting that the gas pipelines were down and Atlanta could runout of gas. Well... nobody paid any mind until the shit storm started to spread and by 12 noon everyone was out at the gas station filling up everything they could find with gasoline, forcing the gas station owners to what else... ha ha... raise the prices on the rumor mill suckers. A station I passed in the morning that was at $2.49, was at $3.19 when I came by it later that after noon and $3.39 LATER THAT EVENING. Some stations were charging $4.99 and I hear even $6.99 for a single gallon of regular fuel. The governor went on television in the early afternoon to assure the people that there was no shortage... please... who is watching television in the afternoon except for welfare recipients. I left work and was forced to sit blindly in the middle of streets as they were transformed into high school lunch lines, with no cut'zies, as people waited to pay for overpriced gas to feed their already close to full SUV's.
I decided it was in my best intentions to fill up myself, so I hit the local bar and drank beer with Linton and laffed with the other patrons at the assholes who actually thought there was a problem in town. To clarify — there is no shortage. I almost feel compelled to stand infront of my local station and protest to people in line with a huge sign declaring the fact... but alas... my photographer is in Denver. I'm instead going to go out to my car tonight and paint in big dripping brilliant blue letters the fact — THERE IS NO SHORTAGE. Maybe that will smarten the folks up on my commute to work tomorrow. HA — Probably not.
Geting to work on some different correspondences tonight and watching Jack Hill films. Gearing up for the Drive-Invasion this weekend!!! Barker says he might even make it in... praise that man!!

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