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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Impair The Respiration Of Or Obstruct The Air Passage Of An Equivalence Or Correspondence Among Constituents Of An Entity


Adjusted the schematics for the work — 50 bulbs v. 66 bulbs. The reason being, besides cost savings, is that the Fader can only handle 3 Amps and with the previous setup I was going to need 2.1 Amps x 2 = 4.2 Amps. Now I only require 1.5 Amps x 2 = 3 Amps. The larger amount of bulbs would have fried the Fader.
Placed an order for all the components I wanted. Bulbs - Stringers - Fader. Went thru a different company as well and was able to save myself $30. I'm happy with that. Had everything sent UPS 2nd Day Air so i should begin instalation of these suckers this weekend. Like I said the money is a small stretch, but the work is more important than me right now. I'll be extremely proud to be near it at the show. Now the difficult task of putting it all together begins!

Here is the revised schematic:

OK — So now that I've figured out how to calculate for Amps... all I can say is.... DAMN YOU AMPS!!! I have to fix my plans... pushing too many Amps currently.

Calculations for electrical load requirements of 'Dance-Dance-Dance'

Total Number of Bulbs X Bulb Wattage ÷ 110 = Amps Needed

Basic Calculations
(1) x 7 Watts ÷ 110 = 0.0636 Amps
(25) x 7 Watts ÷ 110 = 1.590 Amps

'DANCE-DANCE-DANCE' Lighting needs
(33) x 7 Watts ÷ 110 = 2.1 Amps

(66) x 7 Watts ÷ 110 = 4.2 Amps

The cord I'm using has a max load of 5 Amps... so nothing should overload. The problem is the Fader Controller.. it only can take 3 Amps. DAMNIT...

Why does this crap cost so much... it just blows my mind that little light bulbs can cost so much. I'm having to bite my tongue and hold my left hand back from punching my nose, as I consider spending a large wad of cash on this lighting system for 'Dance-Dance-Dance'. I haven't hit the PLACE MY ORDER button just yet, but I'm close. But now as I sit here and write this, I wonder... is there that much of a difference when it comes to $70 and $100. Should I just order all the crap I need or give-up and compromise. I never do that with my own work... so I'm wondering why I should start now. Money is always the most annoying of factors when creating art, but sticking to your convictions and struggling financially for a short time is alright. Especially when the work is as you envisioned it. I AM TORN...

Completed a huge portion of 'Dance-Dance-Dance' last night. As I suspected, the '1 SHOT Letterning Enamel' I picked up was the perfect choice. Amazing stuff. I loved how the figures I painted looked so much, I decided to repeat them in pattern all over the work. They look amazing. So now that the background elements are finished and the work finally appears grounded, I have to figure out a way to re-centralize the composition with the 3 smaller white figures. I believe I'll combine the central figures with other elements by linking them together with silver paint. We'll see how that works itself out.
Have sneak preview passes to The Aristocrates tonight. Gonna go with Steph... should be the most obscene, disgusting, vulgar, and vile film (as well as the funniest) we've ever seen. At least thats how they bill it.

AUGUST 2, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 26 (postcard)

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