Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Friday, September 30, 2005

Darn... Nothing Like That Ever Happens To Me.



Made a nice postcard about avian flu today. Went over to Kankas for a few minutes after work. Set up shop for dress building this evening. Got a huge amount of space to lay it all out in and a sweet ass dress form. Lookie — Lookie.

Will only have to be here for 19 days, then I'm finally able to set up shop in the new houses big studio space. 7 days there before the show.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2005
BARKER - English Dog (postcard)
BLACKMON - English Dog (postcard)
JANSSEN - English Dog (postcard)
KANKA - English Dog (postcard)
KUTZBACH - English Dog (postcard)
LINTON - English Dog (postcard)
LUDWIG - English Dog (postcard)
NEWMAN - English Dog (postcard)
NEWTON & GEIER - English Dog (postcard)
NOBLE - English Dog (postcard)
PEARSON - English Dog (postcard)
STATTS - English Dog (postcard)
STOUT - English Dog (postcard)
VINSON - English Dog (postcard)
WEISS - English Dog (postcard)
YORK - English Dog (postcard)

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Why The Sudden Lack Of Urgency?


So what was I doing at Kankas last night besides drinking and smoking... Well outside of the shit-shooting, we were shooting pictures of peaches... zoinks!! Why peaches... well it's for promotional materials for Monadnock Paper.

Now we didn't take pictures of this little guy... because I cut him up and ate him after I snapped this picture. Wet and delicious... good golly molly!!!

SEPTEMBER 29, 2005
BARKER - Brown Bomb (postcard)
BLACKMON - Brown Bomb (postcard)
JANSSEN - Brown Bomb (postcard)
KANKA - Brown Bomb (postcard)
KUTZBACH - Brown Bomb (postcard)
LINTON - Brown Bomb (postcard)
LUDWIG - Brown Bomb (postcard)
NEWMAN - Brown Bomb (postcard)
NEWTON & GEIER - Brown Bomb (postcard)
NOBLE - Brown Bomb (postcard)
PEARSON - Brown Bomb (postcard)
STATTS - Brown Bomb (postcard)
STOUT - Brown Bomb (postcard)
VINSON - Brown Bomb (postcard)
WEISS - Brown Bomb (postcard)
YORK - Brown Bomb (postcard)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

At The Age Of 41 Most Successful Men Were Content To Rest On Their Laurels


Alright... So what the hell has been going on? Why are there no real posts? Where are the Korean recipets?

Well I've been very very busy. I'm not only designing the dress for the Paper fashion Show, but I'm also developing a bunch of promotional materials for Monadnock Paper Mills as well. So things have been very hectic... ohh yeah and I'm dealing with finalizing my new house and all sorts of other nonsence.
Regardless of these things, I'm back to writing more than just a title on these posts for the rest of the year. I have posted some photographs to fill in the dates previous where I had nothing to say... these photos should reflect happenings from those days... so I suppose that counts for something.
Correspondence Production: Even in the absence of written posts, is still a main-stay at the current residence, since all other works have been packaged for transferral to the studio space in the new house.
The first project that I'll tackle and hopefully wrap up quickly when I get into the new space will be the Flouride shows pieces. The written plan (written because I'll force myself to stick to it) is to exhibit this set of works in a solo show June 2006 or close to that time.
The next show I'll start to prep for after that will be the Correspondence show featuring Barkers and my 4 years worth of works. After that, in 2007, we will be seeing a few small Retroconsumerism shows solo & group, 2 full scale solo shows - Blue Jughead & Black Richie Rich. Then sometime down the road I'll be ready to roll out the 100 Small Works show, as well as Rubber-Neckin' Roadkill, both probably occuring in 2008. 2009 & 2010 will bring a few interesting things a solo show or two and a few group things. Then in 2011, I'm planning a huge solo show 10 Years of Correspondences: 2000 - 2010, which will amass all the correspondence I've sent that I can get my hands on. Should be interesting. Of course there is always going to be the frequent outsider group and benefit shows each year and all sorts of other interesting things I'm sure.
So you see... I'm busy.... really really busy.
Headed to Kanka's tonight to chill and get some photograph shot by him. I'll let you in on more of that later.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2005
NEWTON & GEIER - Finger Deep (postcard)

BARKER - Funny Girl (postcard)
BLACKMON - Funny Girl (postcard)
KANKA - Funny Girl (postcard)
KUTZBACH - Funny Girl (postcard)
LUDWIG - Funny Girl (postcard)
NEWMAN - Funny Girl (postcard)
NEWTON & GEIER - Funny Girl (postcard)
NOBLE - Funny Girl (postcard)
PEARSON - Funny Girl (postcard)
STATTS - Funny Girl (postcard)
STOUT - Funny Girl (postcard)
VINSON - Funny Girl (postcard)
WEISS - Funny Girl (postcard)
YORK - Funny Girl (postcard)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nahh... Nobody Needs That


Some more graffiti — I just thought this was the funniest!

Monday, September 26, 2005

OK... I'll Do It Tomorrow When I Get There.


Some cool charactor type graffiti I saw on my photoshoot earlier in the week at the train yard. What do ya think Barker?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Retire. — What? — Retire.


Me and Steph at the 6 FEET UNDER 3rd Crawfish Boil

Saturday, September 24, 2005

What.... Alive?


SEPTEMBER 24, 2005
SCHAEFER - VOL. 133, NO. 3 (postcard)

KUTZBACH - Cool Gang Poolside 02 (postcard)

BARKER - Glover 04 - CGFC (postcard)

Friday, September 23, 2005

I Would Hunt Him Down


SEPTEMBER 23, 2005
SCHAEFER - VOL. 127, NO. 2 (postcard)

KUTZBACH - Cool Gang Poolside 01 (postcard)

BARKER - Glover 01 - CGFC (postcard)
KANKA - Glover 02 - CGFC (postcard)
VINSON - Glover 03 - CGFC (postcard)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Polytheistic Pantheom In Slipppers & Why Am I So In Love With Pea's?


Kim Chee Poke in a rice paper taco with avacado sauce

1/4 C — Hawaiian Salt
8 C — Water
2 Lb — Won Bok Cabbage (Napa) -- roughly cut
4 1/2 Tsp — Chili Paste
4 1/2 Tsp — Fresh Garlic -- minced
1 1/3 C — Oyster Sauce
1 C — Carrots -- finely julienned
2 Tsp — Raw Sugar
1/3 C — Scallions -- roughly cut
1/4 C — Fresh Chives -- roughly cut
2 Tbsp — Shrimp Sauce
2 Tsp — Fresh Ginger -- grated


2 C — Kim Chee -- (above)
12 Oz — Raw Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna); chopped large
1 Med — Maui Onion; diced
1/3 C — Shoyu (Soy Sauce)
1 Tbsp — Sesame Oil
X — Oil — for deep frying
6 Sheets — Rice Paper


2 — Avocados, Haas, Ripe, Dark-Skinned; peeled and sliced
3/4 C — Chicken Stock
1/2 C — Sour Cream
2 Tbsp — Lemon Juice
1 Tbsp — Cilantro -- chopped
X — Salt And White Pepper -- to taste

1. Make the kim chee by adding the salt to water. Add the won bok and
soak for 2 hours. Drain the mixture and add the remaining kim chee
ingredients. Let stand for 2 hrs.
2. To make the poke: Chop 2 cups of kim chee into fine pieces and mix
with ahi, onion, shoyu and sesame oil.
3. Make the 'taco' shells. Pour 4 inches of oil into a deep skillet or
pot and heat until bubbling.Toss in a rice paper sheet. Use a large
metal whisk push the sheet down in the oil. The rice paper will
form itself into a taco shell around the whisk. Fry 45 to 60 secs.;
the rice paper should be translucent and bubbled. Remove and drain.
Proceed with the rest of the rice paper.
4. Make the avocado sauce by combining all the ingredients and whirl
in a blender or processor until smooth. (To keep the sauce from
darkening, place a sheet of plastic wrap directly on the sauce
until needed.)
5. Fill the shells with the kim chee mixture and serve with avocado

SEPTEMBER 22, 2005
SCHAEFER - VOL. 133, NO. 6 (postcard)

BARKER - Kitchen Discussions 01 - JWFC (postcard)
KANKA - Kitchen Discussions 02 - JWFC (postcard)
KUTZBACH - Kitchen Discussions 03 - JWFC (postcard)
VNISON - Kitchen Discussions 04 - JWFC (postcard)

KANKA - Schaefer Polaroids 13(construct)

LUDWIG - Blackout Relic 06 (construct)

BARKER - Puppet (postcard)
BLACKMON - Puppet (postcard)
KANKA - Puppet (postcard)
KUTZBACH - Puppet (postcard)
LUDWIG - Puppet (postcard)
NEWMAN - Puppet (postcard)
NEWTON & GEIER - Puppet (postcard)
NOBLE - Puppet (postcard)
PEARSON - Puppet (postcard)
STATTS - Puppet (postcard)
STOUT - Puppet (postcard)
VINSON - Puppet (postcard)
WEISS - Puppet (postcard)
YORK - Puppet (postcard)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wall Map Supplement For Mobile Telephones


No Vermouth...No Dirt... No Idea.
As is the norm in ATL, after I asked for a gin martini at a local corporate water/food hole, I was asked what kind of gin. Of course... have to feed beast — the distributers pockets — don't we now. Did she even ask how I wanted it prepared... FUCK NO! Well fine then, no need for such language I tell myself... let's see what happens.
Kat (thats her little name you see) grabs the Bombay Sapphire from the shelf... dispenses it into a shaker full of ice and proceeeds to shake.
HA —
As I've stated before — These fucking ATL bartenders do not know how to fix a proper gin martini. After she presented me with the drink, I inquired as to whether she had added any vermouth...
"No people always order vodka martinis... nobody drinks gin... you're supposed to put vermooth in it?"
"Hell yes you are... don't you read my blog?"
"You're supposed to put vermouth in my drink and some dirt too?"
She proceeeds to add a heaping shot glass full amount of vermouth to my already shaken and poured drink.
"Wait... dirt? What do you mean?"
"Did you go to bar-school?"
"Of course you have to."
"And you don';t know what dirt means in reguards to a gin martini?"
more pause
"You mean olive juice?"
"Yes I do indead."
With one hand she grabs a container of olive juice and attempts to pour more into the glass, but I stop her.
"You better not pour dirt in that glass, like you did the vermooth... make the drink again the right way."
"What's wrong with it now?"
Welln besides the fact you pour enough vermooth inn the glass to gag a large cow.... it's supposed to be shaken as a whole. You'll have to make it again."
She makes the drink again, at each step asking me if she is doing it correctly. I finally get the drink and indulge.
"You see... everyone now adays orders vodka martinis."
"And your point is?"
Silience... a stare... and she wanders off.

— Chapch'ae

A Ingredients
½ lb (225 grs) soymeat (not necessary for Chapch'ae)
3 tablespoons of soy sauce
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 tablespoon of sesame salt
½ teaspoon of black pepper
2 tablespoons of sesame oil

B Ingredients
1/3 lb (150 grs) Chinese noodles (tangmyon)
1 cup cooked spinach

C Ingredients
2 large carrots but into matchsticks
10 medium green onions but into 1" lengths
5 wild leeks (puch'u)
2 dry onions, chopped

D Ingredients
3 p'yogo mushrooms (Japanese shitake mushrooms)
10 mogi mushrooms (Jew's ear mushrooms)
5 nut'ari mushrooms (oyster mushroom)
10 sogi muchrooms (stone mushroom)

- Cut the soymeat (if you decide to use it) into fine strips and fry with the other A ingredients until well cooked and tender.
- Cook the noodles in plenty of boiling water until soft; rinse in cold water.
- Fry the C ingredients gently together in a lightly-greased pan for 10 minutes to soften, not brown.
- Soak the p'yogo, mogi and nut'ari mushrooms in warm water for 10 minutes, then cut them into strips. And fry in the same way as you fried the vegetables.
- Immerse the sogi mushrooms in boiling water for 2 minutes, then cut them into strips.
- Combine all the ingredients including the spinach; heat before serving, or the dish may be served cold.

*Note* The dish is sometimes made with a larger proportion of noodles. Also, add or reduce ingredients to your taste, or exchange similar ingredients when one kind cannot be found.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2005
Blue Jughead: The Pitch (processed postcard)

BARKER - Farmer Red Dot C (postcard)

SCHAEFER - VOL. 133, NO. 2 (postcard)

KANKA - Schaefer Polaroids 12 (construct)

LUDWIG - Blackout Relic 05 (construct)

BARKER - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)
BARKER - Moss Pariba Flave VARIENT (postcard)
BLACKMON - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)
BLACKMON - Moss Pariba Flave VARIENT (postcard)
KANKA - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)
KUTZBACH - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)
LUDWIG - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)
NEWMAN - Moss Pariba Flave VARIENT (postcard)
NEWTON & GEIER - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)
NOBLE - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)
PEARSON - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)
STATTS - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)
STOUT - Moss Pariba Flave VARIENT (postcard)
VINSON - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)
WEISS - Moss Pariba Flave VARIENT (postcard)
YORK - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Holiday Music For Happy People & Video Too!


SEPTEMBER 20, 2005
KANKA - Schaefer Polaroids 11 (construct)

LUDWIG - Blackout Relic 05 (construct)

Monday, September 19, 2005

Understanding Is The Simplified Portion Of The Equation


Pictures from Saturday Night: The Earl
Criminal Records Customer Appreciation Party

Arrived with time to spare. Had 2 shots of Patron and a tallboy PBR. Walked into the back room to see Mike Geier's Traditional Geisha Tea Party. Ohh la la — Check out the fan on that one. Mike and RL knocked out a series of breethy balads as only Mike can. The croud was totally adrift with the vibe he was pumping out in his custom made outfit.

The last act was a band called The Selmanaires, I had never seen them before. An obvious sign that I'm not getting out nearly enough. Lack of local music knowledge is what I get for years of work in solitude. Steph said they get better every time she see's them. They must have always been good, because I thought they were bloody amazing. Can't wait to see them again.

The blue and red police lights kick in and the croud became electric. Tommy Chung started to pull at his bass strings and the croud broke into dance feverishly.

The Lynchian weirdness sets in and the evil of the evening begins to make itself evident. Something strange is happening, but no body can put their finger on it — something in the air... something in the vibe... something in the drink.

This guy thru his pants at me. When he got off stage I asked to take a picture with him. Strange person — anyone know who he is?

SEPTEMBER 19, 2005
LUDWIG - Hollywood Gossip (postcard)
NEWTON & GEIER - Hollywood Gossip (postcard)

KANKA - Schaefer Polaroids 10 (construct)

LUDWIG - Blackout Relic 04 (construct)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

How Can I Hold Dear What I Don't Control


SEPTEMBER 17, 2005
LUDWIG - Blackout Relic 03 (construct)

KANKA - Schaefer Polaroids 09 (construct)

Friday, September 16, 2005

How Can I Control What I Don't Hold Dear


Hung out at Trader Vic's last night with Steph and the usuals. Had a ball as usual... we were going to go to Dad's Garage to see Rocky Horror, but our dinner lasted a little longer than planned. So we went to Vic's to see the silver-haired ladies in town for the Christian Woman Convention. They were all over the Hilton. Tongo Hiti rocked out their usual classic and Lil'r Richard from New Orleans joined in the fun too. It was a swell night.

Foolish people doing foolish things.

Mike & Lil'r Richard rock'n it.

The boy with the high pitched voice.

Tongo Hiti performs my favorite number.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2005
BARKER - Cowboy Variant A (postcard)
KANKA - Cowboy Variant B (postcard)
KUTZBACH - Cowboy Variant C (postcard)
LUDWIG - Cowboy Variant D (postcard)

LUDWIG - Blackout Relic 02 (construct)

KANKA - Schaefer Polaroids 08 (construct)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

This Is A Love Song


Mailing out quite a few correspondences again today. The interesting one is the Jughead Variant SEP 14 2005. This postcard is actually the work I'm going to submit to the Visual Aids benifit in New York City next month. I'm mailnig it to myself because the gallery wants the artists signature on the back of the work (it's part of the shows gimick). I figure it to be an even smarter idea — mail the work to myself, thus making the work an offical postcard. The part that upsets me about this show is that they really shouldn't call it 'Postcards From the Edge' because you don't actually mail the work to them like a postcard — you send it in an envelope and they do not require anything but a signature on the back... so the work never truely becomes a postcard at part in their process. The works just happen to be 4"x6" standard postcard sizing, but this doesn't make them postcards either. That's why I'm making the work I'm submiting totally authentic as a postcard.
Also today I'm mailing two entries for the HOW International Design Awards — submitting 2 annual reports I produced this past year. Won't hear anything about those until March 6, 2006... damn long wait if you ask me.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2005
BARKER - Jughead Variant SEP 12 2005 (postcard)
KANKA - Jughead Variant SEP 13 2005 (postcard)
SCHAEFER - Jughead Variant SEP 14 2005 (postcard)

LUDWIG - Blackout Relic 01 (construct)

KANKA - Schaefer Polaroids 07 (construct)

BARKER - Cowboy (postcard)
BLACKMON - Cowboy (postcard)
KANKA - Cowboy (postcard)
KUTZBACH - Cowboy (postcard)
LUDWIG - Cowboy (postcard)
NEWMAN - Cowboy (postcard)
NEWTON & GEIER - Cowboy (postcard)
NOBLE - Cowboy (postcard)
PEARSON - Cowboy (postcard)
STATTS - Cowboy (postcard)
STOUT - Cowboy (postcard)
VINSON - Cowboy (postcard)
WEISS - Cowboy (postcard)
YORK - Cowboy (postcard)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

This Is Not A Love Song


Received 3 amazing correspondences from Barker today. First a used blue toothbrush in an envelope that was torn open and thus placed in the official oversized USPS clear faced envelope. I imagine this as a relic from Barkers former life as a single man... good stuff... especially considering it came double enveloped — as if meaning or relating to hazardous materials and how they are carefully stored and monitored. The second was a new story postcard dictated on the familiar TV Girl front-side motif. The correspondence talked about his visit to the Dallas County lockup for unpaid parking tickets and cops playing GTA in front of the prisoners. Truth is stranger than fiction. The third was an irregular fashioned postcard, crafted from the cardboard insert that his new brides wedding gloves once held. The card has only four fingers (no thumb) — one of the fingers was ripped off half way down. Flipping the card in the correct direction the half finger is the traditional wedding band finger. Last week, I received another envelope that contained the Barkers hotel keycard and map from their wedding in N.O. On the map, Barker has noted the location of the hotel which they stayed and the location of the riverboat they married on. I found this object quite ironic for several reasons.

Hung out at the El Myr with Blackmon and Kanka. Had a burrito and a drink... delicious. Feeling better than earlier this week finally. Kanka found a large chunk of steak in his veggie burrito and for a good portion of the evening had it wrapped up in a napkin where-upon he had decided to later afix it to a postcard and mail it to Barker. Would have been funny, but he tossed it before he left — saying he unfortunatly didn't have the time to do it. Everyone seated at El Myr enjoyed the recent Barker correspondences, which I brought along for show-and-tell. Kanka commented that if Barker had the nerve to send me his used toothbrush, that he would then send Barker the meat he found. It would have been a nice gesture I thought.

The Bandit In Bandit Land

This wasn't my movie so I gave it to a needy tree on Euclid Avenue.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2005
BARKER - Jughead Artifact (envelope)
KANKA - Schaefer Polaroids 06 (construct)

BARKER - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
KANKA - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
KUTZBACH - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
LUDWIG - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
NEWMAN - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
NEWTON & GEIER - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
NOBLE - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
PEARSON - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
STATTS - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
STOUT - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
VINSON - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
WEISS - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
YORK - Mewling Neonate (postcard)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

They Call Me An Animal... Then They Shut Me Up


Sick Sick Sick... still sitting at home today. Nasty feelings abound. Nothing to report at this time except for the aches and pains. So enjoyable.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2005
KANKA - Schaefer Polaroids 05 (construct)

Monday, September 12, 2005

They Call Me An Animal... Then They Cut Me Up


Sitting at home today sick as a dog. That phrase never really made much sense to me. Have you ever seen a dog sick? How do know you it's sick? I think instead, that I'm as sick as a fish. What's the difference... sick is sick. So from now on, when I say that I'm sick, I'll be as sick as a fish.
The question still abounds what does 'As sick as a dog' mean —

There are several expressions of the form sick as a ..., that date from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Sick as a dog is actually the oldest of them, recorded from 1705; it is probably no more than an attempt to give force to a strongly worded statement of physical unhappiness. It was attached to a dog, I would guess, because dogs often seem to have been linked to things considered unpleasant or undesirable; down the years they have had an incredibly bad press, linguistically speaking (think of dog tired, dog in the manger, dog’s breakfast, go to the dogs, dog Latin—big dictionaries have long entries about all the ways that dog has been used in a negative sense).
At various times cats, rats and horses have been also dragged in to the expression, though an odd thing is that horses can’t vomit; one nineteenth-century writer did suggest that this version was used “when a person is exceedingly sick without vomiting”. The strangest member of the set was used by Jonathan Swift in 1731: “Poor Miss, she’s sick as a Cushion, she wants nothing but stuffing” (stop laughing at the back).
The modern sick as a parrot recorded from the 1970s—at one time much overused by British sportsmen as the opposite of over the moon—refers to a state of deep mental depression rather than physical illness; this perhaps comes from instances of parrots contracting psittacosis and passing it to their human owners.

Today I'm really just lying around... can't do much of anything. Just doing a Roman Polanski film fest today as I pass in and out of my drugged stupper. Rosemary is on right now.... earlier it was The Tenant - The Ninth Gate - Frantic. many more Romans to come... although I'm really looking forward to some chicken soup and company. Yum.

There is a really wonderful benifit coming up to support the musicial community from New Orleans. I want everyone who reads this blog to check out the site and support the cause. Music is the life blood of New Orleans and we need to support these important artists. Please check out the site and support this great cause, it should be an amazing day. The city has actually approved the closing of Euclid Ave. for the event... this is gonna be a real hoot.

Crescent City Throwdown Benifit

SEPTEMBER 12, 2005
KANKA - Schaefer Polaroids 04 (construct)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

She Know How To Talk It


Went to the flee market with Steph today. She purchased a killer metal porch glider - red and black with the original 100 ton cushions. It actually fit on her porch. I myself grapped 50 issues of Jughead, ranging from the 100's to the 300's and a few other non-series issues. These will be used eventually to create even more elaborate Jughead paintings. I think I'm going to start collecting mint back-issues of Jughead and Richie Rich. The ones I picked up today and others I've gotten in the past are in really poor condition and are perfect for the paintings, but I'd like to start a nice collection.
Sitting at home tonight with a nice little cold. I really feel like crap and getting worse. I'm gonna call in sick tomorrow and rest up. Steph is making me soup... lovely girl.
I will have a set of new set of postcards for tomorrow, but I don't have enough stamps for them all. I might have to make a quick trip to the post office to pick some up... but only if I feel well enough.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

She Know How To Walk It


SEPTEMBER 10, 2005
BARKER - Found Photograph 03 (construct)
KANKA - Schaefer Polaroids 03 (construct)

Friday, September 09, 2005

She Know How To Work It


BARKER - Found Photograph 02 (construct)
KANKA - Schaefer Polaroids 02 (construct)

BARKER - Stranded On A Desert Isle (postcard)
KANKA - Stranded On A Desert Isle (postcard)
KUTZBACH - Stranded On A Desert Isle (postcard)
LUDWIG - Stranded On A Desert Isle (postcard)
NEWMAN - Stranded On A Desert Isle (postcard)
NEWTON & GEIER - Stranded On A Desert Isle (postcard)
NOBLE - Stranded On A Desert Isle (postcard)
PEARSON - Stranded On A Desert Isle (postcard)
STATTS - Stranded On A Desert Isle (postcard)
STOUT - Stranded On A Desert Isle (postcard)
VINSON - Stranded On A Desert Isle (postcard)
WEISS - Stranded On A Desert Isle (postcard)
YORK - Stranded On A Desert Isle (postcard)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Only Now She's Got The Contraband

Sitting at the Apple Store right now waiting to get my iPod replaced... this will make it the forth time... what a bitch this is. If I get lucky I'll get a new color replacement... but I doubt it. I'm sure to get the last generation of the B/W... and I'm sure that it'll fail as well.
Not to sure what the plans are for tonight, but I know I'm doing something or other with Steph... she's just getting out of work about now so I assume I'll find out some time. Might be going to Trader vic's to hang out with a friend that's in town, but might just end up watching movies at the girls instead. Either is fine with me as long as she's round.


Super busy day at work today. Fortunatly for me, I have a pair of headphones and Robert Smith to keep me company. That's right it's classic Cure all day long... I mean all day long. Ahhh joy!!
What makes me extremely happy as well today is the fact that the correspondences are back into their old mood of madness. I sat at home and generated a set of 40+ correspondences throughout the night. There are even more coming down the pipes.

BARKER - Found Photograph 01 (construct)
KANKA - Schaefer Polaroids 01 (construct)

BARKER - On A Three Hour Tour (postcard)
KANKA - On A Three Hour Tour (postcard)
KUTZBACH - On A Three Hour Tour (postcard)
LUDWIG - On A Three Hour Tour (postcard)
NEWMAN - On A Three Hour Tour (postcard)
NEWTON & GEIER - On A Three Hour Tour (postcard)
NOBLE - On A Three Hour Tour (postcard)
PEARSON - On A Three Hour Tour (postcard)
STATTS - On A Three Hour Tour (postcard)
STOUT - On A Three Hour Tour (postcard)
VINSON - On A Three Hour Tour (postcard)
WEISS - On A Three Hour Tour (postcard)
YORK - On A Three Hour Tour (postcard)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

All From A Little Allergy Pill

Not to much going on in Cherry Lipped land today, besides retarded apartment property managers. Nuff Said! (sorry for the Stan Lee'ism)


Just got off the phone with Steph prematurely, because the lines got crossed and we were entered into some sorted conversation with a girl and her man in prison. Strange shit for sure... it's funny and happens every now & again.
I'm sitting here tonight watch'n Jack Hills second film 'The Wasp Woman' and I must confess, it's pretty entertaining. While I sit and smile at the Hill'ness of the evening I'm sipping on a delicious 'Schaefer Gin Martini'. I got into a heated conversation earlier with Steph as to why I always explain to my bartenders how to prepare my martini.

Bombay Sapphire - splash of Dry Vermouth - splash of dirt - 2 olives

I begin by explaining to Steph that on too many occasions I've witnessed bartenders prepare me gin martinis without using any dry vermouth. She can not believe this and says that I must have been to some shitty bars. Unfortunately, I've had this happen at some of the nicer high-brow yuppie establishments in the ATL area. I don't go there of my own free will, but my job allows me these luxuries from time to time and so I must restate the facts. On too many occasions I have seen bartenders make a gin martini with nothing but gin and olive juice. It happens people... and it happens all to often, even when some true martini drinkers refuse to believe it. I'm here to tell the real martini drinkers in the ATL... watch out... 4 out of 5 times they will not use dry vermouth and I'm willing to test my theory with the first person who responds to this posts statement.
I will take you out and buy you 5 martinis and I guarantee they will not use dry vermouth in 4 of them. It's just a sad fact that I hate to admit, but god dammit it's true. I feel like Kevin McCarthy running down the highway in the original beginning of Invasion of the Body Snatchers... people refuse to believe what they don't want to hear. Won't you believe me!!!
Outside of drinking martinis tonight and such, I've crafted a double set of memorial correspondences to the late great Bob Denver. These postcards will mail Thursday and Friday. I have to new names to add to the correspondence list.


LUDWIG - KISS 02-B (postcard)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My Gal Gave Me Speed Dick

These are the drawings I created Sunday afternoon at the Drive Invasion. There are 10 in total, but I gave one away to a young lady from the Degenerate Camp next door — (I need to get a scan of that). Here are the 9 that I have for viewing.

01 - Weird Double O Lust

02 - Motley Crue

03 - Lose Fat Fast! Chicken?

04 - Monkey Reborn Before & After

05 - A Gasping Red Dot's No CFC's

06 - Depressed Male Lovers

07 - Bill Murray Needs A Facial... See Man!

08 - Bicycle Burger Bonanza (Blackmon, Noble & Schaefer)

10 - Try It Free And She's On One Knee

LUDWIG - KISS 01-B (postcard)

Monday, September 05, 2005


Spent the majority of today cleaning up and breaking down all the gear from this years Drive Invasion. I have to admit, it was the greatest Invasion I've been to so far and I expect that next years will be even better. Headin' over to Stephs for the rest of today to relax and recover.

No recovery... as soon as I arrive, the slave-driver makes me do yard work. The evil one only pays me with a few cold beers. Ain't she great.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Woke up at 7:30 AM.
See Kanka in drag.
Fixed myself the infamous 'Schaefer Bloody Morning Mary' (my father's personal recipiet).


That drink... disgusting.... I fucking hate these things... I toss mine, but fix several others for the local refugess and degenerates. I fixed a tastier drink and then prepared myself a delicious morning burger on my beautiful new toy... I love this grill.
I've been creating my transfer drawing all morning long and have completed about 10 of them. All of them are made from Creative Loafing newspapers with a silver spray paint finishing. They look really great... it was a great way to pittle away the afternoon sun, especially drinking a cool tall vodka and iced tea.
Fred called from the other camp to me asking if I was brave enough to enjoy a High-Octane Lemonade with him. Seeing that the National Guard was in no hurry to get any of us out of there, I took the offer, not knowing when help would arrive. Here is the ultimate degenerate himself with his amazing High-Octane Lemonade. This was a delicious afternoon treat... quite the bartender he is.

There was a not so big time fire at the Drive Invasion. However, our fearless ATL Fire Department came to save the day.

Got into a most interesting conversation in the later part of the afternoon with Shelly about why men never wear skirts. I personally had no real issues with the idea and the discussion reached a point where I actually put on and walked around wearing a white skirt interviewing folks on video camera, why they think men don't wear skirts. Shelly thought it was the funniest thing. She followed along with the video camera to capture some of the antics and told me she was my new manager. Alrighty then... lesson to future others — never influence a drunken publicity hound. I'll make you follow me around all day long.

Later I went up on stage to help judge the wet t-shirt contest. The guitar player from the Cogburns got upset with me because I didn't know who he was. Sorry dude!!! I seriously thought you were somebody else. The contest was filled with a lot of flesh, but not enought boneyness for my tatses. Can you say THICK. It was fixed... of course and even though we choose a winner, #3 - the MC announced a three-way tie. What a damn lie that was... just terrible. I think Shelly video taped all that nonsence. After that insanity was over I grabbed the video camera a taped some of the Van Heinekin performance (the Van Halen tribute band) and then wandered back to the camp to get drinks with Kanka and take a break from the sun in my dress.

The films began later that evening with Dr. Phibes Rises Again (not as good as the first Phibes I must say). I went to fix myself another drink and was confronted with the midnight mastery of Fredricks pitch black drink making skills. What mastery. What pinasch. What is he making?

The next film was Count Yorga Vampire. I sat thru this film and then packed up the car before the finale - The Madhouse. I wandered over to see Kanka and Blackmon who again were asleep this time thru all the films. I couldn't even rile them enough to tell them I was leaving.
As I drove home, I suddenly realized I still had Shelly's white skirt on, so I decided I had better drive extra careful like. A dress might be a really comfortable idea when you wander the black-top jungle of the Drive-In all day long, but not when you're sitting in Fulton County lock-up over night.
I've made it home, unpacked the car and finished todays blog post. It's now time to hit the sack. Tomorrow is a recovery day from all this sun, fun and everything that ends in 'un'.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Wow... I must say this has been the most impressive and successful Invasion to date. The canopy tent has been the savior from burn and scored I suffored years before. Ther food prep has been well recieved by my stomach as well as my wallet. The Degenerates camped in their canopy tent next to us could not be a sweller bunch.... even if they are all degenerates. What is close to the topper of the event — the incredible new grill I purchased — a gorgeous cherry red Coleman Road Trip Grill. This item is my baby... what an incredible blessing it is. I plan to take it everywhere I go.
But truthfully, the highlight of the event, has to be my meeting and later on camera interview with the man himself, Jack Hill. Jack actually did sign my Sorceress poster (to my shagrin). When I presented it to him, he laffed and said "Isn't this the worst looking movie poster ever." I had to agree with him. Jack then asked if I actually liked this film. I had to smile, because I saw the look in his eye and knew then that we both had the same opinion of the flic. I replied "Well Jack, to be honest... it isn't your best work, if you can call the film 'your' work." He smiled and we both chuckled a little.
I had to get another autograph for myself, but this time, on a brilliant color photograph of a young bearded Jack with the sexy girls from Switchblade Sisters. It's a killer pic and will look amazing in my new house (probably the kitchen).
Kanka snapped a photo of me with Jack. Jack is holding his Spider Baby DVD and I'm pointing at him with a surprised look. I hope it turns out. I told Kanka that if I could get anything from him for my new house that I'd really love a blow-up of the Holga photo he shot.
Now the funniest thing, was as Kanka shot the photo, Jack interupted "Ohh wow... is that a Holga? I love those things." So Kanka being the genious mad-man he is, handed the camera to Jack and asked him if he would take a picture of him this time round. Jack eagerly snatched the camera and sized up a photo, but before he clicked, he stopped... stepped back, turned the frame to the side and did some real Hill framing. We thanked Jack and went back to the car, laughing about the event the whole way back.

Later in the afternoon we talked to Barker on the cell phone and he requested a signed picture from Sid Haig — who was also in attendence. Again, we approched the booth and this time Kanka was carring his Lomo camera. Immediatly Jack shouted "Ohh wow!! Your that guy with the Holga... man I like those Lomos too! They are so cool." So it seems that Jack really knows his cameras... but of course.
I asked Sid to sign the photograph to Barker, but instead of the usual fanfair crap, to write somethinmg really nastey to him because he couldn't make it here from Texas (I did this same routine with Hollis at her book signing for another sig. meant for Barker). Sid sat back in his chair and replied "Ohh please, Texas isn't that far away. He has no excuss." Sid thought a few moments until that spark hit him and he wrote something nasty on the photo. The bad part for Barker — Sid was willing to say hello to him on my cell phone, but Barker wasn't around to answer. Poor boy. No worries though, we'll have tons of things to give him this weekend on the black pavement.
Now, my third encounter with Jack and Sid came after I had been running around video taping people doing burn-outs with their classic cars. The local PD shut the happening down and I got tons of great footage and interviews with the croud... they were pissed. I was in my Leonard Koinsky charactor for the entire session and people were so intoxicated, I actually had some asking me what part of Great Britian I was from (Leonard has the worst British accent in the world). As usual I responded with my classic line — "Ohh... off'a Westmister and Abbey". This of cousre, for some reason or another is totally not possible, but no body seemed to care. I left the parking lot burn-outs and headed toward the main stage camera running the entire time. I begin to interview some guy that had blood all over his face, until it got a little hairy and then made my way toward Jack and Sid.
Now mind you, I'm walking around pretty happy in the head, in nasty pair of white and brilliant blue paint crusted green shorts and no t-shirt. So's I waltz right up to Jack and tell him... not ask, "I'm going to interview you ok." He agress heartily, his eyes grow bigger and he pulls his seat closer to the camera.
I begin to ask him several direct and difficult questions about Blood Bath. Both he and Sid laff and look at each other. Jack states, "Damn, you know more about my movies than I do." Quite the complement for Jack (or was it... hmmm). I tell him that I wrote my thesis paper in college for Contemporary Media class on him and his impact on the Drive-In B movie film. He smiled and said, "Well then, it figures." So he decided that instead of answering my questions, he'd tell me some facts about the films playing tonight that only he knew. I'll share one right now. In Blood Bath there is a large painting by the charactor Max that has the name MAX painted on it in big dripping white letters. Well, it was done by Jack as he stood on a tall ladder. Jack said he exhibited the painting later that year. Good stuff huh... maybe one day over drinks, I'll tell you things even that Tarantino would love to find out.
So before the films began the most beatiful girl in the world appeared out of no where, in the most incredible dress I've ever seen her in. I mean zoinks!! Check her out next to my second favorite girl.

I grilled... we ate and it was good. Then the films began and ohh did they begin. First — The Big Doll House... women in prison... a Hill staple. Next — Spider Baby and what a great print this was... so clean. AMAZING AMAZING PRINT!!! After the Spider, my babe headed home to get some Z's so she could dance at the Montro Jazz Fest. You go girls!!!
Next up was Foxy Brown and I moved over and sat with the Degenerates. Now something you need to know is this... Kanka and Blackmon retired to the slumber of the SUV during the first film and slept thru everything. What a bunch of bums. So I sat with Fred and the other degenerates and craked jokes at Foxy and then finally Blood Bath. What a fun bunch they are... that Fred is quick on his feet with the one-liner.
Eventually, sleep sets in. I follow it's becon call to my car where I write to you now. Excuse me while I sleep off the day and prep for tomorrows antics.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Ma poi ch'i' fui al piè d'un colle giunto, là dove terminava quella valle che m'avea di paura il cor compunto,

Gearing up for the Drive-Invasion all day today and all of tonight. Lots of prep work to do for this simple 2 day event, but it'll all be worth it.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Io non so ben ridir com' i' v'intrai, tant' era pien di sonno a quel punto che la verace via abbandonai.

I emailed a brief description of my dress and concept to the people at Unisourse for the upcoming 'Uncommon Threads' Paper Fashion Show. I hope they don't come back to me and say that I need to do something more dumbed down or more tame... if that ends up being the case I'll drop out of the show all together. Sometimes people can get really strange when they have to deal with the public. They usually worry about what people are gonna think, instead of just letting the public learn to stomach it. We pander to much to those few people who get so easily offended by nothing at all. Screw those people... if you don't like something then stay away from it.

Korea — I'm going to do a split layer dress with the top half representing modern North Korea and the bottom modern South Korea. The dress will consist of a 2 part strategy. The upper half of the dress (NORTH) will be a very conservative military style cut. Very angular and rigid in it's construction. It should allow no real personality to show thru. It should make the upper half of the body fit into a communist like profile. The bottom half of the dress (SOUTH) will have a more free and organic structure. It will allow the models individual form to show through the dress. It will allow for free movement and imply the ideals of a democratic republic.
Utilizing contrasting elements found within the details of the two parts, I will reference the political climate in those regions. The entire outfit will be made of white paper, but color will be subtly infused into the design by applying red body paint to certain regions of the models body. The red paint will show thru certain die-cut areas of the dress. However, I must strongly state, that in no way will this dress speak about or hold any references to war, blood, death, or anything associated within that vein of thought. The dress will be an elegant treatment based specifically on the 2 different political systems found within 1 country and displaying the contrasts found within those political belief systems.