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Friday, August 19, 2005

Support Your Local (insert noun)

I have it... Korea. I'm going to do a split layer dress with the top half representing North Korea and the bottom South Korea. I need to call and make sure that someone hasn't taken this country yet. I'll have to somehow develop this concept into a political statement regarding the climate in those regions. I'll also throw in some of the ideas that were discussed during the six-party talks with China, Japan, Russia, North Korea, South Korea, and the United States to resolve the stalemate over Norths nuclear programs. There will definitely be references to the nuclear. I'd like to try to figure out a way to use the midriff region (belly) of the model to serve as a transitional border point between the 2 regions.

The dress or maybe more appropriately outfit... will consist of a 2 part strategy. The upper half of the dress (NORTH) will be a very conservative military style cut. Very angular and rigid in it's construction. It should allow no real personality to show thru. It should make the upper half of the body fit into a communist like profile. The bottom half of the dress (SOUTH) will have a more free and organic structure. It will allow the models individual form to show through the dress. It will allow for free movement and imply the ideals of a democratic republic.

Friday has come... and eventually Friday will go and I seriously doubt that I will have made a decision on the country that I want to use for the paper show. I lumped all my efforts into the Japan concept, but at this point-in-time I really don't like anything else that I've looked into. It's such an annoying feeling... you'd think it would be a simple thing, picking a country, but it isn't. Japan was so perfect... the difference between the ancient and modern cultures was fascinating. Some of the latest ideas I've had have been less than brilliant. A UK theme dress that's based on punk rock and the british underground movement. I wonder what would happen if I tried to incorporate something from The Who's Tommy or even Pink Floyd's The Wall. That could be interesting... and it could also be very very cliche'. This is just a difficult situation... hopefully I'll figure out which country to choose. Once I pick one I have a week to develop the concept and develop preliminary drawings. This is turning into a bad situation.

AUGUST 19, 2005
LUDWIG - KISS no.2 (postcard)

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