Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Buttered Lemon Into Pellets Of Frozen Rain

Ahh nuts... wait a minute... ok then. Damn... what to put on this chunky bastard today... good question. Not much has been going on really. Just a lot of crap 'at work' and crap when I come home 'to work'. the artist is always on his way to work... sure he is... sure he is. So yeah I've been working on those strange meat paintings lately. they've reached the point no that i need to pick up my enamels at the paint store and get cracking on the 'void' spaces. Then I have to pickup some circuit boards and wire (I'm fresh out) to attach to the works. Nothing fun'r than large chunks of rotting meat with wires and transistors all over it. I'm finding it harder and harder to fins these damn things too... well at least in any electronic device in my house. I'm gonna have to hit the goodwill and buy as much cheap 80's / 90's electronic junk as possible — before I can't find them any more... yeah right. So yeah paintings and more paintings.
The Fluoride works are coming along... I mean i might actually pull this off, even though i've been working on it all for well over 2 years now... damn. Well the issue is money... things ain't cheap, but it's getting there. if it's not ready by the end of this year It'll be a Feb. 2007 show. Better late than never AAARG!!
I'm wrapping up the large 'Blue Jughead Triptych'.. the painting is done, right now I'm looking into lighting this puppy up just like the last one I did (note: Need to get prof. photos of the work - contact owner: 360 Media Inc.
What else... ohh... well I'm gonna have to jump back into the website again and fix things and add the content that some of the links don't have (sorry)... that's gonna take a little bit of time.
There is a group show coming up in April here in the ATL that i'm gonna be in, but I'll wait until all the details are in. I'm not even sure what i really want to show... decisions. Then there is another local group show coming up in June that I'm in too. So, my thinking that i wouldn't do any shows this year... bunked. Maybe this time-round I just won't do new work at break-neck speed just for these shows... ha... who am I kidding of course I will.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ohh My God, That's Biggie Bee

Weird I there is now a link to my site on Caustic Truths! magazine site under links — heavey metal — eagles of death metal — (24).

Today is just sucking... ohh well... drinks, Cuban cigars, and a new South Park tonight. I'll live for now... but monday is creepin'.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

All Those People Are Following Me

Ohh my christ... it's a television. Drat you cruel villian. You've trapped me.

Give me all your food or I'll kill you.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

That's Sick

Some pictures from the game Thursday nite.

Sitting behind the penalty box is a close as you can get to being in it.

Several fights broke out and I spilt my gin & tonic many-a-time.

Lick the glass it's Zamboni time again.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Migrate Across Urban Country Holding Syphilis By The Hand

Chillin @ Callahan's

Cigarette Suspected... umm alright then. When the hell did I write this shit. I know I was out drinking last night, but did I come home and write this garbage. I was at a hockey game last night... so the sports references make sense... kinda. I must have written this. Shit I don't even know what it means... no idea what I'm talking about in that post. There's a first. I almost deleted it, but it's just too damned interesting... I'm not sure if I even wrote that. Wow...

So anyways... what the fuck is up with Why is it that every time I look on there, I find more and more people that I know. No... not 'you' people. I've known you were there all along (you should all write more... I'm getting bored)... I'm talking to the other people. It's strange... so strange... makes me almost feel like I'm creeping around these peoples houses when they're away. I guess it should be considered wrong to snoop on people in this fashion, but screw it. It's the internet. At least I'm not getting you Social Security number and ripping you all off (Note to self: Get Social Security numbers and rip these people off). I'm just as open to probing as the rest of you... though I could really give a shit about my own MySpace site. Well I did pull some pictures from it today... but anyways. I'm just stunned to keep finding people there.

So it's the end of the week again... time to hit the studio and paint. Ripping good times!

Ohh yeah... whats this crap about "crowned-garland"? Now I have to do reseach to see what the hell I was even talking about.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cigarette Suspected

Fucking sports... and beyond, fucking lazy fingers... fucking lazy reluctance. Ahhh... anyways thanks for the thrill of the game. A Thrasher as the new.... hmmm. Unfortunately the game still leaves me wanting more. Prehaps it's something I can not obtain anymore. Shame... Can't stand the sound of her voice... yet I hold to her every night. Something there intoxicates me. She rips at my health, knowingly. I ask for her again and again each night. I curse the false ideal of her. A form... so perfect and familiar to me. I build it higher each night. I sleep in longer each day. I doom myslef further dwelling on her.


A warm and yeilding form... but hell, I'm the same for her at any moment. This isn't what she's yeilded. What has... she's become? I am in the question again, as it is asked giving her love. There are no questions as to our intentions. I am full, she is full, and $30 to me. I hand the money back to her.

We was willing to give. Willing to dive head first into brown water. But we still needed her to teach us how to swim again... how to eat again... how to play again... swim with her. Make her into and about addition. She should have associated the word love with her name.


You still are.
Ready to give it all up...

Nie. Nie.

I am so weak.... so weak.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Who Is This Animal?

So something must be written. This is the point.

Breakfast Biscuits... What the!?

Why are we constantly taking simple meals like bacon, eggs, hashbrowns w/ cheese and putting it all into a 'food form' that fits in the palm of your hand and is easily digestable in quick short blasts. What the fuck... can't we have civil sit down - relax - and chat breakfasts anymore. I miss those times. Spending more than 2 minutes together.

Limited Time Offer

I have no trouble in keeping my boundaries clear. As a matter of fact, I'm old enough to be your mother.

I have friends from out of town that meet on special occations. How often is always? He had one at six.

If there was a complaint, we need to know. But we're still taking precautions. We had a sex relationship.

I hooked him up with my friend, K.J. This was in it... it's eleven names. I filled the complaint because he wanted to kill me.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

In Need Of Writing Stimulus And Pig-Tails

Damn... damn damn damn damn. Why can't I write on this damned site anymore. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I'm still rooting about like I have nothing better to do. I really am not sure what is going on. There is laundry to do... There is 'art' to produce... There are books to read... There are new and exciting people to meet.


I'm still... entranced in something I won't remember the next time I write here. What am I up to? Where have I been? Why are things as such? Wow... what pointless questions. (Should I delete this?) Shit... I'm not sure of much still... I fell like I still need some vacation from myself and the mess I've made of it. Only on a personal level mind you. When it comes down to it, the only real thing one should focus on and ridicule, is the self. You're only to blame. Figure out where the doppelgänger is and murder it. It's hard to be tried for your own death... evspecialy when you're still living.
What? What was that... ? No wonder I'm not writing.... what a bunch of rubbish.

I need a writing stimulus. I need pig-tails.

Monday, March 13, 2006

In Need Of Locals As Our Collaborators

It's monday morning and I'm still sitting around watching films... just as I was yesterday (sunday afternoon). It's been Lucio Fulci all day and all night long... tonight or this morning I'm ending with his 1990 film 'Demonia'. Pretty interesting so far... some really good looking film work too.
Besides watching film yesterday, I also organized all my old movie tickets finally. I've had a huge jar full of them sitting around for years...must have been a few hundred... I always planned to use them in some sort of strange biographical work one day. But I think I might go a few more years with them. The oldest ticket, I'm ashamed to say, is a film I saw with my parents on christmas day back in 1990... just before we moved from New York to Tennessee. I'm really ashamed to say what it was, seeing that I was 13 at the time and looking back, hoped I had better taste... but it was a film I saw with the parents. The film... sorry — 'Home Alone'. What a terrible thing to even post on this blog, but it's true. The only saving grace is that it was written by John Hughs — to bad he didn't direct — Chris Columbus did. To his credit though, his first film was 'Adventures in Babysitting', staring one of my favorite hollywood hotties, Elisabeth Shue. I remember falling for her in the 'Karate Kid', which I saw with my mother — Shue was 21 and I was 7. God she was hot in that film. She's always been hot. Her best role, in my opinion, was surely 'Leaving Las Vegas'. Every man needs a woman as caring as she was in that film. Mike Figgis is just a great director to boot and Cage... well it's his best performance to date. Shue was 32 and I was 18. Hmm... kinda sounds similar to my current tastes in woman.. always wasting time with those older than me. Shue looked what you've done to me.
So besides thinking about the past yesterday and doing 'Shue Math' I worked out concepts and developed a required materials list for the newest set of 'meat' based works. I think they are going to turn out really well... I just need to get back to working on them again. I have been bothered all week with a tooth ache and have been getting my dentist changed to a new one — since I was never happy with my previous. I spent most of the weekend... and some of today of course (hate this business week crap) taking care of all the coverage bureaucracy involved in making sure my employer pays the brunt of what I'm sure will be my fourth root canal and fourth crown — all back molars... go figure. Ohh well... I've always thought of getting major surgery done on my teeth as a sort of penance for living in this current state of reality. There's something about the smell of burning teeth that will wake you up to the fact that there is a reality that we still have to deal with. Ahh well.. fuck it — I need to see my doctor and my hair stylist too... might as well make March a month of self improvement — or self masochism. That's what it all is... isn't it? I mean really... think about it. Why subject yourself to it. Health... come on. Health is an excuse to abuse oneself though means and reason of self-preservation, so we can continue to abuse ourselves further. Live longer — abuse yourself longer.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

To Earn You Freedom

Ohh god I need you tonight baby? Where are you? I need to hold you? Where fore art thou baby? Where fore art thou?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Gogogo... Please Don't Gogogo

The Gogogo Airheart @ The Earl with Jai Alai Savant

What an incredible show by both bands... no words... only pictures.

(pictures & video soon)

Friday, March 10, 2006

Original Or Not, He's An Example Of A Real Man

Photo: KANKA

Went to R.A. Miller's funeral this afternoon with Kanka. Before the 'show' we sipped on a beer in the funeral home parking lot (aluminum cans - thinner, but similar to the metal the old man snipped at)... an act I can only hope my faithful do for me.
We entered the parlor and went to visit the old man one more time. He sat still, holding a paint brush with both hands, eager to hear what we had to say. I was elated to convey a message to the old man once again. His body was there and he was quietly attentive, just as he was in life... but he was there. I could feel it.
The croud... well I must say, interesting. I suspect some with the devil ideals in their hearts still.
Mr. Miller... I met with you on few occations, but I know you and all the others can see these words. You are true. I admire you for that. I still remember the grin you gave me the day I sat next to you and took some of your snuff and pinched it between my cheek — a brown caked substance in an unmarked orange perscription bottle. That grin. I still trust you old man. I still believe in your conviction. I strive for it. I too will find it one day. Thank you for letting me know it's out there.
We will talk and have a pinch of snuff again soon... in 'your' house. All of us.

With Love

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Life Has Got Me Down... What Will We Get... What Was That Word

Damn... I'm finally on it tonight — err this morning... it's late now... or early.
I'm starting to see where these works are going... even though the fact that the subject matter is highly antithetical to my own views, I feel I'll be able to make some interesting contrasts with these few works I'm doing to get myself back into 'the mode'. The early term I'm going to use for this set of works is 'Dysfunctional Pop'.... but it's bound to change.
The first set of work is 10 small green works about the relations between fruit and meat (what I've been seen working on in past posts). The second are three works dealing with rabbits and the narrative structure (fur and hunting meets story). I will also attempt to go hunt down three rabbits myself... yes real rabbit hunting. The third is a single work contrasting unweaned calves or veal and weaned newborns... should be interesting. All three works have been in beginning stages for well over a year and have now just been united as one unit or thought. So basically, it's a small set of work (14 to 15 works) based on the meat industry ... something that has interested me since grade school. Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" shall be the reading material to be completed before this weekend. This is probably the 6th time I'll be reading it.
Also each of the current 14 works is using a Golden Rectangle that is of course propotionally scaled, based on the Golden Ratio. The Golden Rectangle is a rectangle whose sides are in the proportion of the Golden Ratio. The theory of the Golden Rectangle is an aesthetic one, that the ratio is an aesthetically pleasing one and so can be found spontaneously or deliberately turning up in a great deal of art. Thus, for instance, the front of the Parthenon can be comfortably framed with a Golden Rectangle. How pleasing the Golden Rectangle is, and how often it really does turn up in art, may be largely a matter of interpretation and preference. The construction of a Golden Rectangle, however, is an interesting exercise in the geometry of the Golden Ratio.
The hope is to have the compositions be aesthetically pleasing no matter what the subject matter... some of which is real rotted meat — these are going to be fun.

I also requested rights to photos from a website against veal... we'll see if they allow me useage and hi-res files.

Friday, March 03, 2006

So Tell Me People Am I Going

I don't believe in impressionism... I sure as hell don't believe in abstract expressionism... They are both shit to me.

So why the fuck is all the work I'm starting have no basis? What happened to the concepts? Why am I now creating based on raw emotional output?

'Fucking A' why do I ever get ever involved, this shit always fucking ensues...

Pull my god-damned hair out... better still... yes... yes... this makes sense now.

Fuck it; Destroy it — Bring new life to it. Paint it all white. Take that which is not emotionally produced - i.e. Packaging; the functional; mass consumerism — trace-repeat-displace... trace-repeat-displace... trace-repeat-displace... break the will... break the common... while embracing the common will.. embrace and reproduce without logical input — let the unconscience prevail... form over function... function over form by functional subconscious formation.

Change the form through random acts. Add decay... rotten flesh and rotten fruit. Add the elements normally cast off... push them to a position of urgency... center them (well off center them). Find a vessel... germinate and attach. Diseased logic turned round.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Back Into The Studio

Time heals what reason can not. So does alcohol. So does a good book. So do good friends with strong words.

It's all behind. Time to get back to what I'm about. Time to work again... enough of the internalizing.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mick Jagger's Learing Face

So books... been reading lots of books this year. A few even re-reading. Wanted to post last 2 months finished books as well as upcoming.

Wiseguy — Nicholas Pileggi
Burn, Baby, Burn! The Watts Riot — Jerry Cohen & William S. Murphy
The Golden Ratio — Mario Livio
Man and His Symbols — Carl Gustav Jung

Duchamp : A Biography — Calvin Tomkins
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? — Philip K. Dick
Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said — Philip K. Dick
A Scanner Darkly — Philip K. Dick

Alfred Hitchcock : A Life in Darkness and Light — Patrick McGilligan
VALIS — Philip K. Dick
The Divine Invasion — Philip K. Dick
The Transmigration of Timothy Archer — Philip K. Dick

Cary Grant : A Biography — Marc Elio
The Man in the High Castle — Philip K. Dick
Ubik — Philip K. Dick
The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch — Philip K. Dick

Thats about it for now... can't get too ahead of myself.