Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I Jump In It... I Feel Like A Bear

Last night I hung out at Kanka's until late in the night taking photographs of the dress. The photos turned out great. We shoot everything on a blue seamless from multiple angels in many different lighting situations. We shoot 360° straight on and from above, as well as countless detail shoots. Here is the dress in 360°... unfortuantly it's only an animated GIF so the quality on the blog is not the greatest. When the main site launches I'll have a very clean version of the animation done in Flash.

Kanka in his studio getting his photo on.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

USPS Is Stealing Your 12¢

I finally have Comcast coming out to my house so I can get back into the 21st century — INTERNET!!! I'll finally be online at my home this friday evening. Comcast is the worst I tell you... I called and called and called to get them to come out to my new house and did they ever get back to me... HELL NO! So today whilst paying bills online, I perchanced veiwing their website to make sure they were not billing me still and found a place where you can order your service online, schedule a install date and then instant chat with a representative. It took all of 20 minutes for me to get this all taken care of and have a real person scheduled to come out to my house. About time.
I purchased a new set of monitors this afternoon. Two 19" widescreen LCD ViewSonic — so by this weekend I'll be cruising the internet in style from the comfort of my own home. Not to mention I'll be able to post to the blog like a regular person finally, not just anywhere my laptop picks up a rouge wi-fi signal I can hop on the net with. So at least this portion of my transfer to the new place is finally taken care of. Now about that big new television...

I just received word from my correspondent York that he is having to pay an extra 12¢ on each postcard he receives from me. He lives all the way up in Michigan. Kutzbach in Buffalo is being made to pay the extra 12¢ as well. If any of my other correspondents are being made to pay let me know immediately. There is a serious issue here... you are having money stolen from you. The cards I've been sending are well within the 37¢ first class limits. People in other parts of the country are not having to pay the extra 12¢. So the question is — Why you? The next time you go to get your mail, you should refuse to pay the extra money on the grounds that 92% of the other exact same cards are not required to pay the fee's. This is an outrage. Please send me scans of all the postcards you were instructed to pay 12¢ on. Keep all the yellow stickers that are placed on the cards. Ask for a receipt everytime you pay this 12¢. I am going to start documenting this occurrence and send a letter to the Post Master General and request your money back.
Some time ago I talked about the idea of sueing the USPS based on the fact that they were losing countless pieces of my mailings or the receiver acquired them weeks beyond the date they should have received them — that is still an issue that I also want to focus more on. Now we have another real issue to talk about. USPS watch out.

York and Kutzbach... I have a special series of postcards just for you on their way.

What would Ray Johnson do in a situation like this. I'm going to have to commune with him.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Hell Is An XBox 360

Met with Kanka this evening to discuss photographing my paper dress. I need good photos for my records and some tentative magazine articles about the work. We plan on doing the shoot tomorrow evening. It's gonna be grueling.

HELL IS HERE.... ahhh sat and watched a few Hellraiser flics at Kankas. I'm spooked out!!!! I'm gonna shit on my own face I'm so scared!!! Ahhhhh!!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

What A Strange And Wonderful Nightmare We Have Encountered

Drink... If you just drink the bad things will go away.

The local natives perform their strange ritual dance.

With a man who came to party... and party he did.

Least Changed and Best Dressed... Who would have guessed.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

We Have No Time To Leave... We Must Find Time

The jacket is finished... not to sure how I feel about it yet though. I think after tonight I'll have more of an interest in it.

Picked up a bottle at the store and ran into some ol'cronnies that I'll be seeing tonight. Guess everyone was stocking up before the party tonight.
NOVEMBER 26, 2005
BARKER - Artifacts From Sacramento I (Stuffed Envelope)
KANKA - Artifacts From Sacramento II (Stuffed Envelope)
NEWMAN - Artifacts From Sacramento III (Stuffed Envelope)

Friday, November 25, 2005

We Both Know Of The Illegal Suggestions By Our White Masked Sinner Friends

This afternoon I venturfed out into the small town of Cleveland in search of a black suit jacket that I could use to create my 'Reunion Jacket'. I hit the local Goodwill and not only did they have a black jacket but it fit me perfectly.
I ran over to a local fabric store, picked up some fabric pencils, headed back to the house and began my work.
First I marked the back of the jacket with a 12" x 15" grid. This was needed to keep the 183 buttons lined in order. Next I pored the pins on the floor and put them back in their numbered order. Once this was done I began to apply the pins to the jacket.

The next pahse is to apply the 200+ pins that are pictures of my class. I'm not totally sure in what sort of fashion AI want to apply them in, so I'm going to do some prepatory sketches to figure that part out.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

I Need To Feast Upon The Thoughts Of My Children

Thanksgiving Day... visiting my parents in Cleveland to eat some turkey.

This afternoon I completed 200 1" buttons to give away to everyone at the party this saturday. The buttons imagry is derived from the 200+ images of my senior high school class. There are 2 pins - 1 of a male and the other of a female. Each image was achived by taking all the images of the same gender and putting them into an averaging program. Each image is processed and the computer calculates a relative pixel gradient that is an average of all the pictures. The resulting image is a ghostly looking form that resembles a person in a tuxedo or in the case of the female a person with long black hair. Each genders face is is blown out to white because of the averaging process. All that is left is a ghostly image. This technique was first done by Jason Salavon. He did large prints based on his and his mothers graduating classes. Salavon has done several works of art based on his personally written averaging software.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Let's Schedule A Meeting With The Earliest Fishes Piper

I have so many buttons I don't know what to do with them I tell you!! Spent the entire evening making buttons for the jacket. Damn I tell you thats no small task. The large image buttons took the most time because I had to be careful to keep them in order. Each buttons is numbered so as not to get them out of order. Originally there were 195 pins @ 13" x 15" — I have now removed a row to slightly thin the image. 12" x 15" = 180 total. there are a total of 216 individual portraits. 396 pins total — a little less than I hoped... ohh well.

All that needs to be made now are the buttons that I'll give away to people. I'm going to create those today and assemble them before Saturday night. The other thing I need to do is design a grided pattern so I can keep the pins lined up in neat rows. The large image needs to be side-by-side to be sure the image will appear. I didn't choose the best picture in terms of contrasts, however as of last night I realized something about the nature of the work and what it references from back in my high school days. The idea of an image that is put together by the eyes from a set of broken parts is very much like a painting I did back in 1994 — the Average Bureaucrats Visions Of jesus Christ. The concept eveloved from a love for Salvador Dali's work... he had done a simalar designed piece. My painting had a central image that was broken up into a series of circular plains. On close inspection these circles revealed no information as to the concept of the whole image, but once you stepped away from the piece and allowed your eyes to stop focusing on the individual parts and take in the parts as a whole the image of Michelangelo's baby Christ would appear. It was a great looking painting at the time. But looking back at it today, the excecution of the work is poor compared to my current standards, but it is still an important piece for me.
This jackets main image is a throw back to the idea of the small creating the whole. People will see the large image from a distance and the closer they get the more it will disolve away.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

You Only Have To Come Out Of Your Hole

"The harder you concentrate, the more the things that are really in your head start coming out."Lucian Freud

"The best way to change is to stop doing the same old shit." Damien Hirst

Last evening I worked on 2 different projects. First I punched out all the images for the 'Reunion Jacket'. The 'Reunion Jacket' is made up of 422 unique 1" buttons. I'll be making a button from each high school senior yearbook picture from my class of 95'. There are 227 in all. Each is a centered headshot in black dress or tuxedo top... all black & white. Then I've taken my own portrait and blown it up so that it consumes an area that is 13" x 15" — 195 buttons. This portion will be applied to the center-back of a black suit jacket to reveal the enlarged portrait. The other 227 buttons will mingle thoughout the rest of the jackets body... moving from back to front and engrossing as much surface area the jacket has to provide. I'm not absolutly sure of the reason why I'm creating this work, but I think it will make itself known as I build the work and finally wear it for it's one night only performance on Saturday, November 22. It's sure to turn a few heads. I'm also going to bring along a grab bag of buttons to give away to people at this 10 year reunion party.
Secondly I continued work on the large Blue Jughead triptych. The work is built in three sections, though unlike traditional triptyches, these works are not hindged to the center piece and I have no plans to connect at this point in the process. I do think however, that I will be adding some sort of lighting rig the all three pieces. I'm not sure whether I'll be doing the same type of lighting I did on 'Dance Dance Dance' or something more subtle. The one thing I am disliking in powering my works is the unsightly electrical cord that hangs from the work and gets plugged into the wall. GROSS LOOKING!! There are several methods that can be employeed to get rid of this distraction, of course, I just haven't considered them at this point in the process.

This evening I will begin production of the 'Reunion' buttons, as my package containing my 2,000 button parts finally arrived this morning via FedEx. They were supposed to be here last friday — typical.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Blanked Testimonials Perverted Via Evocations

Scanned all 200+ pictures from my high school senior yearbook today. I'm working on a new project that I will use this Saturday at my 10 year reunion party. More later —

NOVEMBER 21, 2005
BARKER - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
BLACKMON - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
BURNS - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
BUTTREY - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
DROZD - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
GIBB - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
JANSSEN - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
KANKA - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
KANKOVA - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
KUTZBACH - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
LINTON - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
LUDWIG - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
MOODY - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
NEWMAN - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
NEWTON & GEIER - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
NOBLE - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
PEARSON - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
SEARCY - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
STATTS - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
STOUT - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
SYLVESTER - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
VICTORE - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
VINSON - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
WEISS - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)
YORK - Beatle Beam (postcard/pin)

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Run The Corset Length Wise... Then Cut The Spade

Woke up late this morning yet again. Spent the majority of the day painting on the large Blue Jughead trypitch and it's moving a lot faster than I expected... I'm using the brush in a very strange way. It's almost like I am carving away at nothing with paint — I guess I'm just holding it in a different manner than I do when I paint realisticlly with oil. Speaking of oils, I also pulled out all reference materials and supplies to begin work again on the two small canvas for the Fluoride show. I plan to begin a full assult on those 2 works in the following weeks, just as soon as I get the Blue Jughead totally painted out.

Still no buttons... pissed. I need them for a project I need to completed before this coming Saturday — details later.

Going out for dinner with Steph tonight. Haven't seen her since I got back. Gonna have to cut todays work flow short so's I can get ready. Next week will be a busy one for sure.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Musty Colored Rainbows Decked Out In Lace

Spent the majority of the morning asleep... something I don't do enough or perhaps do do enough. Finally woke up fixed myself an espresso and went to work on the set of 50 pieces I started in Sacramento. I spent a few hours pondering over the set of pieces and wrote out several detailed plans of attack to get these pieces completed, but did no physical work to the pieces. Later in the afternoon, I continued to paint the large Blue Jughead triptych and watched movies. The basic broad areas have been painted out on all three panels. All that is left to do is complete painting out the more detailed areas surrounding the figures. There are hundreds of figures to get through... it will be some time before I reach a stopping point in this process.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Transitional Hoop-La And Naughtism

Arrived back at the house last night after another 4+ hour trip. Finished reading 'David Sedaris: Dress Your Family In Corduroy And Denim' on the plane ride back. The book was loaned to me by one of my friends and correspondents - Pearson. I was pretty amazed how fast I balzed thru the 270 odd pages in the short time I was on the plane. It was a really fun book and a great change from all the books on math & physics I've been reading lately. The inflight movie was the 2005 remake of The Bad News Bears. There was no way I could sit thru a film with that twit Billy Bob Thornton, especially a remake of a film and a series I adore. Now granted the film was directed by Richard Linklater and I love Slacker, but man what is he up to lately. He must have had kids or something. Most of the great people get all tame and lame after they have kids. The only thing that is going to save my appreciation for link' is the new film he has coming out ' A Scanner Darkly'. The saving grace, it's based on a Philip K. Dick novel. So it has to be good. I love Dick... ha ha. Ohh yeah and it also stars one of the greatest actors alive today — Keanu Reeves. Plus... it has the most brillaint actor alive today in the supporting cast — Robert Downey Jr. I also read somewhere that Terry Gilliam wanted to make a film based on this book as well... but poor Terry, that never happened. Ohh yeah did I mention the film is rotoscoped... ohh boy!!

Anyways, back to the Bears, if you are unaware there were 3 Bad News Bears films and a TV show that ran from 79' to 80'.

The Bad News Bears (1976)
The Bad News Bears: Breaking Training (1977)
The Bad News Bears: Go to Japan (1978)

Personally I like the worst of the 3 ' Japan' — Tony Curtis is awsome... in a really bad way. It's definitly the worst of the three films. A definite studio money maker after the sucess of the first two.

I was hoping my buttons would have arrived, 2,000 of them, but there was a mix-up with FedEx — jerks. To my suprise however the back issues I ordered of Jughead Digest (complete 2003 & 2004 sets) were sitting in an envelope outside my door. I forgot I even ordered them... it was some weeks back. I needed the digests so I could complete the large Blue Jughead triptych. I had exausted my supply of the mini digest comic and was unable to find them in any local store. I usually picked them up at the grocery store, but I haven't seen one up at the cash registers magazine section in months. I had purchased 50 back issues of the original Jughead comic a month before at the flee market, but they were the wrong format for this work and were bought for other reasons.
I tore a few books apart and took the uncompleted panels outside and slowly afixed the pages to the panels. Tomorrow I will get a broad covering of the areas I want to focus on and paint out everything else with the Brilliant Blue acrylic... which in the absence of the digests I've been buying anytime I see it in the store — I believe I have almost 30 new tubes of the stuff and I'm sure there was a day in Atlanta where you couldn't find that paint anywhere because I bought it at 6 different places one day.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bagged Wizard

Flying on an airplane today — hope nothing blows up. I've always considered the fact I have an Apple laptop with me when I fly handy. I've imagined someone trying to hijack the plane and me coming up from behind and cracking them in the head with it or defleting a knife with it and beating the hijacker in the face with it. Then I'd be on CNN or FOX and I'd be interviewed and the headline would read 'Man Thwarts Hijacking with Apple Laptop'... I'd make sure they put Apple too. See the logic to all of this is thus — Apple would get such great publicity that they'd want to replace my laptop. Hell hook me up with a great new sytem. Steve Jobs would come meet me and say, "Thanks Tom." Wow... now that would alright.

Had to give my postcards to the bartender at the airport because — 1. the postoffice box was ouside of security gate — 2. I didn't mail anything all week (ohh well). Just hope the bartender doesn't forget to mail them. Time for another drink... Time to get on the plane.

NOVEMBER 17, 2005
BARKER - Sacramento White A (Stuffed Envelope)
KANKA - Sacramento White B (Stuffed Envelope)
LUDWIG - Sacramento White C (Stuffed Envelope)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The People Are Down With The Industrial Service Industry

Back at the hotel right now, working on my 50 pieces... have converted the hotel room into a workspace.

Went to a bunch of galleries and record stores this afternoon. The coolest thing was the Weinerschnitzel... a fast food hot dog chain. AWSOME!!! Got myself a plaing hotdog w/ mustard — Brad a corndog. We didn't try their Pastrami Dog... but it sounded interesting... a little too much meat for my tastes.

Stopped at this place for a beer earlier — Hamburger Mary's... horrible dance music.

Stuck in Sacramento with nothing to do. My photo shoot has been canceled. Gonna head over to the art store and pick up some more supplies and then I'll get to working on my 50 piece project. Probably gonna pick up some white paint and coat everything with a nice white wash. Goning to do that on the roof of the parking deck across the street.... it's still early here only 10:00am... this is going to be a long day.

Walked down to Old Sacramento, had some dinner (a drunk steak and martini) and hit up a few bars and such.

I was working on my 50 piece project at the bar... drinking. Later, we found a photo booth near the hotel where I proceeded to take my cloths off for the automatic camera. Got some good pictures of course.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Sewer Grate Cover Removed, We Settled In For The Still Of Winter

Personally, I fantasize about having a reason to be in Sacramento now... job has been killed as of 7pm. Brilliant... no reasons given.

My Warhol Look —

Monday, November 14, 2005

Bread Crumbs Leave Scars On Little Babies Arms

11:48pm (Sacramento Time)
OK So I'm here... now what... well here's some of the 5 hour adventure in fun.

Getting on the plane.

Getting off the plane.

Had issues finding my bag at the luggage claim... strangest thing I ever seen.

View from my room... that there is a bridge... zoinks.

Figured out where the local art store is... only 15 blocks down J Street from my hotel. I'm planning on creating a work that is 50 pieces big... subject matter is still unknown... media unknown, but more than likely derived from local newspapers and found items in the streets. All I have so far is the goal of 50 small pieces. I'm going to do them in the same index card format as I did the 'New York City Barstool Baptism' works. The format is great because I can cart them around in my pocket... no big crap to haul outside of a few markers/pens/pencils and maybe a tube of paint to act as a bounding agent with things I attach. It'll be an excellent and well deserved cathartic exercise... I need one right now.
The hotel has free internet access so I'll be able to update the blog everyday I'm there... load it full of photos and all sorts of other garbage.

Ordered 2,000 buttons this morning. Gonna hit the post office this afternoon and get stamps before my trip. Gonna need them, I plan on sending out a number of cards from the area.

Was going to mail out the 4th pin based correspondence today 'Beatle Beam', but as fate has it, I ran out of materials to make my buttons with this weekend. On a good note though... I've learned to both Steph and Kanka recieved the first card 'Wanna Have Fun' cards with buttons intact. This gives me hope that others will recieve their cards intact as well.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Signal The Confederate Nations And Let The Hammer Spoon Them

Not much happening today... preparing for my trip out to Sacramanto.

Working on new postcards earlier in the week —

photo: Kanka

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Baby... I Want You To Burn It... Burn It For The People

Not to much going on today... I'm just sitting around the house working on postcards. I have finally run out of pin making materials today, so i'm going to have to order a new batch this Monday. Went thru our first 1,000 pretty fast... i might as well order a batch of 2,000 next time. Will be in Sacramento for most of next week... pretty excited about the trip, just upset that i won't get to see Steph for that entire period of time. I've got a few neat postcards to send her and other folks... i'm going to have to remeber to bring my addresses with me on the trip.

NOVEMBER 12, 2005
BARKER - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
BLACKMON - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
BURNS - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
BUTTREY - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
DROZD - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
GIBB - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
JANSSEN - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
KANKA - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
KANKOVA - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
KUTZBACH - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
LINTON - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
LUDWIG - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
MOODY - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
NEWMAN - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
NEWTON & GEIER - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
NOBLE - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
PEARSON - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
SEARCY - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
STATTS - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
STOUT - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
SYLVESTER - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
VICTORE - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
VINSON - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
WEISS - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)
YORK - Intelligent Design (postcard/pin)

Friday, November 11, 2005

With A Cape And A Cord I Skip The Song From The Singers Lips

Went to Lenny's to check out The Liverhearts last night, but found that I was more engrossed with Michael Columbia... they where just plain great! Here's what their website has to say about them... I couldn't describe them any better than this.

With Michael Columbia’s “These are Colored Bars” a fresh new episode of music is delivered on Galapagos4’s Alabaster series. Veterans of the experimental indi rock triangle of Chicago, Philly and Athens, the duo of David McDonnell, of Bablicon (Misra Records), Olivia Tremor Control (Elephant 6) and Need New Body (file 13), and Dylan Ryan, of Icey Demons (Cloud Recordings) and Orso (Perishable) came together to experiment with a new combination of sounds and beats. Through the filtered bass tones weaving in and around, synths, saxophone, clarinet, violin and delay, synthetic ambient vocals sinuously drone over pressurized machine crushing beats. Sonic payoffs build up, floating in and out of Michael Columbia’s heavy low end foundations and orchestral textures. Imagine you’re in Lee Perry’s studio with a robot clone of Don Henley who’s been raised on Kraftwerk, that almost sums up MC’s sound. “These are Colored Bars” gets to the core of electronic rock through heavy seductive drumming topped off with spacedout vocal hand horn textures Michael Columbia takes you from the streets of Chicago into the far reaches of space. One minute you're in the soundtrack to Bladerunner, the next you're driving underneath tracks racing trains, keeping pace with some classic power rock. Only a city like this could spawn such a moody, humorous and danceable album...

Needless to say, I made a point of purchasing their album and telling David that I really enjoyed their set... I even got a pin from him (it's just a pin filled month it seems — a 1.5"). Anyways we walked into Lenny's right when MC started their set and almost immediatly I knew I was listening to something really special. I grab 3 tall PBR's for my peoples and moved to the front of the establishment to checkout the band. Here's some video with bad audio again—

So after the MC wrapped up we headed to the back of the bar to play a little pinball. Unfortunatly for us... the machine was functioning without any lights on the deck... ohh well. It was the first South Park pinball machine from SEGA... played it many times before. It's a great machine... when it's in working order.

We hung around and had another beer... waiting for The Liverhearts to start.

I had never been to Lenny's before, but like most rock clubs in the ATL it lacks one important thing — ventalation. The smoke was so thick in the place you could cut it with a knife... I'm still trying to recover this morning. Feel like I have smokers cough or a lung infection or cancer.... HACK!!

Another band hit the stage as we mingled around the pinball machine and by the time they were into their third song I realized it was The Liverhearts... I guess seeing the simplicity of the Michael Columbia just thru off my attention... there were 5 bands their last night and all of them sounded similar except for MC... ohh well. I made my way toward the front of the club yet again, but this time was met by a wall of people. So this is The Liverhearts last night —

I sauntered back to the other side of the bar where we finished our beers. Kanka commented that he bought 3 beers for $10 and paid with a $20 — but recieved $15 back... interesting math there. We headed to the door and I stopped and talked to David, bought a CD and we split in the middle of Livers set... ohh well... it was too smokey anyways and already almost 1 in the morning at this time. Some of us do have jobs you know.

Check out Michael Columbia at their site... there are 3 tracks off their album available for download there.

Michael Columbia

NOVEMBER 11, 2005
BARKER - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
BLACKMON - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
BURNS - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
BUTTREY - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
DROZD - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
GIBB - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
JANSSEN - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
KANKA - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
KANKOVA - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
KUTZBACH - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
LINTON - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
LUDWIG - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
MOODY - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
NEWMAN - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
NEWTON & GEIER - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
NOBLE - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
PEARSON - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
SEARCY - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
STATTS - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
STOUT - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
SYLVESTER - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
VICTORE - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
VINSON - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
WEISS - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)
YORK - Wasted Youth (postcard/pin)