Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Saturday, November 09, 2019

Field Notes

Today is a great day. Can you feel it. So I'd like to welcome myself back to my own blog... it has been a while. Back in the day this blog had a title... and that title still exists. It's just hidden. It's called SUPPOSITIONS, SLANTS AND SUSPICIONS. What a great title right. Having brunch up the street at the spot and doing some work on the website. I really need an intern or some studio assistants. I seriously have little to no time in the day to get all of the work I need done, done.

So, last nights show at Bride of Decks n Dogs was really great. Meet a bunch of really cool people and even bought myself a killer piece of art. Atlanta is such a small world and you can learn so much if you just walk out and interact with it. Just talk to people and make those connections. So many cool people meet last evening and apparantly some fans, so they stated. Have a new correspondence art pal as well... watch out dude. I loving preaching Ray Johnson to folks who will listen.

The Andy Warhol can drops were a hit... too bad there were only 3 cans to celebrate the 'Charbroiled and Scarred' deck at Dog Towne Franks. Really happy with the workings of last night. Here's a little taste of one of the Andy's before he was finished. Real backwards like.