Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Monday, August 29, 2005

Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita mi ritrovai per una selva oscura chÈ la diritta via era smarrita.

I spent the better part of my evening pulling together materials and unpacking boxes of specific content so I could produce some new sets of correspondences. I haven’t sent out that many lately and I’ve decided that I need to force myself into the habit of daily mailing again. I was going really strong for a while, but the Texas show and the Spin show took a great deal of my production time for this sort of work away. Fortunately for me, the television has been cut off at my home (my choice). Of course all I used to watch was TCM... but even that was a big enough distraction to curb a great deal of my production. Now that it’s gone I have ample time to dedicate strictly to the production of new correspondences.
Earlier this afternoon I developed the technical diagrams for all 24 works in the Fluoride Calendar Set from 2004. They are very detailed and contain precise measurements that will be crucial when I have to begin construction of the cases for all the paintings. There are 20 paintings that are 24” x 32” and 4 that are 28” x 32”. The reason for the 4 variants (May & October) is due to the way the calendar structure broke from 5 lines tall to 6. I plan on using gloss white coated aluminum framing that is 3” deep. The works will float underneath a piece of glass that has etched markings that relate to certain days of interest during that month. Tomorrow I will design the technicals for the (4) ‘Fluoride Artifact’ vitrines, (3) ‘Lost Artifact’ vitrines, (2) oversized die-cut mirror paintings and the (2) monochrome paintings.
In total, I plan to have 40 works for the show (mixed-media / painting / sculpture / video) and a large set of limited run prints from drawings I’m doing based on different aspects of the subject matter. I’m also already considering environmental aspects for the show and whether or not I want to interfere with the patrons in any way. One idea, that is pretty out there, is to force patrons to brush their teeth at the door before they are permitted to enter the show. I just think it would be funny to make people do something out of the ordinary like that.
For promotional purposes I will be producing 2 large die-cut stickers that I will be injecting all over town. For the invitations and promotional cards I’m looking into getting sample packets of toothpaste affixed to each... the same kind of consumer promotional items we receive everyday. For a give-away at the show, I’m getting pricing on toothbrushes that would have the show title printed on the handle and come in red or blue. The prices I’m getting back are really not that bad at all.. but I’m still looking into different avenues.

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