Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Scrape The Film With A Tongue

New project with a fast turn around and a whole new set of problems. Mainly time.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Barn Barn Back To The Barn

Today begins the process of creating a Big Mac sandwich production mold. I'm going to try several methods to make an inital mold of the sandwich first. Then I'll do a ruff casting into that. What I get out I'll then alter and resculpt by had. Then I'll begin making the production mold.

I'd also be interested in getting the something set up we're I could do some sand casting, but I'd need to heat up liquid metal and such. I'm probably going to look around town for someone who can cast in metal... plastics/acrylics too... or concrete for that matter. But yeah... Resin casting may be the neatest thing to look at. So I'd have to create a silicone old and then resin cast into that. Definitely something I could start doing on my own.

STEP 01: Purchase a fresh well stacked Big Mac.

STEP 02: Freeze the Big Mac.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Urban Dino Building

Books sitting next to my bed.

The Hidden Dimension: An anthropologist examines man's use of space on public and in private. - Edward T. Hall

Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists - Casey Reas & Ben Fry

Visualizing Data: Exploring and Explaning Data with the Processing Environment - Ben Fry

Common Sense: The Case Against an Out-of-Control Government, Inspired by Thomas Paine - Glenn Beck

Making Things Talk: Projects and Ideas to Create Talking Objects From Anything. - Tom Igoe

Friday, November 20, 2009

Castings Manic Connections For Vast Callings

Friday... Time for a beer at Elmyr... Some food too. Got to put something in my gut. Headed home to work on various web sites and things that no one else really cares about.
(11:27 PM) Worked on Aaron Barkers site this evening. Finally got all his pages cleaned up and then I recoded his entire blog so it integrates with his current sites style. Looks pretty good... Just need to start adding more content for him as it comes in. The beauty of the blog is that it takes care of itself pretty much... Other page take time. Hell, my site, this one, is missing so much content in the art section it's maddening... But that's for another day here. Now I can relax the rest of the evening and then get back into this code-mode with the Elmyr site tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Natural Swaying Via Forced Meditation

Spent the weekend working on side projects and client web sites. Tonight I put a fresh coat of silver on a new batch of cheeseburgers. This will be the final state for these pieces. I'm not going to do any of these, unless they are in silver from now on. These are all McDonalds cheeseburgers. I'm going to give Burger King a go next. I like their sesame seed buns. Of course, the McDonald Big Mac is another item I've spent a good deal of time looking to replicate.. but these I'd like to cast in plaster or if I could afford it some type of metal... maybe even aluminium [Al, 13] if I could find a place to do them. I've been experimenting with freezing the sandwiches to see if they could get to an optimal state where I could use some form of dental plaster to develop a production mold for them. I'll have to do an even amount to the number of Big Mac containers I have in the studio right now... I think the count is somewhere around 65 or 70. I suppose at this point I'd like to make it an even 100... with a few extra artists proofs/variants as well.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Sinners A North Eastern Wind

End of the week yet again. Still impressed with how fast this year went by... But that's a good thing too. I'm ready to move on to 2010.
Going to be a busy weekend as usual... Multiple websites to build, a couple of logos to develop, t-shirts to design. I guess some of this could have been done this now past week, but I was out and about more than usual, so it's pay-back I suppose.

Headed out late last nite to get some drinks at Trader Vic's with Chuk and listen to Tongo Hiti kick out the jams. London Sours for me... I beleive Chuk was rocking the Mai-Tai's. We met some girl at the bar who proceeded to tell us about how she was bitten severly by a scorpion on the shoulder. It got really interesting when she went on to explain how some cowboy handed her a tin of SKOAL and told her to apply it to the bite to withdraw the venom. That's Texas for ya... Ohh yeah her story took place in Texas and the cowboy was at some farmers market sipping coffee with other cowboys... Yup... That's Texas for ya. I think she was a dental hygenist. Not sure but she did mention scrubs and I thought I heard the word dental at some point. She had bottom only braces, but that's just a detail, nothing to do with her profession. Chuk and I did discuss the braces situation for a moment... He beleives you are safe with bottom braces, it's the tops you have to watch out for. I think tops are safe and the bottoms are more of a danger.

Left there about midnight and I went over to ElMyr where I stayed till closing. Ended up talking with this dude at the bar about fine art and such. Turns out he was the guy with the ponytail robot outfit I took some snaps of on Halloween. I'm always amazed at how small this town really is sometimes. Always bumping into to folks I wouldn't expect to run into on a regular basis. Guess that's happens when you actually leave the house.

So now it's Friday afternoon and I'm hanging out downtown at Six Feet Under. Ending up here a good deal lately... I know this via the wad of Valet parking stubs in my car. Ohh well... It's close to the office and they have Dog Fish Head 90 on tap. That's good stuff there. Tonight I'm gonna be working in the studio... Silkscreen stuff probably.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Through A Fault Of Our Designing

New camera... so that means you take a bad photo of yourself.

Dead fish... so that means this fish sleeps with the fishes.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Neuroscience Of Desire

Friday... In the studio this evening cleaning up. I had a bunch of screens that needed to get cleaned out for use in some new projects. Set up my new 9" band saw as well... nice tool, can't wait to start using it. Several different open projects to choose from once I get things straightened up again. October made a bit of a mess in here.

11:01 PM ~ Jamming out to the b-52s record WHAMMY! and cutting some donut frame pieces. Gonna start glueing them up so i can get them out of the way... and so they are ready to use when I get around to donuts again. Also looking into my dimensions for the Thurston Moore pieces.


Nancy's on speaker phone talking to someone else on another phone. But I think she is talking to Marylin Monroe actually... no seriously. They are talking about something they ordered together and apparently Marylin knows how to text people.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

On This Ship We Execute Doctors

Working downtown today at the INK office by myself. Cranking out some emails and becoming mildly amused by the Dr. Who episode that is playing in the background. Have to head off to the opening of PolyART tonight at P'cheen to see if they let my pseudo-science meets religion dirty little drawing hang. It's nothing special really... but I dig the simple composition of it anyways.

7:30PM ~ So I'm over here at PolyART drinking Guinness. It's pretty slow here, and I've done enough of these things, so I'm not too suprised, but it might pick up. There may be some friends stopping in, so I'm probably going to stick around for a bit and see who shows up. Grady called me a douche on FB today, so I doubt he'll show up, but he is a mad man and you never know. I'll probably run into him over at ElMyr later, so I'll kick his ass for calling me names and then buy him a shot.

8:40 ~ enough of that noise. Over at ElMyr... Tall boy PBR. It's Nates last night in town... And guess where he is. Yup. Gonna buy shots for his table like right now.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

True Silver Reelings From

Trying to keep up with this pain in my ass Mr. Blog. Ohh well... I'm back get used to it. So there isn't that much to report for today, did lots of work and even more laundry. Web sites and print work... yeah I dealt with you both today and you both bore me so.

Was thinking about painting today, but I read some more of my current book "The Hidden Dimension" and worked out some ideas in my sketch book. Haven't tooled in a sketchbook seriously for a few years and that is surprising as I have so many of them from old totally filled to the gills. It's nice to get back to a solid place where all my thoughts can be logged.... been using it the past few months now. I forgot what a treat it is sometimes to look back on ideas that aren't on cocktail napkins and random scraps of paper. Granted all of these little devices eventually got glued into a book... but it's just not the same really.

Also spent another good portion of my day porting more of my 1,457 strong (and growing) movie collection to hard drive. Ohh yeah, I also watched all the episodes of Jekyll... not bad a'tall brotha. I had overheard someone a night or two ago talking about an excellent Dr.J&H show where he communicated with his other self via tape recorder... so I had to see that.

Tonight I'm having a few drinks of Mezcal and goof'in around. Will probably get back to my reading book or sketchbook before I turn in.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Moments Pass So Typical

Just because I was missing a little Buffalo action tonight I went and got meself the digs to make a West Atlanta Fat Boy... a cousin to the South Buffalo Fat Boy. In both cases, it's a dollar double cheeseburger with a dollar chicken sandwich in between. Holly crap these are evil.

Killer WAFB & SBFB t-shirts on the way. Gonna be sweet!