Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Kinetic Energy is given by Ek = 1/2*mass*(velocity2) W=(1/2mv2)

Who's that punk rocker holdin' that Punk Rock Roll?

Wasbi Faced!!

Radish Faced!!

Going out to eat sushi with Steph in a little bit... can't wait. I love raw tuna with tons of wasabi... ohh joy!! Don't what else we'll get into, but I'm sure we won't want to do anything else after we go and stuff our faces. I will be a glutton tonight...

It's a thursday... not much is happening today. I'm supposed to turn over my design concepts for the paper dress tomorrow. All I thinkI'm going to give them is a written description of what I'm going to try and put together. The sketches I've been doing are no where near what the dress is going to look like in the end, so there is no point in giving them anyting that is not a finalized idea. I think the written concept will suffice. Jaro and Steph have both given me some very good ideas and have helped to stear me in direcion I hadn't yet considered. Things that vary from non-traditional, highly conceptual methods for pushing the dresses meanings, as well as clever was to add colors to the work without ever manipulating the paper at all. I'm going to dedicate most of my weekend to the work.

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