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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Say Are You Really One Of The Richest Girls In This Here Territory

Still struggling to choose a new country for the paper dress show. I'm going to have to dive deeper into the culture, mythology & history of some different countries. It's the only way I'm going to find a clever path to follow with this work. I have a few different paths in mind, but we'll see how clever they really are... hmmm & grrr.

Nothing too interesting to report today. Last night I worked on a number of different correspondences for people. Everything from postcards to stuffed envelopes. I should be ramping up mailing transferrals next week, at least 5-6 mailings a day for a while.
On the new home front, the house has been completly drywalled and is probably having trim installed as I type this. I'll be swinging by there again this weekend to show it off to some folks and to do more measurements for the entertainment center I'm building for the living room and to measure certain walls for paintings. I also have to measure all the windows so I can order blinds. Now the builders said they would be complete by the end of August... ha ha. I'm thinking more like the middle or end of September. Things are gonna move really fast in that house now. After they get all the trim installed and everything is painted they will lay the wood floors and install the cabinets and appliances and then it's just a bunch of little things. Getting down to the wire... finally!! Can't wait to get out of the hole.

AUGUST 18, 2005
LUDWIG - KISS no.1 (postcard)

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