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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Saturdays Are For Sleepin' In


The show last night was a big success for Spin. They had almost 100 items up for auction. Everything from art - sculpture - glassware - jewlery - certificates and lots more. All of my works were bought in the beginning of the show and by the end all had multiple bids on them. Which is very good — The person who bought 'Dance - Dance - Dance' is going to be putting it in their office building. Thats pretty cool. I'll have to go and see it there for real sometime.
A lot of people were really wild about the 4 drawings I submitted. Which was strange, as I figured people would hate them. But I was asked by quite a few people - what they were about - how i did the transfers - etc. I ended up giving away 20 or more website cards... so I guess we may get a few more viewers to the blog.
Got several pictures taken of me and the angry & always late (she was shopping) Veronica. However I don't have any of them right now. However we did get this strange portrait of us done. Those French artists are drinking to much absinth I think.

Got to do some karoke myself last night too. I did 3 songs — Clash: Rock the Cassba — B-52's: Love Shack — Iggy Pop: The Passenger — . I rocked the stage and didn't fall to my doom once. The DJ was same guy as the year before... he asked if I was that guy from last year and I winked. I did my brithsh accented grunting Clash - My best Fred with fly moves - The Iggy Pop dance. What a fun evening. Lots of my friends showed up which was great great great.
I'd have to say though, that my favorite part of the show was talking to people and catching them with strange looks as I talk to them in costume. I think it bothered some folks to talk to somebody all costumed up. It's reminded me of what Ray Johnson once said when he was asked about his work — 'By acting I mean I am putting you on, by acting I mean I'm performing here, but I'm also playing the role of an artist who is talking about what he does, but I'm playing with you both by talking to you, I'm just haveing fun by talking about this, but I do this... I have a Deadpan Club. I do this with a dead pan expression, like I'm really very serious, but underneath it all it's a Dada joke."

Headed to the Kingsized Elvis Show tonight... It's gonna be a' gimmer ana gammer

August 13, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 36 (postcard)

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