Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tant' è amara che poco è più morte; ma per trattar del ben ch'i' vi trovai, dirò de l'altre cose ch'i' v'ho scorte.

OHH MY GOD!!! THERE IS A GAS SHORTAGE IN THE ATL!!!! Please... more bullshit propaganda instigated, though not admitted to, by the local media in Atlanta. This morning around 7am the media started reporting that the gas pipelines were down and Atlanta could runout of gas. Well... nobody paid any mind until the shit storm started to spread and by 12 noon everyone was out at the gas station filling up everything they could find with gasoline, forcing the gas station owners to what else... ha ha... raise the prices on the rumor mill suckers. A station I passed in the morning that was at $2.49, was at $3.19 when I came by it later that after noon and $3.39 LATER THAT EVENING. Some stations were charging $4.99 and I hear even $6.99 for a single gallon of regular fuel. The governor went on television in the early afternoon to assure the people that there was no shortage... please... who is watching television in the afternoon except for welfare recipients. I left work and was forced to sit blindly in the middle of streets as they were transformed into high school lunch lines, with no cut'zies, as people waited to pay for overpriced gas to feed their already close to full SUV's.
I decided it was in my best intentions to fill up myself, so I hit the local bar and drank beer with Linton and laffed with the other patrons at the assholes who actually thought there was a problem in town. To clarify — there is no shortage. I almost feel compelled to stand infront of my local station and protest to people in line with a huge sign declaring the fact... but alas... my photographer is in Denver. I'm instead going to go out to my car tonight and paint in big dripping brilliant blue letters the fact — THERE IS NO SHORTAGE. Maybe that will smarten the folks up on my commute to work tomorrow. HA — Probably not.
Geting to work on some different correspondences tonight and watching Jack Hill films. Gearing up for the Drive-Invasion this weekend!!! Barker says he might even make it in... praise that man!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ahi quanto a dir qual era Ë cosa dura esta selva selvaggia e aspra e forte che nel pensier rinova la paura!

— Short Haircut

I’m working on a new piece for a postcard show in NYC later this year in October. The show is the 8th annual ‘Postcards From the Edge’... which has a title strangely close to the show I was in earlier this year ‘Cards From Beyond the Edge’. Hmmmm.... The show has been a yearly event since 1998 and is organized by Visual AIDS. This year the show will be exhibited at the Robert Miller Gallery — 524 W. 26th Street, NYC from October 16th - 18th. It is a benefit event that is a show and sale of original, postcard-sized works on paper by established and emerging artists. Famous in the art world as the most exciting and affordable way to build a collection of work by internationally renowned artists as well as young and emerging artists, all works are sold on a first-come, first-served basis for $50. The works are signed on the back and exhibited so the artists' signatures cannot be seen. While buyers have a list of participating artists, they don't know who created which piece until purchased. A collector might end up with a work by a famous artist or someone they don't know yet. Either way, they walk away with a great piece of art while supporting the important work of Visual AIDS.
Visual AIDS strives to increase public awareness of AIDS through the visual arts, creating programs of exhibitions, events and publications, and working in partnership with artists, galleries, museums and AIDS organizations. By mobilizing the visual arts communities, Visual AIDS raises money to provide direct services to artists living with HIV/AIDS.

— Grandfathers' Girl

Monday, August 29, 2005

Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita mi ritrovai per una selva oscura chÈ la diritta via era smarrita.

I spent the better part of my evening pulling together materials and unpacking boxes of specific content so I could produce some new sets of correspondences. I haven’t sent out that many lately and I’ve decided that I need to force myself into the habit of daily mailing again. I was going really strong for a while, but the Texas show and the Spin show took a great deal of my production time for this sort of work away. Fortunately for me, the television has been cut off at my home (my choice). Of course all I used to watch was TCM... but even that was a big enough distraction to curb a great deal of my production. Now that it’s gone I have ample time to dedicate strictly to the production of new correspondences.
Earlier this afternoon I developed the technical diagrams for all 24 works in the Fluoride Calendar Set from 2004. They are very detailed and contain precise measurements that will be crucial when I have to begin construction of the cases for all the paintings. There are 20 paintings that are 24” x 32” and 4 that are 28” x 32”. The reason for the 4 variants (May & October) is due to the way the calendar structure broke from 5 lines tall to 6. I plan on using gloss white coated aluminum framing that is 3” deep. The works will float underneath a piece of glass that has etched markings that relate to certain days of interest during that month. Tomorrow I will design the technicals for the (4) ‘Fluoride Artifact’ vitrines, (3) ‘Lost Artifact’ vitrines, (2) oversized die-cut mirror paintings and the (2) monochrome paintings.
In total, I plan to have 40 works for the show (mixed-media / painting / sculpture / video) and a large set of limited run prints from drawings I’m doing based on different aspects of the subject matter. I’m also already considering environmental aspects for the show and whether or not I want to interfere with the patrons in any way. One idea, that is pretty out there, is to force patrons to brush their teeth at the door before they are permitted to enter the show. I just think it would be funny to make people do something out of the ordinary like that.
For promotional purposes I will be producing 2 large die-cut stickers that I will be injecting all over town. For the invitations and promotional cards I’m looking into getting sample packets of toothpaste affixed to each... the same kind of consumer promotional items we receive everyday. For a give-away at the show, I’m getting pricing on toothbrushes that would have the show title printed on the handle and come in red or blue. The prices I’m getting back are really not that bad at all.. but I’m still looking into different avenues.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Potential Energy is given by Ep = mass*gravatational field strength*change in height W=(mgΔh)

Headed to the Drive-in tonight to see the new Gilliam flic The Brothers Grimm. It should be really good!! The whole crew should be going... lots of beer and scotch me thinks. We'll see Grimm first and then figure out which screen to hit after that...

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Kinetic Energy is given by Ek = 1/2*mass*(velocity2) W=(1/2mv2)

Who's that punk rocker holdin' that Punk Rock Roll?

Wasbi Faced!!

Radish Faced!!

Going out to eat sushi with Steph in a little bit... can't wait. I love raw tuna with tons of wasabi... ohh joy!! Don't what else we'll get into, but I'm sure we won't want to do anything else after we go and stuff our faces. I will be a glutton tonight...

It's a thursday... not much is happening today. I'm supposed to turn over my design concepts for the paper dress tomorrow. All I thinkI'm going to give them is a written description of what I'm going to try and put together. The sketches I've been doing are no where near what the dress is going to look like in the end, so there is no point in giving them anyting that is not a finalized idea. I think the written concept will suffice. Jaro and Steph have both given me some very good ideas and have helped to stear me in direcion I hadn't yet considered. Things that vary from non-traditional, highly conceptual methods for pushing the dresses meanings, as well as clever was to add colors to the work without ever manipulating the paper at all. I'm going to dedicate most of my weekend to the work.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mumming, Disguising, And Dancing In Character And Costume

The opening at Williams 2.0... err to be correct... the new and improved Moore Wallace ATL Plant, and it was so much fun , as well as informational. The new facilities are the best in the Atlanta area hands-down. I had the opportunity to talk to the super important Mr. John Pope... all I can say is — what a hell-of-a-guy. Brilliant business man... just the best of the best in Atlanta. It was an honor to meet and talk with someone of his class. Outside of the brillaint folks I met, We drank lots of red wine (meaning myself and the Cool-Cat) and I got 3 different drawings of myself from the 3 different artists MW had on hand doing portraits (of-a-sort) at the event... enjoy! I've always thought that these portait people really capture the truth behind everyone they draw. So the interesting thing here is to see what 3 people thought on the same night within a 4 hour period of myself. I love each drawing... all three are going to my favorite people. Again.. enjoy!

Yes... as the title indicates — back at work again today. The drilling into my skull... errr, training is finally over.
Headed to the opening of the new Moore-Wallace Printing facilities tonight (4pm - 7pm). Drinks & Entertainment... should be a fun time.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It Is Made Up Of A Combination, In Variable Proportions, of Speech, Dance, And Song

Hung out with Kanka this afternoon at our favorite, the El Myr. Had a few drinks and a few shots of Patron to boot. We talked about life, art, money and women... what else is there to talk about. Well we did make fun of the fat little kids with mullets playing in the Little Leauge World Series... what a bunch of losers — ha ha. We also made our own additions to the beer tap at the bar heres a few picture of that and of drinking.

Headed over to Stephs tonight to watch a few movies... popcorn and goodies. Yes!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Through Long Years I Have Not Ceased To Experiment, Neither Have I Have Spared Any Labour Of Mind

Kanka said I should post this fact. So here it is.
Tonight I drank:
4 pints of Guinness @ $5.00 each
3 glasses of 18 year old Glenlivet @ $15.00 each

Total cost for Jim $65.00. Thanks Jim — I'll get you back... no worries.

Recieved a most intersting postcard from Barker today. It's unlike anything I've ever recieved from him. Now first off, it's a very important card because according to the written text — "I created this master work of art at about 6am after my bachelor party. Lord was I fucked. - Barker" Now this card is definitly an important artifact that I'll hold high above others... but what makes it even more unique is the following. The card possessed a double postmark: DALLAS, TX AUG 16 — NORTH METRO, GA AUG 19. This double stamping makes absolutly no sense... but it makes the card an amazing artifact to the system that is called the USPS. As usual Barkers brilliance is engrained in the work — under the influence, in retrospect, and in the unknown sytems we embrace. Thanks Bark!

Finally, I have been given confirmation from Unisource to use Korea as my concept country for the Paper Fashion Show. Now the next hurdle is to develop my creative brief for the work as well as the visual concept. Tonight I will begin visual research as well as more indepth research into the two cultures. Even though both regions are part of one country, they both have extremely different ideologies. I'm going to have lunch & drinks with Kanka tomorrow. We'll discuss at length his personal experiences with communism and it's influence on modern societies. I'm really looking forward to the conversation. Kanka is one of the smartest and most well imformed people I know. He has a worldly experience I can never have. He is one of my best friends... I value his opinion in matters such as these above all others.

Since I have little time to write at this moment, I thought I'd post an older photo Kanka took of me. I believe this photo was snapped in 2003. The painting is from 1994 — a terribly old oil painting I did in high school. It is titled 'The Average Bureaucrats Visions Of Jesus Christ'. If I remeber correctly, I won some awards for it back in the day.

photo: KANKA

Sunday, August 21, 2005

You Have Done Something To Your Hair!

Had a silly time at the Vortex show last night... Arrrggg. Pirates bewares... yer ships run a fowl and yer booty has been a' stolen.

Enough of the scurvy savages at the bar... what was happening at the show. Well Big Mike was decked out in a grass skirt and jungle gear. There was a tiny little witch doctor running around casting his magic on all the evil drunkards. Really funny stuff. The Dames did several routines... all were sexy sexy sexy. Those Dames.. yikes. Of course my favorite was Luna's 'Krispy Kreme Donut' act. Red sparkel pasties.. ohh lordy lordy.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Leave Me Alone... Ouch! That Hurts... Don't Do It Again

Kanka and I are headed to get drinks. I have to withdraw my last statement. Kanka is not a Fuckin' Asshole... no no no, thta was totally incorect and uncalled for... he is now the Ultimate Pussy. Bwaha ha ha ha!!!!

' When It's Hampster Wear... You Can Put It Anywhere'
Kanka and I have a new clothing fashion. It's called Hampster Wear. It's the underwaer that come with a live hampster inside.
Happy People will love them.

Kanka has done the worst thing he could have ever done up until this moment. The bastard took the orange striped tights picture of me, blown it up, printed it and taped it to his fridge. Asshole! You fuckin' asshole! Ohh well.. I'm sitting over at his place having a glass of scotch. Delicious scotch... it's good. We're just sitting around shooting the shit.
Earlier this afternoon I worked on some different types of correspondences for all sorts of people. Got a few different emails from Barker. Check out his killer street lamp cover collection —

Kanka and I are gonna head over to the Vortex on Peachtree this evening. Mr. Geier is playing there with his smooth stylists. There is some other stuff going on too and the DA'f will be in full swing tonight as well. Ohh la la la. Kanka is yelling at me.. he says "I know what you're talking about you fuck'n pork'r." What that all about man... what a weirdo.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Support Your Local (insert noun)

I have it... Korea. I'm going to do a split layer dress with the top half representing North Korea and the bottom South Korea. I need to call and make sure that someone hasn't taken this country yet. I'll have to somehow develop this concept into a political statement regarding the climate in those regions. I'll also throw in some of the ideas that were discussed during the six-party talks with China, Japan, Russia, North Korea, South Korea, and the United States to resolve the stalemate over Norths nuclear programs. There will definitely be references to the nuclear. I'd like to try to figure out a way to use the midriff region (belly) of the model to serve as a transitional border point between the 2 regions.

The dress or maybe more appropriately outfit... will consist of a 2 part strategy. The upper half of the dress (NORTH) will be a very conservative military style cut. Very angular and rigid in it's construction. It should allow no real personality to show thru. It should make the upper half of the body fit into a communist like profile. The bottom half of the dress (SOUTH) will have a more free and organic structure. It will allow the models individual form to show through the dress. It will allow for free movement and imply the ideals of a democratic republic.

Friday has come... and eventually Friday will go and I seriously doubt that I will have made a decision on the country that I want to use for the paper show. I lumped all my efforts into the Japan concept, but at this point-in-time I really don't like anything else that I've looked into. It's such an annoying feeling... you'd think it would be a simple thing, picking a country, but it isn't. Japan was so perfect... the difference between the ancient and modern cultures was fascinating. Some of the latest ideas I've had have been less than brilliant. A UK theme dress that's based on punk rock and the british underground movement. I wonder what would happen if I tried to incorporate something from The Who's Tommy or even Pink Floyd's The Wall. That could be interesting... and it could also be very very cliche'. This is just a difficult situation... hopefully I'll figure out which country to choose. Once I pick one I have a week to develop the concept and develop preliminary drawings. This is turning into a bad situation.

AUGUST 19, 2005
LUDWIG - KISS no.2 (postcard)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Say Are You Really One Of The Richest Girls In This Here Territory

Still struggling to choose a new country for the paper dress show. I'm going to have to dive deeper into the culture, mythology & history of some different countries. It's the only way I'm going to find a clever path to follow with this work. I have a few different paths in mind, but we'll see how clever they really are... hmmm & grrr.

Nothing too interesting to report today. Last night I worked on a number of different correspondences for people. Everything from postcards to stuffed envelopes. I should be ramping up mailing transferrals next week, at least 5-6 mailings a day for a while.
On the new home front, the house has been completly drywalled and is probably having trim installed as I type this. I'll be swinging by there again this weekend to show it off to some folks and to do more measurements for the entertainment center I'm building for the living room and to measure certain walls for paintings. I also have to measure all the windows so I can order blinds. Now the builders said they would be complete by the end of August... ha ha. I'm thinking more like the middle or end of September. Things are gonna move really fast in that house now. After they get all the trim installed and everything is painted they will lay the wood floors and install the cabinets and appliances and then it's just a bunch of little things. Getting down to the wire... finally!! Can't wait to get out of the hole.

AUGUST 18, 2005
LUDWIG - KISS no.1 (postcard)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Thank You For Holding... Please Hold.

Here's a picture from that strange party I went to with Monkey Lulu a few weeks back... isn't she the sweetest lookin' thang. Thank the lord the person who shot this didn't get my legs. Yikes in stripes!!

He's another photo from before the party. This photo has been edited for elicit content that is not suitable for women under the age of 17.

Here's a rockstar for ya.

Monday, August 15, 2005

You Are In A Trance Now... I Will Bring You Out Of It Shortly

Witnessed a terrible car crash in front of my house today. It happened seconds after I got on the street directly behind me. I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't here a large slash sound... then I turned around and found that a car crossing the street got broad-sided. Nasty stuff... didn't stick around long enough to see if anyone was hurt. I was running late and had places to be. There are too many accidents in the ATL to worry about any of them. Besides nobody stopped to see if I was ok after I wrecked. I guess the feeling is mutual.
On the Drive-Invasion front I've learned some good and bad news. First the bad — they are only playing 2 nights of movies v. the 3 they've done in the past. Now the good news — my hero Jack Hill will be there to give a talk. They are playing 4 of his films on Sat night — The Big Bird Cage, Spider Baby, Foxy Brown, and the classic Blood Bath (also known as Track of the Vampire). I'm really excited to meet Jack. I'm going to try and get him to autograph my Sorceress poster, but I'm not sure he'll do it. That was his last film and Roger Corman pulled his name from the film and put Brian Stuart as director instead (the first names of Corman's 2 sons). Hopefully Jack will be a good sport and sign it anyways. Sid Haig is also going to be there (Spider Baby - Blood Bath - Foxy Brown)... but I really want to meet Jack. This is the drive-in lineup i've been waiting for... too bad they aren't playing Swinging Cheerleaders or Switchblade Sisters though. They play both a few years back so...
In other unfortunate news I need to select another country for the Paper Fashion Show. Someone has already taken Japan. Bastards!! I know they are going to do something stereotypical and utterly pointless with that dress... what a disappointment (mine would have been much better). I'm going to consult with Steph tonight and discuss a few different options. She had some really good ideas for other dresses last time we discussed the project. I'll have to pick her brain some more. It's important to get her opinion considering she will have to wear the dress.
Since Spin & Gin is finally over, I can get back to the bulk of my solo work again. I can also get back into the postcard habit and get some new correspondences out to my peps. Until I get an approval on the country I choose for my dress, I'm not going to worry to much about it.
I am going to jump head-first into the process and planning of the '100 Small Works' series again. I've had a nice break from those works and feel refreshed and reinvigorated with the concept behind the works. Also going to continue production of the secondary materials I have for the 2004 Fluoride Series. As soon as the house is completed I'll have ample studio space and I'll be able to get a better scope of all the works in progress. It's very hard right now to see the full picture/status of all the current works. I have everything listed out in spreadsheets and process forms, and that is great when you are getting technical, working on the time management and asset management of the works, but nothing can compare to looking at all the work in one glance. At this time most of the work is filed away because of space issues... as well as being packed up for the moving process. I really need to escape this space soon, so I can begin to work under the type of methods and organizational planning I require. Much of the later work I am going to be producing is larger in both physical scale and over-all scope. The processes and methods employed are going to become more complex and will require the larger space to facilitate a workflow that is comfortable and efficient.

AUGUST 15, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 37 (postcard)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sundays Are For Sleepin' In Even Later

Here are some pictures from the SPIN show. Thanks Kanka... the man always has some sort of camera on him.

Kanka snapped this picture of the lady who bought 'Dance-Dance-Dance'. He said he thinks he spooked her out when he asked to snap a pic of her in the parking lot. I'm sure he did too... my buddie had a lot to drink that night.

Here is me and Steph getting our portrait done. It took so long we weren't able to get over to see Geier finish playing at the top of the Hilton — Nikolai's Roof. But we did get over there in enough time for us to all hang out. Yeah, I was still in costume... people must have been weirded out a little. I wasn't though. All I wanted was a cheesburger and a nap... and to my suprise everyone I asked about these things, gave me directions to both.


The Kingsized Elvis show was just amazing. There had to be at least 800+ people packed into the Variety Playhouse. It was intense. I saw Fredrick from Degenerate Press and we discussed the sad news about the Starlight Drive-In and those jerk-offs at New Line Cinema. If you don't know what's happening check out what The Degenerate Press says — Degenerate Press: Live Journal
Fredrick said he should put together a 4th of July Event there... I'll hold him to that. Kanka showed up after I told him that if he was smart he'd come to the show. So he smart'ned up. We had some drinks and some chuckles. Tee Hee!!

Met with Luna Luxx after the show... check out the lashes on her. Ohh baby!!

Had 3:00AM breakfast at the Majestic. Me — Western omlette, coffee, and hashbrowns with cheese. Miss. Luxxy — 2 eggs over-easy, hashbrowns and wheat toast. Delicious... thank you Mr. Mike for the meal again. What a hell-of-a guy.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Saturdays Are For Sleepin' In


The show last night was a big success for Spin. They had almost 100 items up for auction. Everything from art - sculpture - glassware - jewlery - certificates and lots more. All of my works were bought in the beginning of the show and by the end all had multiple bids on them. Which is very good — The person who bought 'Dance - Dance - Dance' is going to be putting it in their office building. Thats pretty cool. I'll have to go and see it there for real sometime.
A lot of people were really wild about the 4 drawings I submitted. Which was strange, as I figured people would hate them. But I was asked by quite a few people - what they were about - how i did the transfers - etc. I ended up giving away 20 or more website cards... so I guess we may get a few more viewers to the blog.
Got several pictures taken of me and the angry & always late (she was shopping) Veronica. However I don't have any of them right now. However we did get this strange portrait of us done. Those French artists are drinking to much absinth I think.

Got to do some karoke myself last night too. I did 3 songs — Clash: Rock the Cassba — B-52's: Love Shack — Iggy Pop: The Passenger — . I rocked the stage and didn't fall to my doom once. The DJ was same guy as the year before... he asked if I was that guy from last year and I winked. I did my brithsh accented grunting Clash - My best Fred with fly moves - The Iggy Pop dance. What a fun evening. Lots of my friends showed up which was great great great.
I'd have to say though, that my favorite part of the show was talking to people and catching them with strange looks as I talk to them in costume. I think it bothered some folks to talk to somebody all costumed up. It's reminded me of what Ray Johnson once said when he was asked about his work — 'By acting I mean I am putting you on, by acting I mean I'm performing here, but I'm also playing the role of an artist who is talking about what he does, but I'm playing with you both by talking to you, I'm just haveing fun by talking about this, but I do this... I have a Deadpan Club. I do this with a dead pan expression, like I'm really very serious, but underneath it all it's a Dada joke."

Headed to the Kingsized Elvis Show tonight... It's gonna be a' gimmer ana gammer

August 13, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 36 (postcard)

Friday, August 12, 2005

Show Night — SPIN & GIN V: Caberat

SPIN & GIN V — Caberat!
914 Howell Mill Road, Suite 200
Atlanta, Georgia 30318

6:00 - 10:00PM
$25 Donation at the door

Got home from my morning of community work. Hot and tired boxed food all morning. Getting cleaned up and putting together the last 4 works for the show. 4 hours till the party'n starts... yeee-haw.


Geier is the man... check out the King chattin' on FOX 5.

The Late King

Luna Luxx does her stuff

Went to Stephs last night to finish up final production of my costume for the show and to check out hers. That girl is just too damn fast on a sewing machine. A lot faster than me.... wow!! The costume is finished as well as a major change in my appearance, I don't really notice it though. Again, major points to Steph for helping me with all this into the late late hours last night.

We both woke up really really early this morning... I have to donate some time to some community service for work and Steph is going to be on 'Good Morning Atlanta' FOX 5 to promote the Kingsized Elvis Show tomm. night. Geier is supposed to rock the TV set this morning. We are sleeping in tomm. Neither of us has had much sleep this week, way to many thing going on. Ahhhh!!! Paper Fashion Show is coming soon... AHHHH!!! Need sleep.

Show tonight... I'll update later.

AUGUST 12, 2005
BARKER - Pretermitted Jughead 35 (postcard)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Countdowns Are Time Killers

Well it's finally done and hung. Went to Spin last night and hung 'Dance - Dance - Dance'. It looks amazing. I decided also to donate 4 small transfer drawings to the show as well, just so the Spin folks have more work to hang. I'll have to run to the art store tomm. and pick up a few frames for the works. I'll hang them just before the show.

AUGUST 11, 2005
BARKER - Pretermitted Jughead 34 (postcard)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Come On Give Me A Drink For Heavens Sake — Why Don't You Cut It Short — Give Me Another Drink

Dance-Dance-Dance is complete. After waiting 2 hours at the customer pick-up counter, the Fader has finally reached my home and has been installed. All I can say right now is that this painting is so fucking good it makes me have to take a step back. I have tons of shit to work on tonight (all nighter) I'll write more later. But again... this painting is FUCKING amazing!!!! If you weren't planning on coming to this show you are going tom miss the best work there... so get your ass to the show! I'm damn serious too!!

Just shut off 'Dance-Dance-Dance'. Before I finished though, I hooked each colors (red/white) electrical plug into 2 different power strips. Then I flipped the switches on the strips back and forth to see how the strobe effect would look. After only a few seconds of watching the pulsing red then white lights I marveled at how great it looked, but also how uneasy and sick I felt — PERFECT!!! The slightly slower strobe effect I'm going to deploy is going to rock this show so so hard.
The pulsating lights make it look like a street side advertisement for some sleazy establishment. There are no letters or numerals on the entire work, so instead, we communicate with a set of select symbols all in the the form of Jughead. The Jughead's' various gestures and paced actions placed in a plenary void, combined with the lighting scheme, advertise a place that contains infinte possibilities within it. The title 'Dance-Dance-Dance' refers to the way we should act in such a free and open environment. Have fun with life... create every moment of it in your own image and enjoy the labors of this action at all times.
The lights do some very interesting things with the paint as I had suspected and then purposefully planned for. The red and white lights reveal and conceal certain aspects of the red and white enamel paint on blue background. Colors cancel out and others are enhancened, but at no time can we see the entire picture, unless we were to place it in direct white light. So, you have to fill in the void of missing information in your mind. Just as we do in everyday life, the plenary void forces us to create environments and situations to involve ourselves in.


AUGUST 10, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 33 (postcard)