Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Sunday, July 31, 2005

An Authority Who Issues The Gradual Beginning Or Coming Forth Of A Person Resembling A Lion

Slept in late today, but finally got up and began work on 'Dance-Dance-Dance'. Work and more work is what this piece needs. Everytime I look at it I see thousands of small details that need to be taken care of and I get more and more tired of it. I'm down to less than 2 weeks on this and am going to need to really get the main painting done before the weekend. Spend the entire weekend doing the electrical work on it. Then, I'll need to get it over to Spin a few days before the show starts. Going to have to pick up new paints and brushes Monday. Need paint thats gonna drip... lots of drip'n is what the painting really needs right now. A little bit of chaos to help solidify the composition.

So I slept in late today because I didn't get in until 4:30am. Went out to the Fieldhouse in Dacula to see the ohh so bewitching Mike Geier do his warm up performance for this August 13th's 'Elvis Death Day Memorial Spectacular'. Now the show at the Fieldhouse... even though the croud was of an unusual suburban persuation was electric! Geier is just one of the most captivating performers in the Atlanta area. Not only does the guy have the stage presence of a Frank Sinatra x20, but the voice to match. He is just too damn good for his own good. This show and the big one coming up at the Variety Playhouse feature the remarkable ensemble that could only be the 'Kingsized Orchestra', the sultry vocals of the 'Sweet Potato Inspirational Choir' and the flirtatious and ohh so kissable 'Dames Aflame'. The show was a hoot and people were daning all over the place... even to a few Elvis numbers that didn't make much sence to dance to. Ohh well, when people get drinks in them they do nutty things. The Dames were dance'n their asses off and the gentleman there were more than pleased to stare them down. No touching boys! Luna Luxx's little number with the big pink whore hair was out-of-sight... and the boys were really ogling over her when she hit the stage in her hot red Go-Go outfit. I videotaped a good portion of the show with Mike and Shannon's video camera. The batteries ran out early, but not before I got some great footage of Mike jumpin' over the stage railing to overtake the audience with a riviting Elvis ballad. What a fucking performer! The show wrapped up around 12:30 and after I helped Steph pack up the Dames stuff in the back of my trusty silver automobile, we bolted back to the bright lights of the big city.

Mike Geier King'n It Up

Saturday, July 30, 2005

A Pear-Shaped Soundbox With Wire Strings From Which Scripture Lessons Are Chanted

Head out tonight. Barker just sent me this interesting email clip:

Fourteen years later I returned to Germany for the Sohm Fluxus Happening show at the Koln Kunstverein, I wanted I wanted to push a piano off a high roof and record the sound of it hitting. This became the "Yoko Ono Piano Drop."
Somehow pushing a piano off a high building seems to me to be Happening/ Event Art.
And recording it and selling tapes would be Fluxus.
Fluxus is like a chicken bone the world art dog cannot cough up. The way we saw it. Fluxus was always an "Open House," like a Saturday Night Fish Fry.
Fluxus is a Virtual Reality system where the glove doesn't work properly and the helmet doesn't fit. Other things happen than what was intended.
Scientists into bio-enginering are trying to put a flounder gene into a tomato to keep it from freezing. Sounds like Fluxus?
- Al Hansen On Fluxus


Suppositions, Slants & Suspicions has gone mobile as of today. Steph and I went and bought ourselves some new children at the Apple store yesterday evening. She was very adamant in stating that hers was bigger than mine too. So it is... umm yeah I can't comment on that. Two inches does make a big difference... especially if you're a woman. But I've always felt that a foot is large enough. Heck it's almost to big for me right now and I wish I was tooling around with something smaller. (grin)
Gonna begin next steps on 'Dance-Dance-Dance' tommorow morning. Hopefully I'll get a lot done. Mr. Mike and the Dames are performing tomm. night, so I'll be there enjoying myself, but away from the work. Afternoon time is crucial this weekend... need to make many big steps in the work a reality.

Mobile 02 — Out.

JULY 30, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 24 (postcard)

Friday, July 29, 2005

A Kind Of Tenon Connecting The Face To A Rotating Device For Regulating The Flow Of A Liquid

So I'm still trying to figure out how 5 Laughing Skull beers and a Santa Fa burger from the Vortex costs me only $11.72. Someone needs to learn better math skills— or maybe they don't need to improve on them at all.
Did more work on 'Dance-Dance-Dance' last night and this afternoon I enlarged the drawings to use them on the work yet again. I'm gonna have to go buy some nice red and white paint now — quality free flowing oil based house paints. I don't need to much so I'll probably get the red custom mixed. Other than that, the only other supplies I will need are few new brushes and a can of silver spray paint. Also I'll need to find 4 different photos of food items and develope four Archie girls heads.
While I was sitting at the Vortex bar last night (listening to some really really drunk people carry on) I worked out a more elaborate composition for the new work. That's why I need some of these new supplies. All in all, the work as it stands right now is very boring looking and needs a lot more added to the composition.
Tonight I'm gonna hang with Steph and help her buy a new laptop... I may do the same if provoked. Would like to have one again to take around town so I can write and not have to be home on my big machine. We shall see.

JULY 29, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 23 (postcard)
LUDWIG - Lux Red (postcard)

Thursday, July 28, 2005

"It Wasn't A Date." — "It Twas A Date Lolita!"

Gonna head out of work early today. Nothing going on and everyone is gone at a damn Braves Baseball game. I think I'm gonna head over to Criminal Records and grab a couple magazines and get a beer at the Vortex. Got a lot of painting to do tonight but I kinda want to just hang around the town for a little while before iI go home and put in a late night. Also I want to drive around the 6 Points area a little anyways and see if there is any good grafitti to look at. I'm considering adding some spray painted sections to my 'Dance-Dance-Dance' painting, but I'm not totally sure how or even why. Thats why I want to go to somewhere like the Vortex and do some more sketching out of my ideas before I head home. I always get some pretty good ideas hanging out around that part of town... PLUS I want to wander into the Junkman and see if the have any new cheap plastic shit that I might want to buy. Might have dinner later with Steph if she's not to slammed... will have to see.
Getting back to the painting however, I'm going to begin wiring the work this Sunday. Cost is absolutly a factor. I don't want to spend to much on it especially seeing that I make no money from the work (it's for a good cause though). So far I've only spent $10 on Brilliant blue acrylic paint. I'd like to keep the cost for bulbing & wiring to under $30. We shall see if that is possible. What I really need is 2 types of small christmas like bulbs. There's a store in Atlanta called Atlanta Light Bulbs in Tucker. I'm going to try there first. Here's what I need.

(30 count) — 7-5WC7/RED 130V 7W C7 CERAMIC RED 130V 7C7 CANDELABRA BASE 7214 HALCO C7RED5C


60 total bulbs on the work @ 30¢ each — $18.00 (might even go to 80+ bulbs if I can) The real issue is finding the bulb bases and then wiring it all (but they may have some suggestions at this store). The second challange is building a circuit that makes the bulbs flash on & off in pattern. Linton says he thinks he'll be able to help me wire it all and create the circuit. So we shall see Sunday.
The other interesting component for this work is the musical score that I'm creating for it. I've been composing a few different ideas on paper of the past few days... I'm just working on a techno/dance type groove. It's gonna have a lot of vocal samples in it, a groovy hook and of course a good beat. It's going to be about 3 minutes long. When the work is displayed the music will run off my iPod, but whoever gets the work will get a CD with the music on it and they can then run the attached speaker cord into whatever they want. If I had a lot of money I'd run the music off a iPod Shuffle and leave it in the work, but I'm not spending $100 when I get nothing back. However, I think this will be a great way to do the same type of scenario in some future work. I'm headed out of here.

Confidence is now, extremely high tonight. The paintings proposition is working out as planned, but because of my apprehension with the production of the work earlier tonight, it has, as the usual with my work, evolved and matured during this evenings fabrication process. It is becoming more and more Pop as my disposition with the work matures. I'm absolutly feverish about the rate in which this work is advancing, in both technique and composition. It will truely be something like I've never done before. How thrilling!!!

JULY 28, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 22 (postcard)
LUDWIG - Lux Blue (postcard)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ah! The Thousand Bereavements Of The Poor Soul

Have decided that I will not post any further text pertaining to the Blue Jughead series, as this text is originally intended to be the artists statement for Spin & Gin V. I will post all pertinent text after August 12th, but not before.

Tonight I will admit that I'm frightened with the direction 'Dance-Dance-Dance' is taking. Nevertheless, I am still going to continue with the original proposition. I have faith that from the weeks of planning, the work will pay off with the final composition I have seen in my head. But as of this moment tonight, I'm leaving the work in the hands of my preparatory ideas. I remember I had the same type of apprehension midway through some of the Richie Rich works. However, in the end, the works delivered — just as I had planned. This is the entire point behind taking the long task of carefully mapping out a works progress before it is even executed. While I am still jittery, I have complete confidence in myself.

JULY 27, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 21 (postcard)
LUDWIG - Lux Orange (postcard)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Good Fortune... Ha! That Bitch Is Cold As Ice.

Jughead: Conjecture and the Christ Figure
(I'll post this text sometime today... ha!)

O.K. Rockin' — Somebody brought donuts into work just now and i was able to get a choice Chocolate Glazed with half Rainbow Jimmies. This makes up for some things so far today. It'll make a nice painting and a reminder of today as well. Shitty day (half Chocolate Glaze) — Good day (half Rainbow Jimmies).

10:00 AM
Just cranked out a nice little set of 4 postcards to calm my nerves. Haven't made any new postcards for a good bit... these were fast and dirty, but poignant. 4 flavors in all... but you would only put it in your mouth if your said a bad word. It could make you go blind... just like Ralphie.

8:45AM (03)
ATLANTA TEMPERATURE TODAY: 100 degrees with 79% humidity. Ohh Tuesday... Baby you know I like it hot and sticky. Can't wait to get back to that sauna of an apartment you're hooking me up with. You're aces in my book. What else you got?

8:32AM (02)
Ahh Tuesday... girl you just like fucking me don't you. On the way into work my cars windshield was warmly greeted by a large stone. They kissed and it left a big impression. Nice big star crack on my new cars driver-side windshield and we all know how these cracks eventually like to go for a walk all over the place. All right Tuesday... you've got my attention. Keep it coming I want to see how long we can keep this little love affair going. I can go all night if you can.

5:22AM (01)
It's early. I've just woken up. I'm hot, I'm sweating, I'm tired and I'm pissed. The temperature is not a pleasant 72*. Try adding 10* to that and then steadily add 1* every hour for who knows how long. I think to myself, "Gee, this seems too familiar". The AC unit might be fixed outside of my shitty little apartment, but can you tell my why I wake up to hear the vent sucking on water. Hmmm... lets remove the panel and have a look, shall we.

That creamy nougat looking center ain't part of a candy bar. It's an all too familiar 2" thick sheet of ice that has formed over the intake vent on my AC unit. When the AC unit can't suck in air guess what happens to the temperature. This is the same god damn fucking problem I had before. (yeah I'm gonna curse a lot... I'm hot, I'm sweating, I'm tired and I'm pissed.) The piping that goes behind the vent grate is leaking water. This water gets trapped and then frozen. It can't suck air in and the unit outside burns itself out. People think the outside unit is the proplem though. Same old story. Looks like nothing was really fixed at all. What a surprise. I told them the entire interior unit needed to be replaced because it leaked water. How quotidian this all is. How quotidian indeed.
Huhhhhh... well at least I had a pleasant weekend. Who knows how long this place this going to remain a sweltering hell hole again. Gotta go strip the bed and wash. Damnit this is frustrating. This is the last thing I wanted to worry about this morning... I'm supposed to be asleep dreaming right now. Instead, I'm filling todays post full of bullshit I didn't want here at all this week. Something out there is conspiring against me and I don’t know the reason why, but it seems to enjoy making me suffer in hot conditions. FUCK!! Boy, I am not going to be in a good mood today... I can already tell. And I’m a really nice guy too. FUCK!! Maybe I'll get a hotel room.. they stay nice and cool. If something breaks you get a different room.

JULY 26, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 20 (postcard)
LUDWIG - Lux Pink (postcard)

Monday, July 25, 2005

On Mondays, Big Collared Shirts Work Best In The Corporate World

Blue Jugheads: The Anti-Situational Comedy and Tragedy

Situations deal with the conditions or positions in which you find yourself. Comedies deal with humorousness incidents or a series of incidents. Tragedies deal with events resulting in great loss and misfortune.

The Blue Jughead series asks the question — What happens when the environment you inhabit is replaced with a plenary void? How does one act and react when totally immersed in an anti-environment? How does the outside viewer interpret our actions and is it fair to add conjecture to situations that contain no evidence as to their true condition or position? Is it the actions of the individual or the conjecture of the viewer that can allow us to view the situation as a comedy or a tragedy? And finally, can we ever truly understand the conditions and positions of the individual or does this lack of environment and the viewers conjecture open this figures reality to it's entire gambit.

"What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning." - Werner Heisenberg

"First they told us the world was flat. Then they told us it was round. Now they are telling us it isn't even there!" - Irving Oyle

"By the act of observation we have selected a 'real' history out of the many realities, and once someone has seen a tree in our world it stays there even when nobody is looking at it." - John Gribbin

There is no logical necessity for believing in one universe any more than there is for believing that Earth is the center of existence. Another interpretation of quantum physics is known as the Many Worlds interpretation. This interpretation preserves Einstein's realism with a vengeance.

Recall the experiment attempting to prove that single particles of light pass through only one channel. The result of detecting only one whole unit of energy at detector A or B was consistent with this interpretation. This interpretation was not, however, consistent with the outcome of the experiment with totally reflecting mirrors replacing detectors A and B. The Schrodinger equation depicts waves of some sort passing through both channels, and the experiment with totally reflecting mirrors demonstrates that light, as a wave that splits into two waves, is in both channels. According to the Many Worlds interpretation, there is a simple, but shocking, explanation for the final result. The Schrodinger equation depicts the radiation in both channels as real; the reason we only observe it at one detector or the other is because when a measurement is made, the world splits into two equally real worlds! When the radiation is detected at A, it has also been detected at B. We do not detect it at B because B is an event taking place in another world.

According to this interpretation, all the possibilities delineated by the Schrodinger equation are real. In making an observation of a particular possibility, we are not collapsing a wave packet or creating a reality from a number of possibilities. Rather, like a road with many forks, we are choosing a world to travel on from many possible worlds. All the alternate worlds are paths in hyperspace; they are equally real, but we are forever cut off from them. In every observation we are choosing a branch of reality. If the Copenhagen interpretation implies that nothing is real independent of observation, then the Many Worlds interpretation implies that everything is real. We do not create a universe with an act of observation; we choose a universe that is already there as a possible path.

So with the fact everything is an observable possibility and that all paths exist, it is only fitting to remove the character from his situations — the act of painting out. Thus, removing the environment allows us to open the composition of the work to the Many Worlds interpretation. The character himself does not necessarily change, he will only appear to change when we add conjecture or observation to what his physical actions seen to relate to in a limitless physical realm. Thus, we create the physical world in our minds, even though the character himself is still within the plenary void of infinite world views. This is the reality we place upon the character and ourselves. This is how the comedy and tragedy of life manifest. This is the foundation of the Blue Jughead. This is the theory behind the Adds series. — Schaefer

REPLY TO [ tyler curtain ]:
Neck situation is exactly as it sounds — A situation that involves the neck... or in this case necks. Hence the title for this blog posting today.


Blue Jugheads: The Anti-Situational Comedy and Tragedy

Jughead: Conjecture and the Christ Figure

Brilliant Blue: Rationalism, Relationships to Reality and the Speed of Light

The Artist: Method, Madness & the Mundane

Conceptualism v. Realism: An Anti-Stuckist Argument

Iggy Pop — FUNTIME

Fun - Hey baby we like your lips
Fun - Hey baby we like your pants
All aboard for funtime
Fun - Hey, I feel lucky tonight
Fun - I'm gonna get stoned and run around
All aboard for a funtime
Fun - Last night I was down in the lab
Fun - Talkin' to Dracula and his crew
All aboard for funtime
Fun - I don't need no heavy trips
Fun - I just do what I want to do
All aboard for funtime
Fun - Baby baby we like your lips
Fun - Baby baby we like your pants
All aboard for funtime
Fun - Everybody we want in
We want some we want some
All aboard for funtime
Fun - Baby baby we like your lips
Fun - Baby baby we like your pants
All aboard for funtime

JULY 25, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 19 (postcard)

Sunday, July 24, 2005

So Tell Me A Story

Completed the final clean up to the underpainting of 'Dance-Dance-Dance' this afternoon. I'm also really happy to say I've finished all final edits on the 3 figures for the main section of the compostion. The next step will be transfering the images to the structure and then painting them. I think that instead of painting them fully, as I did the large Richie Rich work, I'll do this with automotive pinstriping paint. I want a nice clean rich thick line for these drawings. I don't want to fill the negative space with color... instead I'll let the backgrounds show through.
Headed over to pick up Steph to go to Mondo Movie night at the drive-in with Kanka and Blackmon. Blaxplotation nite!!! Can't wait, these films are gonna rock. We have the 1970's classic 'Cotton Comes to Harlem' directed by Ossie Davis and 1976's 'J.D.'s Revenge' directed by Arthur Marks. — He came back from the dead to possess a man's soul, make love to his woman, and get the Vengeance he craved! JD is gonna be so good!!! Marks also directed another on of my favorites ' Friday Foster' staring the queen herself, Pam Grier. It's gonna be a really fun night. NO RAIN HA HA!!!!

Waking up and getting ready for the Drive-In tonight... very excited good moveis with even better people. I'm glad that finally there is no rain in the forcast for once. I'm going to spend a good bit of time this afternoon working on some painting and other various things. Time to paint... more later.

Que votre intestin vous indique-t-il ? J'ai un sentiment que son
intestin indiquait la même chose. Oui... Je suis pour vrai, je
devrais avoir demandé à la même question de vous. Je sais le votre
pour vrai, tellement si vrai.

It's late... Went to Trader Vic's earlier in the evening, got there around 8:30pm. The bands and the girls rocked as is their norm. The drinks were good as is the norm. Now... I've just walked in the door and although now I feel like I have a sudden burst of energy for no apparant reason, I know I need to get some Z's. Yeah... it's really late... mother always said never kiss and tell, so I won't. But I will say again that i'm sorry about the neck situation... can't help myself.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Now I Don't Mind... A Blood Bath. When I've Got Oil... On My Breeth

Headed over to Kanka's to hang out and work on my drawings, More later

This painting is looking great... just great!!!

adj : marked by foolish or unreasoning fondness; "she was crazy about him"; "gaga over the rock group's new album"; "he was infatuated with her" [syn: crazy, dotty, gaga, infatuated, in love, smitten, soft on(p), taken with(p)]

100% complete under-painting of Spin & Gin Blue Jughead work.... yeah it took a while and now I'm tired.. later.

(NOTE TO READERS: The following is an email sent recant an emails former remark)


Strike the word EMULATE from previous mailing and the record... it's a horrible word and categorically the wrong word.

v 1: strive to equal or match, especially by imitating; "He is emulating the skating skills of his older sister" 2: imitate the function of (another system), as by modifying the hardware or the software 3: compete with successfully; approach or reach equality with; "This artist's drawings cannot emulate his water colors"

I'm not interested in matching or equaling anything other artists have done. The word I really would like to insert in place of it is IMBIBE.

v 1: take in, also metaphorically; "The sponge absorbs water well"; "She drew strength from the minister's words" [syn: absorb, suck, soak up, sop up, suck up, draw, take in, take up] 2: take (gas, light or heat) into a solution [syn: assimilate] 3: take in liquids; "The patient must drink several liters each day"; "The children like to drink soda" [syn: drink] 4: receive into the mind and retain; "Imbibe ethical principle.

Sorry that this is such a strange email, but at this point in my life (and after a few drinks) I have become very particular in the choice of words I use... especially when in relation to other artists and myself. (What a bore this message is and yes I'm a mad man... but I had to correct this).

NITE - Tom

P.S. I must post this to the blog for posterity sake... sorry

JULY 23, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 19 (postcard)

Friday, July 22, 2005

I'm Takin' Yer Neighbor On A Fuckin' Joy Ride

Just talked with Barker on the phone briefly... his title edit 'Black Betty' and explaination is forcing me to look at that series of cards in a whole different light.

Just got back to my house and in my mailbox was Barker's edited first draft of our book (his half). I'm anxious to see what kind of edits he has. I began to outline a forward for the book about him a few days ago, he in tern is doing the same for me. It'll be refreshing to see the titles he chose for his works as well as any other comments he has added. I'm sure they will help guide me more in my writing about him. The book itself is still ever growing and will have another 60+ pages being added to it in the next week or so. So I'm gonna sit back with a glass of single-malt and dig in.

Just got off the phone with Unisourse and have made the decision — Japan. I conclude it to be the best option. On a sad note, Unisourse let some people go and one of them was my contact for the show... I'm sure she'll find something really cool to do though. As for the show, I have a new contact and was assured that it was still on, although it might get pushed a week or two back from the original date (more time to design).
Been sittting at the office all day long translating and reformating a project into French and Spanish... what a joy that is. Sat around all day yesterday translating a killer poster I'm doing into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. Yikes!
Counting the minutes till I can get home... haven't had a drink all week (was on the verge of a cold) so I'll treat myself tonight to something. Have lots of painting to do and everything else that goes with it.

"There is a thin line separating brilliance from madness. One must unceasingly reacquaint themselves with its' terrain" — Schaefer

Well just as I predicted I'm at about the 60%-65% point with the first stage of the Spin & Gin V work. Tonight I should have the entire under-painting complete. The next stage will be the delicate transfer of my Jughead dance illustrations, which after looking at for a few days I'm not too happy with them, so I'm gonna have to rework them some more. I plan to transfer then in the same fashion I did the Richie Rich 'Concomitant Pantomime' work... fortunatly for me the drawing I have to transfer aren't as gigantic as those were. Each of the three dancing Jugheads are about 10" tall, so the transfer work will go fast. I'm going to have to hit Pearl Arts again and grab a few new brushes this afternoon to do the fine line work on each of the figures. The next step will be to add the matte and poly-gloss finishes and then it's on to the lighting. As I was sitting tonight painting, I had 'Blue Velvet' playing in the background and as Ben was doing his rendition of Candy Colored Clown, I had the crazy notion that I should put speakers that pump out music inside of this painting as well — but I'm going to have to think about that one. (What song?).
Headed to sleep in my finally nice 73* aboad... even though abode isn't the right word anymore since I'll be out so so soon. Thank god it's friday already... damn what a week. Fortunatly, for the most part, things have been going my way.

JULY 22, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 18 (postcard)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Marking the Legs with Pirana Teeth

Just finished watching an absolutly fascinating film, just facinating. 'Tigrero: A Film That Was Never Made'. The film follows one of my favorite directors Sam Fuller, as he and Jim Jarmusch travel into Brazil's Mato Grosso, up the River Araguaia to the village of Santa Isabel Do Morro, where about forty years earlier Fuller arrived to concept and scout for a film about tigrero, a jaguar hunter. At one point in the film Fuller shows the original footage he shot of the village to it's current inhabitants. The faces the people wear when they recognize friends and family is utterly compelling. For me the most touching moment in the film is when Fuller guides Jarmusch around the village recanting old memories, as he holds him by the arm, leding him from one area to another. The variance of the two directors was also very striking to me, Fuller, 81, in his losely buttoned kabana shirt, smoking his distinguished huge cigars — Jarmusch, 40, wearing a classic Ramones t-shirt, smoking his archetypal unfiltered Lucky Strikes. While the difference in appearance between the two men is indeed arresting, the friendship and mutual admiration these two exhibit is even more evident. It's a rare thing to find two men so differnet and yet so much the same person. This film is a true gem, especially considering Fuller died four years later.

I was up into the late hours last night working on the Blue Jughead work for Spin & Gin V. I'd say that I'm about 35% complete and by the end of tonight I'll probably be at least 60% there. The real trick is going to be the lighting mechanism that I plan to install in the work. I'm still torn as to whether I want to create a complex electrical system that allows the lights to flash on and off or if they will remain constantly lite. Time dictating and my modest electrical skills will be put to the test. I'm not sure if I can create a circuit that will do what I want but I'll be referencing my electrical engineering books from the 50's (sticking to basics) and taking my typical trial and error method before I solder together some nightmare of fire and smoke. I'm sure it will work out. In my past 2 attempts at adding light sources to my paintings I failed, but only because the light source was enclosed within the work. The heat would build up and the lights would short. This time the lights encompass the exterior, so finally I have something on my side.
Back to painting... more later.

JULY 21, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 17 (postcard)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Art — Malignant Neoplastic Disease

REPLY to Contrite Kid:
Don't worry my friend... I had a ghost writer for most of that overly embellished post anyways. No harm - No foul - No apology necessary. "it was all a blur"... so true.

Refined? How do you mean? We may differ on a point, which may be why we get along so differently. How about that. I believe in raw passion and raw emotion. That's why I'm drinking tequila and beer at nearly 2 a.m. and writing this e-mail. I think that one, especially an artist, should't discount the impact of raw emotion and passion over artistic endeavors which ever movement one might be involved in. It's truley been the beacon in the night that's kept me near but away from rocky shores. Ha ... that is certianly apart of Retro-consumerism. Trust me brother. It's the question of "What side of the tracks do you claim to be from?" I don't know about Atl, but the DFW is prime ground for that kind of shit ... more tequila holdasec... all right where were we? Yes, don't discount raw primal emotion. Shit is what kept stupid-crazy-smart-ass Ray Johnson going. Idea wise he never thought for a second. However, he didn't drink as much as we do.

So —refined. What I was trying to impart by that reference is the idea that the work generated (at least for me) has a highly classical method about it. Meaning that the approach and method attached to the production of the work, yes, follows the primal emotion that the true artist has inside, but it's more than that. I'm pulling it all back to the initial logistics of consumer goods we find in the market place and the lengthy drawn-out processes they endure to produce that said product. Most consumer goods take months if not years to move from conception to placement in the market place. Countless people work to refine that product to it's most perfect base.
So with this in mind, if you take the 2004 Fluoride series that I've produced and trace it's steps all the way back to it's inception, to when I actually began production, there is a 6 month period I underwent, that was based on scrupulous reworking of concepts, trial and error, and consumer feedback, until I reached the point where I was ready to produce the product.
But as I stated before, (you are absolutely correct) there is also the refined side where we do deal with the primal emotion and that is evident in the other set of Retro works I've done — the Donuts. These works are not based on any of the clinical methods that the Fluorides are. They rely on raw emotional attachment all at once to the consumer goods, regardless of irregularities and imperfections. They feed on the refined sense of the artists mind to know what he likes and dislikes. The Fluorides are the refined side of the artists mind as the producer of the goods. He must recognize his likes and dislikes, but also consummate the method of production, so that the artists product not only equals, but exceeds the original.
In terms of charming, the work functions in two of charms not so obvious realms. The first and most obvious, the realm of attractiveness through tastefulness and pleasantries. The second and often over-sighted notion of attractiveness through stimulation. This means that the work could be hideous and highly objectionable to the viewer, but in causing this reaction, we create that attractiveness through stimulation. Whether positive or negative, both are charmers.
Finally on quixotic. This has been a word I've been using a lot lately to describe almost my entire body of work, even outside of the Retro works. I find that most of my works in the past 8 - 10 years have had a very lofty romantic perception placed onto them. Even with this highly classical sensibility, they all are quite on purpose "foolishly impractical especially in the pursuit of ideals" that dictate the modern bourgeois' perception of art. The work I produce is highly impulsive and ever burgeoning for no apparent reason, other than to produce more work (or product to be, when deemed approved, placed in said market place). It's like a cancer that continues to spread throughout my life. And although most see cancer as a ghastly disease, I often look at it as a highly intimate romantic notion, because after all romance is only relationship between two lovers, and what is it they say about lovers in the heat of passion — two bodies in cadence as one. That's the way I view my work. I've often told people who ask why I don't work in a studio with the simple explanation that my art is about a living experience. My art and my life are the same thing and can not be separated by a studio space 30 or even 5 minutes away from where I live. I have to live with my work and let it talk to me and spread over me like a cancer.

JULY 20, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 16 (postcard)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Il Giallo — Bava Style

The act of the artist as consumer as artist recycling, repurposing and reconnecting consumed goods into carefully controlled systems, in order to generate new consumer goods that are all at once refined, charming and quixotic. —— Schaefer

Sitting at home cranking away at my Blue Jughead triptych... Super 77 is all over my arms OUCH!! Also finshed placing the backing materials on the Blue Jughead 'Dance-Dance-Dance' for Spin & Gin V. Gonna get back at it and write some more later. Also watching the classic Scorsese flic 'Who's That Knocking At My Door'... Keitel is supurb in this film, one of his first and my favorite performance behind 'Mean Streets'.

—— "God damn Tom... it's late. What the hell could you be doing at this hour?"
—— "Not much, you know... it's really hot here and I can't sleep as usual. Besides, there is always interesting late night email to read."
— "Ohh really?"
— "Most Surely."

So I was also watching some classic Mario Bava films earlier.. umm tonight... err on the recent post (damn this late night stuff is confusing.. yes.. glad you add time codes.. yess, me too) —— anyways and so, I was thinking about the dress again. This damn dress is going to kill me, I thought in my head. And then all of a sudden it hit me like a... ahh... well something big, Anyways, so I say, damn this dress is going to kill me and my brain goes — —BING!

Kill Me = Horror
Horror = Mario Bava
Mario Bava = Italy
Italy = Dress Country Concept
Dress = Horror

I know that at this hour it doesn't make sence and I don't want to do some stupic dress with blood all over it because it's a totally contrived and third grade idea, also I can't, it's against the rules (paper only with no printing, painting, drawing on it)... but I still know this is a valid equation and can have some merit. Just not sure how right now. Hmmmm.... Well still can't sleep gonna cruise the net and see if I can fill my head with more Bava than I already know.

No No No No No No No... Bava is just all wrong... but something feels right. Grrrrr —— DAMN YOU UNISOURSE!!! YOU ARE HURTING MY HEAD WITH YOUR RULES... TOO SIMPLE!! I'd say I'd sleep on it, but I can't.

OK so instead of starting with Bava I decided to do some research on the history of Italian fashion... which of course is lengthy... duhh. So in short the following is my new homework for Itailan dress design.

JULY 19, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 15 (postcard)

Monday, July 18, 2005

Follow Me Men — Fortunatly No One Followed

Just got finished taking my second cold shower tonight. Now normally I have only taken cold showers in the past when I'd just broke up with a girl or got stood up with a girl or was told to cool it by a girl (none true). However today is an exception to that rule... well actually the past 20 days have been an exception. I have no AC. I have called the renters to fix it and they told me 2 days on the 4th... I called days after that and they said they had to order a part... I called days after that and they said they had 5 other cases like this and they were getting to me. At this point in time I'm used to dealing with the fluctuating 81° to 92° temps I've been enduring in this small soon to be forgotten apartment of mine. Today is the record... when I entered my home today the temp was at 92° (that's at 6pm) I know for a fact it was hotter during the day. Now many of you might wonder why I'm content to deal with sweating out 3 gallons of water between 6pm and 5am or drinking more than 3 gallons of water between 6pm and 1am each night or why, although I try to compel them from visiting, constantly apologizing to the few guest I have about the heat or why I don't care anymore about washing my soak'n bed sheets every morning or having to take cold showers instead of hot. Well it's simple... it's all based on determination, punishment, but most of all the precedent. I hope that my AC does not get fixed within this, my second to last month of renting, because after all the crap I've dealt with here for the past five years — faulty wiring (a better word would be lemon wiring) that has cost my thousands of dollars in high price computers and stereo electrical equipment (not to mention light bulbs blowing out seconds after they are replaced), cocky asshole thug children running all over the place, a corpulent women stomping above me all night long and a shit of a woman who screams at her 2 year old below at all hours of the night — I am finally entitled to a month were I ain't gonna pay this place shit. And if the AC isn't fixed by moving day... ha... they are going to be paying me. It'll be nice to have a cool $700 dollar in my pocket next month to buy a new stereo receiver and DVD player for my new (fully functional and mine) home. I fell that at least i'll be able to replace some of the items that got killed by the fucked up electrical this place has... even though I've shelled out around $6,000+ to replac knocked out equipment along the way. Anyways just thought I'd write about that to fatten up the blog a bit. Ohh for those who wonder it is currently 86* in my place right now and not dropping. Humidity is a bitch ain't it.

So what the hell have I really been doing today outside of complaining about how stupid some people at my workplace can be... it's called a die-cut folks... what's not to understand!! Well, I completed the three main character drawings for my Blue Jughead piece for Spin & Gin V. They look really cool... totally a Jughead dance... I suppose I'll have to learn the moves to perform at the show. So while I was doing that, I also began to pull lots of reference materials for my dress. I wasn't pulling fashion photos, but pattern and animal reference. I'm seriously leaning toward doing a really nice dress with a Japanese theme... It'll be good.. the other way I'm leaning is Italy, just so I can get away with a sexy cut, but I suppose Japan could do that too. The question to me becomes, do I want to create a dress based on this societies modern culture or past. In the case of Japan I could totally do the Otaku culture. Otaku is a variety of geek or an overly obsessed fanboy/fangirl, specializing in anime and manga. People are obsessed with it in Japan.. I mean just look at these amazing outfits —

This is an everyday sight in Japan. So now that I've realized this (this is why I write the blog — to better conceive and ingurgitate all the ideas that are floating in my head), I'm going to have to start pulling materials to reference this concept as well. Personally I still like the romantic side of the ancient culture of Japan... but there is definitely something shocking and tasty about the modern. Both could have brilliant visual and practical applications applied to them. Now on the other hand the problem and challenge with doing an Otaku piece will be it's lack of color. This is one advantage ancient culture will have on it's side — ornateness & elegance. Now an interesting twist could be to do a double functioning dress.. one that on the initial walk to the front of stage could appear to be ancient, but could be torn away to reveal the modern... or maybe even an ancient cut with modern symbology. I'll have to see what my model will fell more comfortable doing.
I talked with Blackmon and she says she knows a few folks that can do hair and make-up, that's a start but I'll keep looking too. I knida have an idea of what the make-up will comprise of (might need some hand done white grease paint details by me), but for hair it's good to have someone. Unfortunately there is no payment for any of this, but I do promise to buy drinks for all. As for models I'm still at a lose. Most of the people who I knew as models I'm not in contact with anymore and there really aren't many options at all in the ever smaller (smirk) circle of friends I have. So I'm gonna climb out on a limb and go to some outside channels of people I've met, who would in all seriousness, be more than up to at the task. So we'll see if I have enough charm to get'm to work with me. I don't see why not.

If you are interested in Otaku culture you should check out the cool book I referenced my pictures today from. It's called Fruits, by Shoichi Aoki. Fruits is a collection of Tokyo street fashion portraits from Japan’s premier street fanzine of the same name. ‘Fruits’ was established in 1994, by photographer Shoichi Aoki, initially as a project to document the growing explosion in street fashion within the suburbs of Tokyo. Over the last five years, the magazine has grown to cult status and is now avidly followed by thousands of Japanese teenagers who also use the magazine as an opportunity to check out the latest styles and trends. The average age of the kids featured in the magazine is between 12 and 18, and the clothes that they wear are a mixture of high fashion – Vivienne Westwood is a keen favourite – and home-made ensembles which when combined create a novel, if not hysterical, effect. This extensive collection of portraits represents a unique documentation of the changing face of street fashion throughout the last decade. Colourful, fascinating and funny, this is the first time these cult images have been published outside Japan. Published by Phaidon Press.

An email recieved by my friend yesterday. So... what the hell is this all about... seriously... what the hell is this all about —

if you talk to tom, please tell him that i'm so sorry for the oversight,
i should have thought of this prior...if given enough time, chicken could actually be substituted for the contact layer, of course.......After some thought, i realized this would probably be much more appealing to him (conducive, etc...)....considering his personal tastes and all........I think the chicken neck would work rather nicely as an inner layer; however, we would still need to wrap this with a nice thick outer layer of liver...the liver creates more substance and is actually the heart of the experience....the chicken neck would provide the mental tittilation you need and the liver slab would would be a true friend....indeed
please pass along to him, as well, that i would also need a girth measurement for the incoming well as any particular "leanings or bends"...length is also hepful.....the more information ...the more customized the box will be....
.....All boxes are handmade, dovetailed construction, in your choice of several finishes...i pre picked cherry for you....
......"As the owner of a liver box, you can have the "big house" experience in any little pink house across america..."

People are really demented. Others are just plain mental. I'm pretty sure this one has a screw loose.

Spent most of yesterday rushing around town taking care of the typical bullshit a man has to take care of... namely returning stuff to Radio Shack. Hung out at Kanka's and cut and built the frame structure for my piece I'm showing at Spin & Gin V. It's 48" x 14" and 4" deep. I've decided that I'm going to add some lights to the work... should be really fun. Spent the rest of the evening drawing my three large Jugheads for the work — Dance Dance Dance.

JULY 18, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 14 (postcard)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Frank Olive Were The Hell Are You — 1995 First Retroconsumerist Conversations

College — SCAD — first quarter freshman year... Schaefer and Olive begin in depth converstions about the current state of art. New concepts and idioms in the arts are conceived, among them Annihilationism, Abandonism, Noughtism and Retroconsumerism. These topics are discussed late into the nights at great length.
Before the first quarter ends, Schaefer and Olive have decided they are bothered and disconcerted with the ciriculum and student body SCAD has to offer. Both artists agree they need to go to schools that will stimulate their intelects. Both attempt to reapply to schools in which they were accepted but turned down. Schaefer reapplies to the Cooper Union in New York City. Olive reapplies to UMASS. Schaefer this time is rejected and remains at SCAD while Olive leaves for the second quarter at UMASS.
Neither see each other again and the revolutionary discussions they engaged in thus cease.

Now the king told the boogy man
You''ll have to let that dragon drown

I know that I don't love you but I tell you that I do
But I only buy you flowers if I want something from you
You say that if you'll leave me it will put me on a shelf
But I don't need you girl
I just need myself
I just need myself

You trust in all my lies
You believe me when I see
That I'll be with you forever
So you let me have my way
I say "you can be my baby"
And I'll lavish you with wealth
But I'll make it that I leave you
'Cause I just need myself.
I just need myself
I just need


FRANK OLIVE INK DRAWING 1995 (Interactive Portfolio 1.1) — SCHAEFER
FRANK OLIVE INK DRAWING 1995 (Interactive Portfolio 1.1) — SCHAEFER

Saturday, July 16, 2005

"Sax Man — Sex Man — Sex God" - Bill Pullman on Lost Highway

Spent the better part of this afternoon creating nice little give-aways for the Spin & Gin show... will surely need to make more, I think they'll be really hot. Started cutting a fabric pattern for a Jughead crown I'm making for myself to wear to the show. I'll have to hit the fabric store sometime next week and see if I can find myself some good grey material... maybe felt would be the best ticket.


- He got his name, Forsythe Pendleton Jones, from an uncle who fought in the Revolutionary War. (Schaefer's middle name is Arthur... he got that name from his Grandfather)
- Jughead's parents are Timothy and Gladys Jones. (Schaefer's parents are Jim and Daryl Schaefer)
- Jughead's sister is known as Jellybean, because she was born in a traffic jam caused by a hijacked jellybean truck. (Schaefer has no sister, but was born in a blizzard)
- Jughead has had his dog, Hot Dog, since he was Little Jughead. (Schaefer's family has always had dogs... Schaefer dislikes them)
- Jughead has a special pin for his beanie that if worn attracts females like magic. (so does Schaefer)
- The reason why Jughead doesn't like girls? He had a childhood sweetheart named Joani Jumpp, and when they were 6, Jughead's family moved to Riverdale, and had to leave Joani behind. Determined not to go through the heartbreak again, he swore off girls. (Schaefer doesn't like good girls... just the bad ones)
- Jughead's first kiss was given to him by Joani Jumpp when she came to Riverdale to surprise Jughead. (Schaefer's first kiss was given to him durning a round of spin the bottle... the girl punched him after the kiss)
- Jughead wears a grey beanie in Little Archie and as a teenager, but in the New Archies, his beanie is pink! (Schaefer is sewing his own grey beanie)
- Jughead is anti-work, but he has held jobs at Pop Tate's and volunteers to be a clown at a local children's hospital. (Schaefer is anti-work as well... but he has to make money to buy paint somehow... he has also been called a clown in public places)
- Jughead never got a school letter, but Hot Dog did for being the team mascot for all Riverdale High teams. (Schaefer got a school letter.. but he doesn't like to say why)
- To this day, the letter "S" on Jughead's sweatshirt is the biggest secret that Archie Comics has ever kept. It was almost revealled in Jughead #1, but at the last moment kept under wraps. (We know the S is for Schaefer)
- Jughead plays the drums for the Archies. (Schaefer plays drums too)

I want to be just like Jughead. I think his lifestyle choices are the best. However I do have one puzzeling question about the man. Why did he give up girls? There's nothing wrong with them. Why would he do this?

Thanks — Jughead Junkie

Dear Jughead Junkie,
It seems that from the very start, in his very first appearance in PEP COMICS #22, Jughead hasn't had much interest in girls. How could he even have time? There's too much food to eat and too many naps to take! Be that as it may, Jughead has had more than his fair share or run-in's with the fair (and not-so-fair) maidens...
One of the first was Ophelia, who terrorized Jughead in the 1940s. Later, Ophelia evolved into Big Ethel, who was forever chasing Jughead despite the fact that he was unreceptive to her attentions! But there were a few girls that Jughead took seriously-- some he even dated for a time!
The most famous would have to be Joani and Debbie. This duo provided Jughead with his own Betty/Veronica-type love triangle, and was the result of Jughead donning a new beanie that made him irresistible to women! It was also introduced during a time when the Archie editors thought they should try something new with Jughead. While there were some readers who really enjoyed these stories, the overwhelming public demand was that Jughead return to his old ways.
Jughead did try his hand at romance a few years later, albeit in a slightly different continuity, in the JUGHEAD'S TIME POLICE series. In this adventure- oriented comic, Jughead traversed space and time -- and in the process, met up with Archie's future ancestor, pretty January McAndrews. This was an interesting romance, but the comic didn't have enough of a following to keep going, so it was nixed.
Last but not least, one of Jughead's most harrowing encounters with love and females was in the Trula Twist saga, but Jughead somehow made it out of that one with his personality intact!
If I had to pick a mate for Jughead, though, I'd go with Veronica. If Jughead could ever open his eyelids wide and long enough to actually notice Veronica, he'd see that she was the hottest brunette in all the land.

Thanks -

OK... just finished painting the first panel of the Blue Jughead triptych.. now I'm bored.. watching the most charming film about run-away children 'The Happy Road' - 1957... really good found myself laffin' aloud several times.

My Dear Ingrid... you are so right—
Hearts' are never broken, they only bruise.
The trouble is, they take too much time to heal.

I'm still awake on this glorious saturday morning... painting out the first panel of my Blue Jughead triptych — I'll definitly be out of Brillaint Blue tonight... err this morning. Just finished watching a great cast in 'The Yellow Rolls-Royce' from 1964.. I know I've said that anything 60's and beyond isn't that good, but this film... well it's good. Although I have to agree with the critics, the casting is great, but the characters they portray are such a contradiction to their true personalities... except though, my girl Ingrid.. she is always brilliant. I have fallen in love with her yet again tonight... I think I fall in love with her every time I see her. It's just something in me... when I see a brilliant woman, I know it and I'm smitten immediatly. That's who I am.



In this performance, for yet another Newman epic, Schaefer cuts neon orange carrots in a pink kitchen, argues with his half-brother about why he doesn't have a job, and waxes poetically (ala Dennis Hooper from 'River's Edge') about things that are his friend.

"You're my friend... You're my friend? You're my friend? You're my fucking friend? "

Ohh and he smashes a mirror with a saxophone. Schaefer actually played saxophone for 10 years of his life, and is a real bad ass on it (if I do say so myself.. ohh I just did), but in his older age, Schaefer hasn't seen an opportunity to exploit that fact.


Here the boys are setting up for another shoot — working on the lighting. Kimball, the cinematographer for this piece, had issues with having to act and film at the same time. Come on Blake... you were meant for the part... get over it. We still love you. Again... Newman creates another electrifing 20th Century noir epigrammatic flic.

And yeah... 'Lost Highway' is the shit.. David Lynch & Barry Gifford - nuff said.

JULY 16, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 13 (postcard)

Friday, July 15, 2005

Urge To Splurge — I Really Enjoy These Hot & Heavey Flings With Myself

Death of the Honorable, Trustworthy & Courtious Scout


Met with the people from Unisource today to discuss the terms and conditions of thier Paper Fashion Show. This show will be the first in Atlanta, but it has been done the past 4 years in Miami. They brought some samples from past shows for me to see and I was just simply blown away. You have no idea how amazing and complex some of these past dresses are... truely beautiful pieces. Everything that goes on the model must be made of paper - dress & accesories.
I must admit I am a little concerned with deveopling something spectactular for this show, but as it stands now I know I'll pull it off because of the people I'll be working with. As I've stated in a previous post, each designer is paired with a paper mill. I'm very pleased to say I was able to choose the mill I will use (drumroll please)... I've choosen a paper I've used several times and a mill I've visited — Monadnock, you are the one. I have so much respect for this companies history and environmental standards, not to mention the product they produce... it's just the best paper. I'll be using Astrolite Silk for the entire project... this is a paper I've used and trust. It is the smoothest and most highly-refined paper on the market, it's just wonderful. I'm very happy to have gotten Monadnock because the original plan in my mind for this dress was exclusivly based on white. No color.. none. I want to find a way to let the cut and patterning of the paper add dimension to the dress, instead of having to rely on color to create a forced design.
Now the interesting point to this show is that I have to find my own model. I'm gonna have to think really long and hard about this one. As most of you know, I like to give a good show, so I can't use someone with zero presence when they are in front of a croud. I'm sure I'll figure something out before then end of the week. Also I need to find a hair stylist and a make-up artist. If any of my readers out there think they fit this bill let me know... I'll only be able to pull this off and create the best looking piece at the show with a good support team.

Back to the details of the show — I'll let you read a bit of the letter I got and then I'll give you some details for the show.

Dear Tom,

First let me take this opportunity to thank you for your support of Unisource! Your specifications make it possible to reach out to the design community in so many ways. This fall, we hope to showcase Unisource to creatives in a truely unique way! The specification team are planning a paper fashion show. The date is set for October 27, 2005 from 5pm - 9pm. The theme for this event will be 'Fashion Around the World'.
The concept of this paper fashion show is simply creating clothing fashions made from paper! Twelve of Atlanta's top designers are being asked to design and produce wearable art. The culmination of the designs will be displayed by models strutting down a custom built catwalk in the show at our world headquarters.
We repectfully request your participation in this event.

Pretty nice letter I thought... didn't know I was one of Atlantas top designers. Thanks for the props folks. The show itself will be huge... a 30ft elevated catwalk complete with lighting, crouds and paparazzi drapped all along the side. From what they were telling me, the croud will be the best of the best from the ATL arts community, the big to-dos from around town and several news and media outlets. Of course I had to ask what you will all be asking me, so I'll tell you now, yes. Yes they will have all sorts of tastey drinks there — lots of them, the food will be theme based — the countries we artists choose (I'll pick a good one don't worry). So this event will be killer... I need to start pulling together my team and my thoughts. I have a dress and special paper suit for myself to make for this event. I can't walk around with my sexy model letting her have all the fun. Can you say busy bee... yeah thats me. New works for Spin & Gin V as well as some fashion. This is going to be a hell-of-a busy year still... good. Ohh yeah and a new house to boot... damn.

— Schaefer

Had the devilish conviction to go get a tattoo yesterday... then I remembered why I only have one... it costs money... and the one I have, I gave myself at the age of 8. Cruised right by the shop on my way to photograph tombstones — needed marble for a website I'm doing for this law firm. What's funny is that I had my sketchbook on me that has my tattoo designs' in it... so I came really close — but hit the gas petal when I remembered I have a new home to buy things for. I think after the house is built I'll get the one I was thinking about or maybe I'll add another piece of retroconsumerised jewelry that can't be removed ( I presently wear three , all based on provocative life events). Ohh the tat you ask — It's a big black & red tat that goes on my back. It's a medical diagram of a heart I designed with a 77 emblazoned in the center. What does it mean... simple — I was born on Valentines Day in 77' and for the first half of my life I wanted to be a medical illustrator, until I found I had to do 10 years of college to become a doctor to become a painter. Of course now, in my old age (ha), I really want to go back to school — mainly to study medicine, biology, physics and math. Sorry... I'm strange in my old age.

I - want you back - again
I - want your love - again
I know you find it hard - to reason with me
But this time it's different - darling you'll see
You gotta - tell me you're comin' back to me
You gotta - tell me you're comin' back to me
You gotta - tell me you're comin' back to me
You gotta - tell me you're comin' back to me

I love the early Stones'... I do want them back again. Today's Stone's are dead in my mind. However... one of my all time favorite scenes from cinema involves this song — 'Mean Streets', one of my covetousness Top 10 films of all time. I really think this is Scorseses' best. It's one of the first films I owned and aside from Hitchcocks 'Notorious', it is the second most watched film in my house (sorry Harvey... Ingrid has my heart and I long to be as ubiquitous as Cary).

The way sunlight flirts across your skirt
Makes me feel like I'm from another world
To touch your face in the morning light
I hope you're always gonna be around

The times I struggle to understand why
The ancient proverbs like who am I
Why am I here and what have I done
I see the answers - place my trust in you

The Jam, The Jam, The Jam... why is it that no one I know listens to The Jam. What is wrong with this world. If I could find someone who enjoyed The Jam as much as I did I think I'd be set for life. Ohh well... thanks cuz... you always know 'that which is supurb'.

But this is just yesterday.. more from today July 15th, later. (I need to stop writing these at midnight.. what am I gonna say about the new day at this hour — 'Boy I sure hope my bed sheets are cool... I think not.)

STRANGE NEWS — I had 383 unique hits and 1,128 downloads to my blog yesterday... I hope people removed the site from their bookmarks after they listened to the music. That is the biggest day the blog has ever had. Usually we average about 82+ individual viewers a day. I guess they have friends now. Of course come to think of it, I only know of 2 people that read my blog daily... well 3, but critics don't count... and another person who was a bit of a comment junkie earlier this week. So 4... who the hell are the rest of you.




This photo is from the hazy dazy college years. Yep.. the ubiquitous caustic cast of Caca All Around were headed to do a performance for yet another Scott Newman production. Newman snapped this pic of me before we hit the road. Yeah, we were greasy little Italian gangsters... you gatta problem wit dat? The final footage turned out dark and smokey... just as Newman intended. I think this was Kimball's first time as Newmans' cinematographer too — or was it when we shot The Devils Laughter. Ohh well Newman knows.. be on the look out for that 'Caca All Around' double disk DVD he's been talking about. (giggle & snicker)

Degenerate Press gave an interesting viewpoint on 'War of the Worlds' today in his newsletter.

"I've read several reviews of War of the Worlds that say the film equates aliens with terrorists, sort of implying Al Qaeda in the same way W married Saddam to 9/11. Personally, I think the match is about as valid as W’s. Sure, someone asks if the alien attacks are the work of terrorists before they understand what's going on but beyond that the aliens are only a metaphor for terrorists in the way that anything violent and terrifying can be a metaphor for terrorism. Apparently none of these critics have read the original or heard the original radio play or even seen the 1953 version of the film."

It's a damn shame that people aren't in tune with things from the past. I blame MTV, Cheerios, the Owlson Twins, Budwieser, McDonalds, the Superbowl, the World Series, and AMC. Hey AMC — maybe I'd take you seriously as a movie channel if you didn't run 8 commercial breaks through your films. Now on the other hand... the only station I watch on television outside of 'Adult Swim' (ohh you didn't know they are their own thing as far as rating are concerned), is TCM. Ahh TCM I love you.
TCM consistently has the best films from particularly the 40's - 50's as well as (but who cares) classics from the 60's on up. No commercials and actually factual and absorbing hosts. TCM is not TV... it's more like a movie library I don't own yet — and I mean yet.

Anywho — check out Degenerate Press to see what is the haps' of the haps' in the big ATL and subscribe to his newsletter.

And I must say... growing up on 'The Dukes of Hazard' (day-in day-out) the Degenerate Press is spot on with his latest comments.

JULY 15, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 12 (postcard)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Skip The Introduction — Proceed To Live Function

Today I decided to do something absolutly uncalled for and all I can say is sorry. Arthur P. is Musical Retroconsumerism — but an earlier form from 2001. I was planning to post this on the September LAUNCH of the main site, but I wanted a really shitty teaser of what your in store for, so you'll be sure to stay away. I give you the albums of Arthur P. Select MP3 tracks from my... err, his records.

Spoiled Rich Girl
Punch It! Punch It Baby!

Solid Sex Lovie Doll
Destination Point
544 Camp Street

A Kim Fox Valintine
A Kim Fox Valentine
Scream & Moan

Gulf War Syndrome

Pill Poppers
Promisary Pleasure
Slip You A Pill

So anyways download these wonderful tracks and hate what you hear. Please.

— Schaefer




JULY 14, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 11 (postcard)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Titles Are For Girls To Make Up — Girls Are Gross


It's undoubtedly not Friday... but at least it's the 13th. Correspondences begin again today. Glad to be home. Life is looking sanguine.

Today is kicking my ass... it is just simply beating me down. By the way, the flat tire I had this morning isn't helping. Will need a glass of Scotch when I get home and a paint brush in my hand to cure this day. Still at work right now... have lots to talk about later.

Till the tape - batch - rolls, let me know - I'm in control.

Sitting at the house listening to the best of the best — the Gogogo Airheart'.. San Diego baby. Be sure to watch out for their new album "RATS!SING!SING!", their 5th, in September. They are the best.. what up Hash. You boys need to hit the ATL with that new shit.
Went over to the house today. It had a basic plywood roof on it and water everywhere... get to shingling folks and remove that damn fireplace please. I REMOVED IT FROM THE PLANS FOR A GOOD REASON. Standing in the garage I realized my driveway is big enough to fit 8 cars. Pretty funny. But good, because cars will never be in the garage and we all know 'How much I love cars' Yeah right. I tend to think their are a few more important things in life. Of course cars are cooler than professional sports... as we all know sports are a retarded waste of the American cultures time.
Talked with Barker this afternoon... he's gearing up for the big wedding. Barker was also very excited about a new painting he's doing with a big 'Thumper' in the composition. I'm sure he'll turn out a worthily protracted, voluminous master work. Keep it up Bark! I do need a nice piece for my new home... ha ha ha.
On the homefront (finally)... we endured a hmmm... yeah, protracted car ride in ATL traffic. This allowed me time for a lot of introspection and from it... I decided that I will have to create a totally new work to present at the Spin & Gin V exposition. After rummaging through my countless publicly concealed works I decided it best to keep them that way, until I reached a time where I felt complacent with their display.
I called Kanka on the phone and told him that I am going to do a reprisal to my action of last year. He laffed heartily and exclaimed that's why he regarded my so highly. Instead of Richie Rich, this year I'll be doing Jughead. Yeah... I've been doing Jughead paintings for about 2 years now, so I feel it is the appropriate time to get into character and hit the show as the man himself — err... at least a Schaefer'ized version of what I perceive him to be. I can't give you many details (they will remain in my head until the evening of the event), but I do guarantee that I will have tons of great artist giveaways (small & big), crazy antics and a performance worthy of my atypical repositories array. Something wonderful... no full-frontal face plants though.
So in short... Blue Jughead paintings will be on the menu at this years Spin & Gin V - — let's dance!


There are men, and there are women
Often they don't get along
I must try to get along with everyone
No matter how stupid they might be
Or how asinine their opinions are
I must learn to love everybody
Even people who are so obviously inferior to me
That they make my flesh crawl
I will get to know these people
And I will cook them a ravioli dinner
From a can I found, in Mexico City

I believe in the goodness of all mankind
I believe that the government is reading my mind
I believe there's a god who loves us all
I believe in the Beatles, except for Paul!


Ahh... my childhood was so good.

— Schaefer

JULY 13, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 10 (postcard)
BARKER - Wife Beater 01 (envelope)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Lines, Books and Bally-who

Sitting in North Carolina today, waiting on my final press check, then we are flying back home.

Now a word on the Atlanta Airport:
Yesterday I was part of what had to be the longest line for security in Atlanta history. The line was surely 3,500 strong and ran from security check - thru the typical maze roping - thru a hallway - thru the new atrium - thru a back hallway - down the hall backside of baggage claim - winding around all 8 baggage claim carousels - past every check-in counter - and finally out to the front side walk. I had an 8:31am flight. My limo service picked me up at 6:30 and my driver ran about 80mph the entire way. Arrived at the airport a little before 7:00am. I reached the gate B4 at 8:37am and missed my flight along with my other 2 cohorts and 22 other people. Yes, the plane was still sitting outside the gate, but we couldn't board. I estimate that at least 1,000 people missed flights yesterday. How do I know this, well, 90% of the people standing next to me in line had 8:00 flights... none of them made it. We caught a flight 2 hours later. So Atlanta Airport, you suck as usual, but everyone knows this.

Getting back to the real deal, the book is looking great... brilliant blues and spot on registration every time I head back to the presses to do a check. I was a bit unsure how I felt with this book, but after a day of checks yesterday I'm very pleased with my effort finally.

Got back to the hotel late last night, hit the bar and grabbed a beer. Grabbed a most interesting book of their decorative shelving (the books aren't meant to be read, just look pretty.. tut-tut). The book - 'Our Wonderland of Bureaucracy' by James M. Beck, from 1932. The book is a study on the growth of bureaucracy in the federal government and it’s destructive effect upon the constitution. First printing. Yeah, I stole it, this book didn’t deserve to collect dust, it will have a much better home with my other beauties. I stayed up and read around a 130 pages of this book. The first 60 pages compare and contrast the American bureaucratic system, 1800's thru the 1920's, to Lewis Carroll’s world from Alice In Wonderland. The parallels are fascinating and the reading was fast and intriguing. On the plane, I was reading John Gribbin’s ‘In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat – Quantum Physics and Reality’… again (love the book), but today I’ll be able to finish up this new little gem I found.

Got an email from Sheri Bedard Bannister at Spin Creative, Inc. asking if I'd like to donate a painting for their first silent auction at Spin & Gin V. I showed some of my Richie Rich series at Spin & Gin III last year, so this time around I'll have to find something really nice... a real money getter. This time I won't give everyone the performance I gave last year. Singing on stage in Richie Rich garb and then eating blacktop with the side of my face. Martini's are a hell of a drink (especially when they are free). At least when I attend this year there will be no visible scars. The show will be August 12th.. I urge everyone to come out and support Spin's great cause. The event will rock as usual. I'll post more details as I get them.

reply to: lindy_luna
Yeah, I've found I am an easy target when I get a few drinks in me. Glad to hear the show was a smash, even though everyone got smashed. Sorry I missed the finale I'm sure it was truly A Go-Go.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Early Morning Post —
Flying out to North Carolina this morning to print a book I did. Will be printing thru Wednesday.

Spent most of yesterday recovering from a moderate hang over. That Jack is a mean man and when you mix him up and turn him all red & delicious, he's double trouble. I must admit I see why I prefer single-malt over the whiskey... it's all in the ice. I also worked on painting the finer details of the Blue Jughead triptych I started the other day. I need to buy more brushes and order a jar of Liquitex Brilliant Blue acrylic. These paintings are going to look great in the new house, which already has a roof on it I might add. Maybe one day I should post some pictures of the construction on here... maybe first I should take some pictures. Another project!
Very upset that it rained yesterday. The drive-In was cancelled... I guess we're gonna have to find another event to go to where I can wear a bra on my head and people would get it. YES... Weird Science folks... rained out. And I also suppose I won't be smashing any guitars either. YES... Animal House kiddies... rained out. I'm sure there were many brave souls that went to the show — but the only excuss I'll ever use for sitting in a car at the Drive-In is that I'm making out with some girl... not rain.
Earlier this week I was asked if I'd like to design a dress for a fashion show coming up in October. Of course I accepted, I'd be stupid not to. What's most interesting is that the dress has to be made out of paper... all paper. Time to bust out the sketch book, scissors and sewing machine, gonna have a hell of a difficult and challenging project ahead. Right now my tastes seem to make me lean towards white with minimal silk screen pattering. Something very light and simple. I kinda like the cut of this this dress I did in a painting I haven't finished yet (note:need pink and purple high heels to add to shoe rack). But I know I'll figure out something that will just be ablaze as it saunters the catwalk.

Anyways, I anticipate this to be a real amusing project. I think I'll make myself a paper suit to wear to the show. I will be finding out more details on the project this friday.

reply to: lindy_luna
Dispite my hyped up monologue of last evenings event at the Eyedrum (our readers like it hyped up), in reality, it was one of the best times I've had there. I believe the whiskey siphoning our veins was the real motivating factor for us to leave. I'm sure to frequent future events. Anyways, boys will be boys. I'm just pissed none of them bought me a drink... what's this world coming to.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Impossible Evening — I Can't Help That I'm Pretty

What an absolute nightmare.... Juke Joint A Go-Go. If we had only been kicked out I would have something more interesting to write about. Outside of Mike Grier dry-humping me on stage while I filmed him with my Super 8, the tasty drinks the joint was providing, and the never quotidian entertainment (Dames Aflame were abundant and titanic!!) — the night was total wash.

V.I.P seating might be nice... and yelling out that Burning Man sucks and Mr. Mike Grier pronouncing to the croud over the P.A. system that Burning Man sucks as well was fun. What is not fun is (shit...and it's early mind you) at least 6 different guy's grabbing on me all night long. You go boys... only you go over to someone else. The young gentleman sitting to my right, had his hands so far up my thigh I was about to introduce his teeth to his stomach... only I didn't want to start a riot. Stupid boys... stupid and stupid. Why do you all come my way... I am interested in the women — that's why I wear I little white pin of a girl with rosy cheeks and pig-tails. Yes, this is what I want. Yes, this is my dream girl — rosy cheeks and pig-tails — boys you need to fuck-off. And the one little boy who was trying to weasle my mojo pin off my shirt... you're so fucking lucky... I was about to kill you... just wanted you to know.

I did shoot some wonderful footage on my Super 8, which makes up for the molestation I had to endure... and I will say again, it was too much... too too much. Went to the event with Kanka and we had to leave at intermission because it was fucking insane.

There were 2 pretty gay boys fighting behind us, and Kanka, the gentelman he is, decided it would be best if he broke up the fight, so the show could go on.

O.K. now a word on Jack Daniels... I hate it, Kanka hates it — yet this is what they were serving.

I'm really upset with the entire night... while the atmosphere was extremely convivial and intoxicating, I didn't get to hang and chit-chat with folks as much as I hoped. We missed the second act, because boys couldn't keep their hands off me. But, we had very interesting converstaions with the Sister. Sister Louisa was there... two large tables right in front of us. Good guy, good guy... didn't grab my ass, but did give me a big ass kiss when I was over across the room talking to Chico.

All in all, it was a most triumphant event. — Schaefer

Pleasentries Are Bourgeois Bullshit For The Masses... Why Won't You Fuck Me In the Ass... Pretty Please.

P.S. — 6' 4" Clown in white face & black polka-dot outfit making out 'hardcore' with a dog (black and white spots) on the front stage... yes, I have it on Super 8mm... perfect lighting of course.

P.S.S. — Make 'BURNING MAN SUCKS' stickers!!!

P.S.S.S. — Kanka and I have just realized we started 'Fight Clubing' at some point in the night. Kanka has a nasty bruise on his shoulder. Sorry dude... you know I've been working out for the past few months — watch out nigga.

P.S.S.S.S. — CLOWN ON YOUR SHOULDER TIP: Don't stay in public places for too long. There is a good chance that a clown in white face and a polka dot outfit "will beat the shit out of you on stage" (bourgeois will assume this is a part of the show). The following morning you will realize this to be true an yet abhorrently untrue.

P.S.S.S.S.S — 'Wallet Fan Club'

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Engineer Schaefer Triumphs Again

5 years ago my Super 8 camera died in a New Orleans graveyard. The camera was put on a shelf and the film was placed in the fridge. This morning I decided I'd open up the camera and do some surgery on it. After removing all the gears and guts I discovered the culprit — a jammed actuator piston. I unjammed the piston, replaced a few parts and hit the button. The camera gave it's first breath and locked again. I again removed the parts, cleaned and re-lubed the components and placed them back in place again. I hit the button and the shutter and advance wheel sprang to life. Like a person submerged in a frozen lake and then revived this camera now has a second life. FILM FILM FILM... watch out world.

Here's a little info on Super 8 cameras —

The Super 8MM film format was developed by Kodak in 1965 to replace regular 8mm. Regular 8 had the reputation for being very unstable. It didn't get exposed properly through the film gate. Super 8 solved this problem by putting a pressure plate in the film cartridge.
People in the 60's and 70's used super 8 to record jerky home movies. This format is the second most popular format next to 35mm. The reason for this is because loading a film cartridge for your super 8 camera involves no threading of the camera. This makes it easy for anyone to use. Besides being easy, it's also very cheap. Today it costs about $20 to buy and process a full 3.5 minute 50 foot roll of colour Super 8 film.
There's been a debate in recent years to see if Kodak would actually cancel making stock for the super 8 format. If the film is discontinued completely, many low-budget independent film-makers may have to go the awful cold format of video. I don't have a problem with video being used for quick documentary purposes, but if we lose film then we lose one hundred years of tradition.

Friday, July 08, 2005

5-MeO-DMT : Bufo alvarius

In a wonderful mood tonight. It's late now... began work on an inordinately large triptych this evening. Each panel measures 34" x 40". This makes the entire work 34" x 120" — 10 feet long. The panels are 5" deep. I've decided to do Blue Jugheads. There are approximately 70 Jughead digest pages on each panel — totaling 210 pages in all. These works are part of the Adds series, which began in 1999 with the 'Product Adds'. Adds are based on Michelangelo Buonarrotis' postulations regarding his sculptural works — the marbles. Michelangelo believed that the figures he sculpted were merely trapped in the stone. He artlessly made them free of their stone tomb by chiselling away the supernumerary layer. His most fascinating works are the later, in which, he never fully freed his figures.
The Adds apply Michelangelos' theorem of hidden bodies or hidden allusion, but to everyday mass consumerist printed goods. One must remember that consumerism has been a part of human civilization since man learned the business of trade. All the marble Michelangelo purchased was through a seller / consumer market. By painting out, or 'adding' paint, to mask the unwanted data, I am in a analogous way, chiseling away at mass consumerism with globs of thick opaque paint. Creating as Michealangelo did... what he thought was trapped in the consumer goods.
To date the largest number of Adds I have produced are owned by Barker — a large series of Blue Jughead postcards.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


The Tragedy of Hamlet

I'll be with you straight go a little before.

How all occasions do inform against me,
And spur my dull revenge! What is a man,
If his chief good and market of his time
Be but to sleep and feed? a beast, no more.
Sure, he that made us with such large discourse,
Looking before and after, gave us not
That capability and god-like reason
To fust in us unused. Now, whether it be
Bestial oblivion, or some craven scruple
Of thinking too precisely on the event,
A thought which, quarter'd, hath but one part wisdom
And ever three parts coward, I do not know
Why yet I live to say 'This thing's to do;'
Sith I have cause and will and strength and means
To do't. Examples gross as earth exhort me:
Witness this army of such mass and charge
Led by a delicate and tender prince,
Whose spirit with divine ambition puff'd
Makes mouths at the invisible event,
Exposing what is mortal and unsure
To all that fortune, death and danger dare,
Even for an egg-shell. Rightly to be great
Is not to stir without great argument,
But greatly to find quarrel in a straw
When honour's at the stake. How stand I then,
That have a father kill'd, a mother stain'd,
Excitements of my reason and my blood,
And let all sleep? while, to my shame, I see
The imminent death of twenty thousand men,
That, for a fantasy and trick of fame,
Go to their graves like beds, fight for a plot
Whereon the numbers cannot try the cause,
Which is not tomb enough and continent
To hide the slain? O, from this time forth,
My thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth!

"Some misread Hamlet all their life!"


Regarding Richard Prince. I'm glad you like him too. I have been following Prince for quite a few years now — on and off. He is one of my favorite artists and I've accumulated an immense understanding of the artist and the rapscallions he struggles with on a daily basis. I've always found that everything he does is misinterpreted and debased by people who don't even know the works factualism (especially feminists). 'Prince has long been in the business of outrage. But at the beginning of his career, it was not his subject matter that was seen as outrageous but his method.' He is a brilliant man and not someone whose works should be looked at in a contrived and harefooted way. First impressions are bullshit... you have to peel back the layers until the semblance just blows away in the wind. Then, and only then will you understand the meaning behind the work. Written words and pictures — while they document subject matter — only victimize the substance of works, allowing critics of all sorts to add conjecture to their otherwise unascertained evaluation.

— Schaefer

Monday, July 04, 2005

19th Century Primative In A 20th Century Jungle

- There are things out there, things you can't imagine.
- He beat the difference from me by whipping my back with a wet rope.
- When you're dangeling off of a rope, it doesn't matter if your one foot from the ground or one hundred.
- That sounds good here in this nice warm room, on a nice full stomach.
- You get in this machine of yours' and you go back to where I was.


Saturday, July 02, 2005

Put It In A Letter


It's 9:12pm on this (memorial..ohhh) 4th of July weekend. I performed my "Put It In A Letter" this afternnon at exactly 4:20pm. Thank you, Kanka & Blackmon for the direction and support.

Pink Floyd @ Live 8 — Schaefer sees broadcast and notices lighted sign reading — 'No More Excuses'.

Schaefer agree's — 'Put It In A Letter'

'Put It In A Letter' video will post when we can figure out how we are supposed to import the video.

— Schaefer

Friday, July 01, 2005

Chips and Dips

Poker Game tonight with Linton.

n 1: fire iron consisting of a metal rod with a handle; used to stir a fire [syn: stove poker, fire hook, salamander] 2: any of various card games in which players bet that they hold the highest-ranking hand [syn: poker game]

deadpan - impassivity - inscrutability - mask - seriousness - straight face