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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Leave Me Alone... Ouch! That Hurts... Don't Do It Again

Kanka and I are headed to get drinks. I have to withdraw my last statement. Kanka is not a Fuckin' Asshole... no no no, thta was totally incorect and uncalled for... he is now the Ultimate Pussy. Bwaha ha ha ha!!!!

' When It's Hampster Wear... You Can Put It Anywhere'
Kanka and I have a new clothing fashion. It's called Hampster Wear. It's the underwaer that come with a live hampster inside.
Happy People will love them.

Kanka has done the worst thing he could have ever done up until this moment. The bastard took the orange striped tights picture of me, blown it up, printed it and taped it to his fridge. Asshole! You fuckin' asshole! Ohh well.. I'm sitting over at his place having a glass of scotch. Delicious scotch... it's good. We're just sitting around shooting the shit.
Earlier this afternoon I worked on some different types of correspondences for all sorts of people. Got a few different emails from Barker. Check out his killer street lamp cover collection —

Kanka and I are gonna head over to the Vortex on Peachtree this evening. Mr. Geier is playing there with his smooth stylists. There is some other stuff going on too and the DA'f will be in full swing tonight as well. Ohh la la la. Kanka is yelling at me.. he says "I know what you're talking about you fuck'n pork'r." What that all about man... what a weirdo.

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