Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lonesome Lines And 7-UP Trucks

Hanging out in line to vote early today. So I've been standing for about 3 hours now and am really close to getting into the building to cast my ohh so important vote. Hanging with David thankfully, so the wait hasn't been as tedious as it could have been. After we go vote were gonna go drink and eat chicken wings... good stuff indead.

So after standing in line for just under 4 hours, I was able to proudly cast my vote for Mr. John McCain. We hit the Taco Mac at exactly 2:01PM to which I let out a bemussed FUCK... As I bet Dave, a shot of Patron, we'd hit the bar just before 2PM. So a few shots later I'm sitting here sipping on a beer, cruising the laptop... Dealing with clients and looking at the latest info concerning the polls and am happy to see that McCain is pulling away in Florida. Things are looking good for Cherrylipped Studios next year, we will probably start hiring onto the crew for the first time... McCain will pull it out and the Marxist can go back to his cream cheese filled speeches and reneged promises. Good trip you young fool. Maybe you should have put the 3 Million you spent on your bullshit infomercial that aired last night toward the people in need you keep preaching about... But if you were smart you would have used that money promoted a product that would clean the dirt from my carpet or maybe a shoe horn with teeth.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Attack Stance Built To Work

Chillin out at ElMyr this afternoon. Was actually here last night for a good while with friends, but one can never get enough I this place. None of the guys are here today... They are all off building their epic float for the Halloween parade in Little 5 Points... It's Saturday so I'll post some photos of that for sure. They are doing a Muppet Show themed float... Good stuff.
So I'm sitting here waiting on Kanka and his slowness... Ohh well... The girls are keeping me occupied looking at this really retarded web site, I can't belive someone actually maintains a site that is this cheesy. Incredible!!

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Friday, October 03, 2008

There Is This Breeze From My Rear Window

I was working all last week and missed the Wendy skating event. Though I'm glad I missed it because Bruce got real BLACK/BLUE ouch. Sorry for lack of blog stuff... and also.. nuff said.

Awww man... busy working with Arobase Group today... downtown in Buckhead with the whole crew. Bringing things to life and that sort. Evil run-around science kind-a stuff.

This is so great. People are totaling ragging me on this already. It's going better than I even planned within the first 6-hours. Linton hooked me up this number and almost got into it with some dude too. 29 days out of Halloween and I think this will be one of my best scare tactics against these cathode ray tube kiddies yet.... well that is unless I had an Obama sign to put out there instead. Serious candy at my house this year kids. It's all art folks... ohh and enjoy the flowers, lemonade is really good during the winter especially when it's warmed... seriously. Just follow the cards instructions and save the wonderful flowers so I can complete the project. Shit ain't cheap now, so come-on...