Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Space Junk


House recipe fancy tomato ketchup, 333, 336, a fixed orb of seven Portraits, net, brass standing cup and stand on memorial. The great beast sits as a Buddha. He sits counterbalance by an Arby’s sandwich, and and and a diagram for a jet engine or something that deals with maintenance or circulation The crackers are old too old. I wonder what got into them mice in sex where are they now it’s been 12 years tile pattern top sirloin boneless pork chop stuffed. Alex is looking at me but he’s gotta really goddamn bad blackeye I wonder who punched him sure shit it was a Mitch McConnell, it’s comatose but there’s a lot of goddamn booze surrounding the owl. What a pissing on trees in the redwoods hope they’re taking their pills. The owls are everywhere 1 to 4 and five they’re introvert and extrovert polar opposites around the sun. The great Buddha wants to pull an electrical current into a center but the Yacamán bomb Refracted, perhaps a pineal of eight or fix the situation, but Monsanto corn and Whitley Strieber‘s communion will probably not tell a real true story but what else is new cassette tapes blanked VHS rewritten over sci-fi films and oranges are rotting. Three celebrities keep their mouth shut, while one puts her tongue out, but they’re all smug, should we light a candle for them or should we let them grandstand centered in their cautionary tale to face triple 1st face is beyond dimension beasts are these the great beasts we all great beasts a set of strip, Beez sits in my kitchen, Miss September, Miss June, Miss February Some smile some close mouth a 2006 sweet tooth reformed Saturn alter plaque stand be I NAHOI count the clamps on the next set 12 major 3456 major 78 9,10 major 11 it’s ready to be slotted tomorrow will be instituted in and installed Then the question of a pure halter top is it stick item strewn the kitchen floor or is it a neutral lab? There are notes written across the cabinets in sustainable food sitting on top of an empty refrigerator, covered in unfurled, paper towels, a cherry boy and cocaine Spider-Man from Spain, was it Mexico when I cross the border illegally with them now painted silver HGJPAC and I hate to say it but MC you may just become a ritual piece that gets done after the fact and under a day you sit in the studio and stare at me, covered in a net in scones by brass items bought over the years for hundreds of dollars But Marjorie, my dear Marjorie, your butter pad of butter you melt you’re nothing but a Sunday brunch. You’re a cluster of Safra that number and seven just like the parsons are questionable. At this point perhaps the net throne overview is a conclusion to have Epiphany or juxtaposition to another realm McDonald’s meals large solar, phallic symbols radiate but you don’t you’re still you’re so still perhaps my invocation is not enough but I won’t give you all that is the great trick and I placed you in my home studio next to an Eros EROS, a volume of which forward produce or a woman with a face X doubt through Photography negatives stares back at you an iconic mole on her left cheek a smile taken too soon death to the Kennedys says the corporate industrial complex establishment by consume. Listen to what we tell you you’re a slave, you’re a nerd, a rainbow colors a true Roy G Biv delightful to eat or give one color increases the fun handle one by 160 cal get in touch dextrose sugar, malic acid, corn syrup, carnauba wax blue one lake blue to Lake red 40 lake yellow five lake yellow, five yellow, six gum, Acadia egg I have to go record video cassettes for posterity. The Internet will soon be killed. Your bank account may soon be killed, but at least volumes one through 12 may be lifted onto a pirated VHS cassette may be sucrose and potassium nitrate. May combine with fire take you beyond where you are, but perhaps you will still wear the smiling face smiling face of a Monsanto consumer or perhaps you’ll read the complete books of Charles fort for these are the Damned wide range ignored orthodox explain the way improperly Panna Tobar, 31st 1908 the planet Venus was four months past inferior conjunction, and so it moves far from nearest approach but there are vague stories of strange objects that have been seen in the skies of this earth localized New England back to the time of nearest approach in the New York son November 1, 1908 is publish the dispatch from Boston dated October 31

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Weather Sanctions


Post nonsense make things work dogs barking at you. It dances in circles and jumps at you and jumps jumps like a ballerina performing in circles and circles, but doesn’t understand the maze. It is entering but unlike a Minotaur, solves it easily just post nonsense. Nonsense is a mess and today we are working embarked on the five portraits For celebrity one bohemian one Grove-ish one holy for nonsensical strategic moves build point color popped great had a blackout overlay killed color move to AJ black face with white sparkle color, overlay and large mandala cut from paper black overlays on for celebrities are strange when walking past you almost feel delusional Needs more iridescence and a splash of orange on the left and right let’s do that tomorrow VHS measurements are in 2.75 x 3 for the face and if you had a spine 5 3/8 x 6/8 what are the tapes a door to the physical kingdom level above human may be entered Open up chapter view break apart find contents agent approaching this material acknowledgment and preface and a warning for those who are prone to hasty judgments 12 tapes in total beyond humans last call from 91 to 92 19,000 tape one session 160 minutes for four tape one session to 60 minutes for 10 tape to session 360 minutes for 16 tape to session for 60 minutes for 22 teeth. Three session 560 minutes 428 tape three session 660 minutes 434 T4 session 760 minutes 440 tape for session 860 minutes 446 tape five session 960 minutes for 50 to tape five session 1060 minutes 458 Tapes six session 1195 minutes 465 tapes 7 session 12, 110 minutes 476 to those who have not done much serious study of this type of information and might be inclined to criticize the position and that our teachers or older members tea and Dale consider this upon what information do you base your opinions how many hours have you sat with them getting to know them for yourself all too often people form quick opinions out of ignorance, because of having had either the opportunity, nor the time to examine the facts for themselves, we wanted to issue a word of caution, since it is our sincere belief that the kingdom of God, the level above human will judge you according to how you judge this information I have to those if you do you as far to us some could if you there is as we. Worked more on the backing space for the grove work it will be a good build up of rocket fuel to a burn point to a shiny star three stage rocket hillbillies Gentlemens club SMETSCMT fresh bones, fresh bones, time to put another coat of paint on it, get it fresh before you bury it again and then make it fresh for all

Monday, August 14, 2023

Need Something


The morning was spent working on the Ford portrait piece of celebrities concept branching from where it was yesterday evening reformulated the output on JLNMF and finally applied it to JLNSL did test prints to see base. Visual was acceptable. continue to prep substrate For three output portion will look to execute those at a base on Tuesday canvases are ready. Also at the same time as out putting the four celebrity high output the portrait for the Grove a long time was spent in 2 to 4+ AJ Portrait for Grove rebuilt the diagram for HG to put all the portraits in proper positioning Executed a list of four large piece, priority, bullets to execute through the week test prints of four celebrity portraits on wall for reflection, hill, pinnacles for Grove sculpted, glued and cutting masking for KNO3 and C6 H 1206 technique successful thus far we’ll see what happens when we add the H etching is successful. Here will attempt etching on the glass for Monsanto, still looking at the MC piece and deciding how to execute think that by tomorrow with the evolution of the Works just discussed I’ll be able to take a step forward on what it will do or won’t do

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Feed House


Woke up and began work on HG peace remove lattice, work centers and begin to affix Portraits. Each portrait had to be re-sliced carefully in a fixed nothings perfect, some wavering in the substrate reconfigured the positioning of them based on the original diagram will go back and update it tomorrow Broke off at noon and went to have brunch. Put focus on the four celebrity portraits trying to create beasts lots of AI regeneration and manipulation to women at the restaurant asked me what I was doing and I said working on an art piece. They asked me what I did, and I just told them I was a fine artist and went back to my work, happy with the two outputs thus far but not sure if they’re correct focus mainly on JLNMFMSMF has a final detail than JL but will enhance it but the luxe are not the same. MS has a better stance the JL so will look to rework all four to match the MF aesthetic for tomorrow, upon returning to the studio, I drew focus towards the remaining purple veil portraits for HG. Continue to fix them through the evening ended, adding some substrate material to the back, considering Apoxsee, UV, potentially, but not sure if not a fixed magnets yet, but central contact points have been reduced and think that will be a smart move, the portraits do well against something lit behind it in color may look to affect the original back piece with the cruciform to add scriptural HG material from Applewhite that may help pop not sure what it will do on the gallery lighting, but in general, they are very ghostly Which pleases me first far but I’m still concerned or not what I want still thinking about the MC piece and I may decentralized the canvas and push it to the left or right again, but not totally sure think I need to finish more on the rest of the works to figure out this one’s conclusion Over the next few days, I need to patina several items, including the Rockets pill containers and also frost much of the glassware a long way to go need to pull materials for Bohemian out of garage HO figurine, plus other material consider the center by fly paper, do an exorcism on a house There’s a fly problem. Bring to a little boil stir regularly don’t let the sauce get to hot or it will stick to the pan pan. Yo pan binging on ask for the week to have background noise and father funny to watch the stuff again considering building 6 Figured Pl. of center full cuts for MK pieces to sit on. Could be an interesting look but it will need to be blacked out and finished but that would give me 3+ total one for DOS one for home and away and then a new one for MK.

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Solar Plexus


Babylon working is fascinating. I really wonder what JP was going through at the time the the idea of doing it oh goodness I just totally shove this piece off to the side. The idea of doing it is a daunting one since there’s not much documentation on it unless you know where to find it but JP Had some interesting things going on with it given the current situation to the work the days findings or a good lots of things were thrown away and then also required walking around and looking at the works. Some things are here that weren’t before taking care of the HGL package arrived today in three and a package of one will arrive tomorrow to help complete the veils of these artifices, but the app tests of these folks are fascinating, and they go back to the epitaphs of most of the major arcana of the work, which is fascinating because it’s not all dad‘s not all dead. None of it’s dead. It’s just an embroidery on imperfect flesh like taking a soldering iron to an orange. I have an addendum for the next 10 days of work. I am in a reprieve. I have set myself up for success and failure over the next 10 days, I am just placing myself from my corporate norms, I am just placing myself from my societal norms. I am displacing myself from time and place. I am now stuck in a limited time zone constituted by zero failure, and even if I fail constitute of which is still something, there’s never a negative output there is only the potential my agenda through tomorrow because I’ll be back again tomorrow night kids. My agenda through tomorrow is to look at the procured items of scotch in Bristol and reconstitute them into purple veils and then move forward into portraits of the 4MMFF all wicked to the core witches and warlocks celebrities and castaway stars, Disney pornographers, despicable, lost tortured souls cherchez le Boof the fox transformers they are are they not tomorrow I will constitute a formula a fascinating formula to power travel to around beyond JP would be happy as a child with the ingredients we have the JP work is a testament to potential the MC work is the one again, as I said, last night will be unfulfilled and on, understood until the very end MC is an enigma. Babylon is an enigma. The space is cast for the light a big large or small neon MO for cast of characters that are defiling a hero burglarizing him burglar in him. Munoz is a genius. His paintings are great. Keep them in my house for cause push the idea of re-endeavoring reestablishing connections But the M and the characters go back to CM and which did she prefer the C or the M her piece is a trilateral agreement just like the JP work but I’ve not compartmentalized it yet. I have a number of articulated orbs seven do they make put in their constitution? They are beyond that realm and gold, they will be centrally focal perhaps as a they or them a riboflavin nuclei what dystopian nightmare CM is the Babylon MC is the Babylon Cameron Cameron, Cameron, Marjorie margarine, margarine, no marginal, the uplifting of the soul, whether it be through the fruit of the land or the video cassette from the store down the street or pack it full of nothing else but really sugar sucrose plus potassium nitrate see what happens kids just do it just do it cherchez le Boeuf just do it. Alex Jones, weaving spiders come not here I drink whiskey I bang my wife, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, Styrofoam, packaging, black paper, and white, the seven pyramids, and I believe in one earth, the mother of all in the womb we’re in all men are begotten and we’re in the small shell rest and where their shell rest mystery of mystery mysteriousness upon mysteriousness Babylon Babylon, in her name, Babylon, and these do not live on the wall they live on the tables Every table based on the shape, an occupational threshold and a hazard there shelby said a cancer they are useful for sale but they’re impacted through their show and what begins with is not what ends with excellence process, rest Acacian egg cartons, and Gwyneth Paltrow Tattoon’s are earned not given 77671 who stands before protector guardian prostate root sacral, solar plexus heart throat, third eye crown the takeout food says thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you please return this bag to a participating store for recycling keep this plastic bag away from babies and children do not using cribs pads, carriages, or play pens avoid the danger of suffocation TICT pantry entryway fragmented Montesanto do you know anything about crop science? Do you know anything about corn? Do you know about round up ready Mays you old guard corn, gently V T triple pro Smart stacks with an XMON7 MON 87460 MON 890348 crop rose, corn, cotton soybean, sugar, beets, wheat, canola alfalfa, 2000 seed variations for vegetables generating 22 crops a bear corporation be a YER that salt in your eye that salt in your eye there’s salt in your eye you’re worth your salt With the salt of the Earth, admonish the water, the beer at the virtue of the great see mother be thou door 182 dragon crash, archon anchor, good man, salmon, Mordecai Shar, no fear let go severe tornadoes are increasing polar bears are dying the arctic is melting. Hurricane Katrina was man-made CO2 is the control knob for temperature. Sea levels are rising escape, escape escape rainbow nerds, a rainbow of colors a true GOYBIV nerds are delightful to eat, or to give more than one color increase. Is the fun eat these by the handful or one by one nine servings per container 1 tablespoon equals 15 g 60 cal per serving. Can you taste the color yet? I have a daunting task ahead multiple works that are nowhere multiple works that are everywhere. Works that are nowhere works that are everywhere being that it’s nowhere to being that is everywhere scale scaling, sculling, Scully, kill drown drink more coffee drink more goddamn coffee wake up fool’s work to be done sleep when you die. My carbon monoxide levels at zero but the other electrical plug is open, the kill date is it 1022 but we’re past kill than that GNAT nor the G and a TO Him let’s go very early back to the beginning of fuel plus oxidizer type situation who’s Curtis Harrington who is Kenneth Sanger? Don’t forget to buy a medium devil shirt for the Grady. Don’t forget you have a brain tumor radio therapy and alternative medicine don’t let it metastasize to your lungs For your Thelmic last rights spread your ass is across the Mojave desert. Produce moon children devote yourself to Horus practice sex magic under the auspices of apocalyptic predictions. Don’t forget about the Morton salt company sodium chloride is your GABRLLE. It’s going to take a lot of heavy equipment. Any of these minerals are almost impossible to extract, take decades, but when it rains it pours, potassium iodide, potassium, iodate, sodium iodide, sodium iodide, proper thyroid gland processing is important. You should look into the history of soul is divine cancer, Leo Gemini Virgo Taurus libra Aries Scorpio, Isis Sagittarius, Aquarius, Capricorn, beyond sun moon, mercury, Venus Mars, Jupiter Saturn, but you’re all MC but you are all MC. I was born in Belleplain, Iowa on April 23, 1922. My father was a railway worker name Hill, Leslie Cameron using the adopted boy from a Scottish rite family. I was the first child followed by three siblings, James 23, Mary 27, Robert 29 who lived on the wealthier north side of town , although life was never the less hard due to that great depression, I did well at art English drama, but I failed algebra Latin, and civics athletics, glee club, and chorus or my side pleasures. I would characterize myself as a rebellious child, claiming that I became the town parish nobody would let their kid near me, 734 what year elementary school bell playing high school 1940 family relocation Davenport Rock Island, Arsenal munitions factory sexual relationships with various men mother mother performs illegal abortion at home entering second world war, United States, Navy, February 1943 photographer joint chiefs of staff subsequent duties, UK, Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, May 1943, reassigned naval photographic unit a WOL returned Iowa court, martialed honorable discharge, 1945 road trip Pasadena, California JP 1946–19521003 Orange Grove Ave. also known as the parsonage agape AC AC 1904, devote 1904, follower 1904 elemental woman to be his lover January 18, 1946 instant spent the next two weeks on aware Babylon working onto earth in human form 16 Winter 1947 Pasadena Art Center school brought the SS America. There is much work to be done over the next week. I must invoke a lot out of my own self, I must give away a lot of myself. These works are not easy these work should not be easy to interpret these work should not be easy to understand because I don’t understand that myself these work should frighten you. These Works are frightening. These Works are frightening. goddamn, these works are frightening, I can’t get these finished yet because these goddamn things are frightening as shit down. This is going to be a long week. It starts very shortly as I speak right now it is 1014 on the date transcribe at the beginning of this and while the frameworks of all of these pieces are here in the foundations, Leigh, in the theories are at hand For most people, this will be fine as they are. There is a microcosm of cause that is missing from these things and it’ll never be installed into them. It will never be installed into them, but it is because of these recordings art is a cult practice art is a cult practice by there either doing it following it but because it’s a cult, neither parties gonna talk about it and that is white isn’t… I’m gonna do another one of these tomorrow. It’ll be interesting. I don’t know what the day will unfold. I’m free for the next 10 days so I’m also handcuffed to this work for the next 10 days to get them to get them to an environmental state where I can walk around in not be disturbed by them but hello they’ll they will always be disturbing. I could just quit on these right now without putting anything and do them, I would leave all the small boxes for items and details clues out or still interesting you’ll find them interesting you’ll probably wonder what they look like when you see them but while I’m talking right now when you can you can see it you can see it right now close your eyes and find the balance in between count to 33, 12345678, 910, 11 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21,22, 23,24, 25,26, 27,28, 29, 30, 31,32 33 15th, eighth or the version, and the voice is the danger whirls to chance a strange, slow voice, quickening as she goes low LO I gather up every spirit that is pure, and weave him into my vesture of flame. I lick up the lives of men and their souls sparkle from mines eyes, I am the mighty sorceress, the lust of the spirit, and by my dancing, gather from my mother NUIT The heads of all them that are baptized in the waters of life I am the lust of the spirit that ended up the soul of the man I have prepared a feast for the adapts, and they that partake thereof shall see God is of the week will continue. You were nothing more than a punch to my stomach. If the solar plexus wants to send a message it may, that message may be allowed entry with promised exit at dawn, good hunting.

Wednesday, August 09, 2023

Root Crown


I was going to talk about some strange ideas about reflection and itself or some about the fact I just got home and I’m hanging out at the house with my dog and thinking about time but I’m not really thinking about any of that. I am looking at the current works here, there is an interesting construction coming out of them from a repetitious interwoven pattern which is intentional to diffusion it forces you to look at what’s in the middle so you can’t cause it’s only a black and white but there is always a middle so you’ll find that there’s some some interesting diffusion of materials from the entity throughout all the pieces being interfuse of the other ones so for instants, I’m not sure the color of the plastic bags but the plastic bags have been transferred from the HGP’s to the salt piece. I know it’s it’s interesting for the portrait that I put on it suffocation is an interesting aesthetic. There’s a motor that either distributes or pulls air. It’s a diagram piece, and if I can get the flashlight on here, I’m in the main source electronics book and there’s a maintenance diagram but it’s an engine. There’s a huge beef and cheese sandwich with Kerouac caraway give your cares away seeds on the top of it. I think it’s an Arby’s a and and how much a cracker Sepalo so that’s an interesting one with the suffocation aspect added to that with the characters And maybe the seas being depleted of the salt maybe the salt is Psaltis many colors the salt that’ll be in this piece is actually pink and white so just have a milky look to it but also with the pinks almost the displacement of this is Himalayan yeah so this is earth salt cell blood of the earth And some seminal type of displacement. I’m so that’s interesting. Oh the orange piece is good. It’s just a good piece I need to it needs a base though I might. I need to do anything else the rest outside of the dumb stuff on the faces, but it’s almost funny that it’s artificial to cause that, K was very artificial sad or sad very sad Pierce. It’s very sad peace that the larger smaller bohemian one that sit next to her it’s just larger cause it’s on the place once this little orange babies out at the place with some kind of bass for Mr. K it’s gonna be interesting, but the the info wars prostate support Bohemian Grove I will bank that says wise old owl with the profit head above it. It’s gonna be interesting to have a kick out. I just did recently it’s good I am still not sure how many pain out there. Yeah, the master framework of the canvas is ready to go, so be really pretty. I might do some old unfinished kick out gold leaf thing with Bristol paper I think I should, and to a little homage back to a real pretty piece that I did years ago using actual fresco techniques with egg, white, and gold leaf that I never got done for this because the timeline for the assignment didn’t make sense because that that to do that method takes a long goddamn time so in the teacher teacher I I remember appreciated that so maybe I’ll give AJ a little bit of that treatment, but that the thing is a figure out what the the framework of this is There’s a lot of orange and white throughout the show the lotta orange and white there’s the purple part which is good against the orange versus the there’s the Cambell margarine McDonald’s piece witches movie last one might be the most minimalist that Scott got some good parts billed for it so I might just live But I’m sitting here talking talking to myself for a blog post. Yeah, I think I mean I think in the next day prostate supports Ghana gonna take on something else Cuz the the kick out we build we’re going to model us out with little people will do a third little HO scale thing with this wanna be a definite, interesting departure from the bowling pin in the squid because there’s other things that are actually to an outside scale but maybe if we hit, I’m looking at the JPP’s but I am we’re not gonna add that and even though we’re the thing is these characters are not HO to the to the ours in that piece cell forget that it’s got enough of a kick out to the theater the funny thing is the people in the crowd from the video tapes perspective of what AJ shot is actually you’re the spectator so it’s really just a jokey interpretation of what the video tapes is in a funny sense I’m gonna put a yeah grab one of my little cameras here when I got sold the old camera, this is not gonna work it would you should’ve built peace with us if you had it but it is funny but you can’t use a vintage camera you should get the actual weird dumb Sony camera whatever the hell it would look funny Delta but I guess back in the idea for all these pieces to have live feed cameras on them to watch people in front of them so pinhole cameras on every piece pinhole cameras on every piece pinhole cameras on every piece Shot into a live feed website during running the show should talk to DL about that. Need to stay in a lot of the stuff and distress it. It’s too clean but the frameworks are good. What a dumb builds good work equipment decent stuff to cut wood but I distress points on him were interesting now so There’s some earthly Ness to them all but there’s slight stupid imperfections interesting the JP piece is interesting. I need to get the components in the jars and decide if I need to label them or not salt salt has a lot of thought towards it to the end, I need to go pull a box out of an attic 10 pull a member out of them, it’s got some nice blue pinnacles for it now good look good back on the HG videocassettes are good. Got a leave them out and kill them in our ring over label what they got going to go to overdub gotta rewind clean and then over dub whatever the first 30 to 1 hour of whatever it is and let the RESPA girl sell one of his ETA is the original ETA extra so it’s the most interesting one. It’s got a green front flap and the actual spindles for the VHS inside of it are green, Sarah Scott and I just got his black tape movie HS but the actual spins inside the cartridges that run the tape the green and so is the clip of portion where the VA Chester sitting behind. I just got a call Universal hologram sticker on that’s the most interesting one Resteral, kind of dumpster simple some have white printing on them, so them have some unit barcoding in numbers. I’ve got a Hollywood video hello welcome back to my world family video that one’s interesting the restaurant black and white one has a bad barcode on it. That means nothing for 00282 it is it’s a Kevin Costner film that actually has a return label. It was a blockbuster. The return label is to let me get some light here cause we could what we should actually probably some aspects of these people Mr. and Mrs. Warren Would 8550 Monforte Dr., St. John, IN 466 hard to see 463799758 so we’ll see you soon woods and get your Kevin Costner film back to pull that tonight. I won’t go the other one the time it’s got a good label but it’s cool one it’s good Paramont PG Prather Kann, number 2ST2 ST two so we might put ST to the forefront. It’s a really beautiful original, that’s very original but it’s a PG stereo cut from 82 at 113 minutes. Does have an FBI warning on it so be careful kids.

Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Moments Result

Monday is a slow burn of looking,looking, walking, dissassociating, other tasks, looking, looking, away time, bed time, loking, touching, looking looking, and thinking. Progress undocumented here because of cause... though some sense of cult practice toward studio '#2 Sacred Space' asthetic was part of the day. Bless TS.

Monday, August 07, 2023

Boundaries Between

After getting the HG piece attached to its bottom box portion last afternoon, I spent the evening fixing all the photographic cut stripes to the JP work. It was a tireless task as doing these stripe things always it. I did it standing, left and then right side. After getting them down, I got a clean, clear coat over them — no displacement issues.

The plexiglass box for the DOS work arrived today. The DOS piece looks even more impressive inside it, even though I have not added any detail to them. The displacement of these collective objects in the box makes them very clinical looking and removed. I still need a base element for this piece, though.

Sunday, August 06, 2023

Above Human

I added some minor wooden details to the JP work and puttied some areas that needed to be filled in. The HG video box got painted black, and I sanded and painted the AJ piece. That piece got a kick-out plate carved for it last evening. Set well and looks nice. But I’m still going to add some support underneath it.

Cut down the HG frameworks hung over pieces with my Dremel and painted its mare. The purple portraits need to be created this week and affixed some. I can wrap up this portion of the workout. It will get it to near complete. I’m looking to fix the framework to the master base via small did magnets. But I’ll need to build out a set of 24 tiny legs (or less) to attach it. I think that will make it more manageable and secure and easier for disassembly or travel.

Saturday, August 05, 2023

Popular Science

I cut the photographic strips for the JP work. It took several hours, but it will be worth it. I did like the idea of sculpting a face for this portion of the piece, but given the time and scope, I think I’ll approach a work like that at another time. I knew what I would do when I bought these two vintage prints from the antique show last month. They were overpriced but have made it to their end destination.

The HG box fits the video cassettes very well. I have a total of 20 to work with. I’ll figure out their final number and material this week. Then I’ll need to re-dub and label them. I also primed the box to prepare it for a black coat.

Friday, August 04, 2023

Double Up

Another hectic Friday grind completed. I ran some gallery tasks and after really did nothing else but thoughtfully process photos for the HG piece and interacted with some friendly strangers. For HG, I'm still working with several different old digital methods and some AI to jack things in a direction I need not fully control. In the end, I reworked some very low-rez graphics in a weird way and did some old-school pixel screwing to get something of a pixel ratio I could then manipulate. Printing the digital rendering at good resolution matters and also doesn't. Balance.

As of this evening, the driving color scheme for HG is Purple, Black, and White. It will be interesting to see how this new outer element deconstructs the original black base layer. This HG original black base layer I've lived with for the past 12 years or more. It will be an exciting finish for it. I am hesitant about this piece most because I know to move it forward, I have to bury a portion of it I have lived with for so long. But this is the direction, and I'm sure some additional solutions to some of the works' current mathematical and symbolic portions still must be worked out. But the process will help unfold those until it is complete.

I output an interesting process portion from HG and created a set of 4 prints. The are a grid matric of 3x4. They are pretty interesting. I like the 6-piece black cube in the final configuration. These are the first finished works for the show... that won't be in the show.

Thursday, August 03, 2023

Protection Theory

I woke up this morning and knew it would be a day of minor artistic accomplishment, and it was. I exited my bedroom and carried the scaffold portion of HG downstairs to meet with the rest of its current pieces. I brought the scaffold or lattice upstairs to rest in the same room I slept in last evening, perhaps casting something onto it through the night. The video cassette vessel for HG was in good shape this morning. I need to add the center break, cut and glue the backer panel onto the total, prime it, and ultimately attach it to the master panel.

I looked into constructing or acquiring some wood pedestals for a minimum of 2 pieces for the show — DOS and MK. I'd like something that was at minimum 42in x 12in x 12in. Time is just my issue, as with most things.

I'm thinking about NACL, and after adding the suffocation device from HG to it, I will now look to add AC and RM visual figures to the work for the main focal point to run on top of the salt shelf. A new eight-part spindle top has been primed, and I have also added 2 side pinnacles to accompany the salt shelf. These pinnacles already have a great powder blue color that I would love to keep, but I will see as it comes together.

Wednesday, August 02, 2023

Using Blood


Today I am still at odds with the works for this show, though, I made some serious steps forward in a positive manner. I 'practiced' marking on an object, and after feeling the process was a success, I scored a series of six objects three times over, being careful to keep my proportions similar and my marking depth true. The six were a success. By afternoon I reflected on the six and realized that they should not be a unit of six but of ten. This extends the work from a wall-mounted pyramidal form into a more true multi-dimensional sculptural work. The pyramid scheme seems more tied to this form, allowing me to build a construct onto which these marked forms are united. I may pull material from KR to populate a base for this new construct or leave them naked. Most likely something earlier from his marketing Amway career may be leveraged. I wonder if a volleyball is suited to be placed somewhere at the base of this work. The current construct will definitely need its own plinth as this has moved beyond the wall. I will acquire a 10x10x10 acrylic cap for the work to add a certain antiquity to it. I must still do much work to the objects to give them an even more unique look... some handmade visage of artificial age and rot.

The HG work is coming along well. Outside of the 40-part lattice I have in the works for the front, along with the portraits — today, I began the construction of a vessel to run the bottom of the work to house VHS cassettes. With my personal VHS collection depleted, I have procured a set of 20 Sci-Fi VHS tapes from a source which I will record HG "Initiation," "The Last Call," and "Exit Tapes' over. I'm curious to actually watch these tapes after I do my working on them. The remaining space in the vessel which is devided in two, will be used to store (last supper items) the food (2), the liquid, and the drug.

Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Exited Our Vehicles


The HG work and needed research are in a better place. Though I have read and outlined several books, I needed more. Those works focused too much on The Two rather than the whole of the 39+1 (and there are more after the fact.) I have been having an issue with doing portraits of individuals whom I know very little about. Based on the spreadsheets I have now compounded, I am in a place where I can illustrate them with cause. While I do not intend to create works that mock any of the topics I am covering in this upcoming show, I need to be connected to the subjects somehow. I have watched the countless hours of videos from MA, watched Exits from the group, and read written statements from several. When I have now compiled the information and have done enough research to understand where these poor individuals remains are now buried, I can state 'I now feel comfortable representing them'.

This evening I also changed course on the MK handbags, not that the MEANS will not be the same, but I am taking the NX/DOS concept into a different particular piece — a work based on a master's instruction to practice. I will begin tomorrow on these. The MK bag or potential bags now will focus more on ULTRA and the ideas around bullshit marketing, annoying fonts, status, and hype. But that idea will probably change over time too. Not much time left though.