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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Come On Give Me A Drink For Heavens Sake — Why Don't You Cut It Short — Give Me Another Drink

Dance-Dance-Dance is complete. After waiting 2 hours at the customer pick-up counter, the Fader has finally reached my home and has been installed. All I can say right now is that this painting is so fucking good it makes me have to take a step back. I have tons of shit to work on tonight (all nighter) I'll write more later. But again... this painting is FUCKING amazing!!!! If you weren't planning on coming to this show you are going tom miss the best work there... so get your ass to the show! I'm damn serious too!!

Just shut off 'Dance-Dance-Dance'. Before I finished though, I hooked each colors (red/white) electrical plug into 2 different power strips. Then I flipped the switches on the strips back and forth to see how the strobe effect would look. After only a few seconds of watching the pulsing red then white lights I marveled at how great it looked, but also how uneasy and sick I felt — PERFECT!!! The slightly slower strobe effect I'm going to deploy is going to rock this show so so hard.
The pulsating lights make it look like a street side advertisement for some sleazy establishment. There are no letters or numerals on the entire work, so instead, we communicate with a set of select symbols all in the the form of Jughead. The Jughead's' various gestures and paced actions placed in a plenary void, combined with the lighting scheme, advertise a place that contains infinte possibilities within it. The title 'Dance-Dance-Dance' refers to the way we should act in such a free and open environment. Have fun with life... create every moment of it in your own image and enjoy the labors of this action at all times.
The lights do some very interesting things with the paint as I had suspected and then purposefully planned for. The red and white lights reveal and conceal certain aspects of the red and white enamel paint on blue background. Colors cancel out and others are enhancened, but at no time can we see the entire picture, unless we were to place it in direct white light. So, you have to fill in the void of missing information in your mind. Just as we do in everyday life, the plenary void forces us to create environments and situations to involve ourselves in.


AUGUST 10, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 33 (postcard)

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