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Monday, August 15, 2005

You Are In A Trance Now... I Will Bring You Out Of It Shortly

Witnessed a terrible car crash in front of my house today. It happened seconds after I got on the street directly behind me. I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't here a large slash sound... then I turned around and found that a car crossing the street got broad-sided. Nasty stuff... didn't stick around long enough to see if anyone was hurt. I was running late and had places to be. There are too many accidents in the ATL to worry about any of them. Besides nobody stopped to see if I was ok after I wrecked. I guess the feeling is mutual.
On the Drive-Invasion front I've learned some good and bad news. First the bad — they are only playing 2 nights of movies v. the 3 they've done in the past. Now the good news — my hero Jack Hill will be there to give a talk. They are playing 4 of his films on Sat night — The Big Bird Cage, Spider Baby, Foxy Brown, and the classic Blood Bath (also known as Track of the Vampire). I'm really excited to meet Jack. I'm going to try and get him to autograph my Sorceress poster, but I'm not sure he'll do it. That was his last film and Roger Corman pulled his name from the film and put Brian Stuart as director instead (the first names of Corman's 2 sons). Hopefully Jack will be a good sport and sign it anyways. Sid Haig is also going to be there (Spider Baby - Blood Bath - Foxy Brown)... but I really want to meet Jack. This is the drive-in lineup i've been waiting for... too bad they aren't playing Swinging Cheerleaders or Switchblade Sisters though. They play both a few years back so...
In other unfortunate news I need to select another country for the Paper Fashion Show. Someone has already taken Japan. Bastards!! I know they are going to do something stereotypical and utterly pointless with that dress... what a disappointment (mine would have been much better). I'm going to consult with Steph tonight and discuss a few different options. She had some really good ideas for other dresses last time we discussed the project. I'll have to pick her brain some more. It's important to get her opinion considering she will have to wear the dress.
Since Spin & Gin is finally over, I can get back to the bulk of my solo work again. I can also get back into the postcard habit and get some new correspondences out to my peps. Until I get an approval on the country I choose for my dress, I'm not going to worry to much about it.
I am going to jump head-first into the process and planning of the '100 Small Works' series again. I've had a nice break from those works and feel refreshed and reinvigorated with the concept behind the works. Also going to continue production of the secondary materials I have for the 2004 Fluoride Series. As soon as the house is completed I'll have ample studio space and I'll be able to get a better scope of all the works in progress. It's very hard right now to see the full picture/status of all the current works. I have everything listed out in spreadsheets and process forms, and that is great when you are getting technical, working on the time management and asset management of the works, but nothing can compare to looking at all the work in one glance. At this time most of the work is filed away because of space issues... as well as being packed up for the moving process. I really need to escape this space soon, so I can begin to work under the type of methods and organizational planning I require. Much of the later work I am going to be producing is larger in both physical scale and over-all scope. The processes and methods employed are going to become more complex and will require the larger space to facilitate a workflow that is comfortable and efficient.

AUGUST 15, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 37 (postcard)

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