Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Late Worry This Way

Standing at the baggage claim area waiting on some friends to arrive. This airport always takes forever to get their folks off of planes. I probably shouldn't have shown up when I did but I figured I was late enough... Guess not. Either that or try are standing around outside looking for me... Who knows. As soon as they grab their bags we are off the El Myr so they really need to hurry the hell up.
Hung out with a couple friends last night, Jean & Micheleh. Got drunk at O'Terrils pub early in the day and then brought the party back to my place for after hours fun. Good times all round. Conversation ran from Internet technology to sneakers and baseball hats.... Amongst other things. To much Hieniken and such.... But what is one to do.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Relationships With Pilgrimage

If I ever get to be like this pretentious asshole... please someone shoot me. I can't believe people even listen to anything Jonathan Meese has to say. "Idon't really know how I got here." Ohh really... me either.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm A Giant Duck

People are always saying that there is something really wrong with me when I tell them that I'm totally infatuated with Sandra Bernhard. Damn it I don't care what people think of me... she is hot. Maybe it's the attitude... maybe it's her lips.

Chillin' at the office today... working working. The plan is to launch TONIGHT. Just have a few things to finish (copy writing) and then it's ready to go. It's pretty exciting seeing that I have been tooling with this new site for almost a year and just rewrote all the code for it (basically rebuilding it from scratch) just last month. But it's getting ready to launch and thats a good thing indeed. I've been getting inundated with jobs requests that I haven't been able to get to my own stuff. But I made a decision that had to get done before because that's where the money is coming from.

So in other news today I see that some guy has popped up claiming that his stepfather who died in 2006 was the Zodiac Killer. Pretty interesting stuff... even has the FBI looking into the claim. And the Zodiac is none other than Tarrance Kaufman. This case just never seems to go away.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Search For The Premium Helix

Busy day at the home office today. Contracts to write-up, projects to wrap-up and others to get underway.
Tonight I'm chillin out at MF Buckhead (local sushi joint and Arobase Group client) with some friends, Sheri, Julie, Nellie & Ashley. Going to enjoy myself some sushi, saki, and beer. Here a bit early so I'm hanging at the bar chatting up Chris, one of the owners. Pretty impressive place... I always frequent the MF in downtown, so heading out into Buckhead territory is not something, I do if ever.
My friends arrive.
So I've been to MF a lot... I know how prices are. However tonight, some were shocked to see that we had drank (2) bottles of saki... no big deal right... well they were $150 each... which is something I knew was totally possible at this place. Not that this was any issue... Uncle Tom had money to throw at a problem and so did Aunt Sheri... but it was funny to hear the whole table squeal in disgust at the lack of information concerning the matter. And I have to agree/disagree with them... AGREE: When a waitress tells you they have a special bottle of something they are offering... normally it's some sort of deal. DISAGREE: Normally they'd tell you, "Well sir thats $150 per bottle"... haven't ever seen that... I've been out to dinners with friends, family, and dear god clients a good bit myself and have been put in a number of situations with 'over-priced' bottles of ... let's call it 'smiles for all', but I've never freaked out.... just paid the man my bill. But I must agree... it would be nice for some person of knowing to say... "Hey that's $150 a bottle". Sure it would be nice, but as the consumer that's your responsibility, not the seller. Drink it ya buy it. Speaking of which I have a half bootle sitting in front of me now and no one to drink it with... what ever happened to that pretty little better-half I used to date in the past... she was a good little saki partner in crime... ohh well.

The night was still fun... and the food was great as usual for MF. I was surprised to see that the menu between it and Midtown differ... which was a nice change... made me ponder my choices. The other surprise being the poor fool who was tossing his guts in front of me as I made my way to the rest room. Yikes.. poor fellow. Looks like he had eaten 10 quarter pounders with cheese before he he sprayed that mess. Ohh well, it happens to the best of us, hopefully he did it before his glorious meal at the alway great MF Sushi. Maybe he's on one of those new-fangled diets I keep hearing about.
And I post these new stories because....

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Thousand Ways To Stop

Lunch downtown at the new Mello Mushroom with David, Rick, Brad and Terrance. Damn this weather is nice... Finally seems like the summer is behind us and the fall has arrived. This place is strange... They don't even sell pizza by the slice at this one... Ohh well spinich salad for me anyways.
I should have known that when hanging out with a bunch of tech geeks, that the tech lingo would be thick. Terrance the 'Die Hard PC Guy' is having it out again with David ' Mac Guru'. I must have heard this same argument a few hundred times... David is always right ... PC's suck...Mac's rule... and he's damn righty. Always a hoot.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And So Here We Go Again

Another evening at the immortal and illusive El Myr - Bruce and Wendy are in the house tonight... Patty just sauntered in. The antics for this visit began with my obligitory walk thru the door... "Thomas" then 2 steps in Wendy is in question mode over my participation in her roller birthday extravaganza... Buses leave at 9pm... Are you in! Well he'll yeah I'm in... Not much can tear me away from a drunken roller rink extravaganza... As long as there are free skates... There isn't much to pull me away. Tully shots follow and the bar erupts with conversations of couple skates. Ahh the
couple skate... There is nothing more exciting to me (inside a roller rink... Unless we are in a back room) than the couple skate. It's like 7th grade sex in motion and that's really exciting. I'm serious... People forget about the little things to much... The
holding of a hand, the unassuming glance... It's a highly sexually charged experience, especially when you are over the age of 30. Shit it's hot... Trust me. It's on the level of helping your sweetheart bowl... There is this a really amazing connection that occurrs
when you and your lady are charged together with a set of 10 pins in front of you... I think it's ten. It's a 'cute overload'... What else can I say. But anyways fools talking about
skating and I'm talking bowling... Agh it's the same white folk shit. So I'm still sitting here and such. Just got asked what constitutes a
Texas margariti.... Well I ain't from Texas... Barker is and he knows this shit not me. Hurt.

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Bolster Your Meandering

Why's everybody on my case suddenly over this blog stuff. I thought my life was pretty uneventful over the past year or two. So what's the sense in talking about my daily exploits. Granted I have left out a good two years worth of quality material... Which now I technically have no way to go back and reference. So outside of the occational road trip, gallery show, hours working in my studio, hours programing in my office, exploits with strange women, time spent wandering thru strange flee markets, traffic accidents, bar room scuffles, bouts with the drink, adventures at ElMyr, adventures at the Starlight and my general sneaking around town to attend events and shows, there really isn't all that much to write about. Well there has been, but everyone needs a little me time. Being on the go always makes it difficult to post new entries and photos. Two years ago I sat at a desk job 9-5, week in week out. I left a world where all my time was spent making mass mailer postcards or writing the daily entry in the blog... when my desk wasn't piled full of everyones workload. But since then things have changed and I'm on the go most of the time. In the past I could never say that I'm currently standing on the 22nd floor of one of my clients office buildings looking at this view while I type this and then snap a picture and place it after this sentence like this.

Of course now it seems I can thanks to some new technology. So alright... Maybe I have been lazy... maybe times have changed... things aren't what they used to be which is always a good thing... well sometimes. Maybe now I can find the time to document things on this blog again. Maybe I'll stop worrying about building other peoples blogs and websites and concentrate on my own once again. We'll see... but I'm obviously gonna have to recode something here so these darn pictures look bigger when I do a mobile post... that's a given.

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