Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Io non so ben ridir com' i' v'intrai, tant' era pien di sonno a quel punto che la verace via abbandonai.

I emailed a brief description of my dress and concept to the people at Unisourse for the upcoming 'Uncommon Threads' Paper Fashion Show. I hope they don't come back to me and say that I need to do something more dumbed down or more tame... if that ends up being the case I'll drop out of the show all together. Sometimes people can get really strange when they have to deal with the public. They usually worry about what people are gonna think, instead of just letting the public learn to stomach it. We pander to much to those few people who get so easily offended by nothing at all. Screw those people... if you don't like something then stay away from it.

Korea — I'm going to do a split layer dress with the top half representing modern North Korea and the bottom modern South Korea. The dress will consist of a 2 part strategy. The upper half of the dress (NORTH) will be a very conservative military style cut. Very angular and rigid in it's construction. It should allow no real personality to show thru. It should make the upper half of the body fit into a communist like profile. The bottom half of the dress (SOUTH) will have a more free and organic structure. It will allow the models individual form to show through the dress. It will allow for free movement and imply the ideals of a democratic republic.
Utilizing contrasting elements found within the details of the two parts, I will reference the political climate in those regions. The entire outfit will be made of white paper, but color will be subtly infused into the design by applying red body paint to certain regions of the models body. The red paint will show thru certain die-cut areas of the dress. However, I must strongly state, that in no way will this dress speak about or hold any references to war, blood, death, or anything associated within that vein of thought. The dress will be an elegant treatment based specifically on the 2 different political systems found within 1 country and displaying the contrasts found within those political belief systems.

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