Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

New Month = New Methods

Since the correspondence list is still growing and I can't possibly send everyone on it a unique mailing every day or even every week I've decided that ontop of sending out the unique pieces, I will also be sending out one mass mailing every other week and on holidays to everyone on the correspondence list no matter how large it grows. This way people who might not recieve unique pieces as frequently as others will still have some form of contact from me.

The first set of cards to go out will be to the new list of 25. The correspondences are called 'Rabids' and while each of them are close to identical in nature they are all slightly unique. Each has a set of different synonyms that relate to the word rabid on the back side and a photograph of me and a dog, taken by Kanka, on the front. They all look really cool. I hope everyone gets them and enkoys them. I'm still waiting to confire 2 peoples addresses, but I plan on sending these out on friday. the trasferral listing is gonna be big.

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