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Friday, February 25, 2005

Flagstaff, Arizona II

Got up early and went to our first of 2 photoshoots which ended at noon. My feet got really cold... we were on a ice skating rink for about 3 hours. Left the shoot and walked the downtown Flagstaff area untill we found a bar where we thought we could get a Guniess and a glass of Scotch. Went into an interesting Irish Pub (as usuall when traveling) and ordered a pint of Guiness. Kanka asked the waitress what kinds of single malts they had, to which she replied ok a single malt. We kind of looked at her funnny because she began to write single malt on the ticket... Kanka said “No... single malt scotch.” The waitress said she would find out. At the bar she asked the mexican bartender what single malts they had to which he picked up a bottle of J&B and said we have this. Kanka and I looked at each other, smiled, and then Kanka walked up to the bar and pointed to the large selection of single malt scotches on the top row above the J&B and instructed the mexican that J&B was not a single malt. Finally got drinks and food. I proceeded to make a piece of art on 2 one dollar bills to hang on the bars walls which were litered with thousands of bills crudly written on by local frat jerks and the everyday traveler. The bills were strategicly color black and silver and each had an american flag 37¢ stamp placed over washingtons face. I then taped the 2 bills together bottom to bottom. Kanak colored a dollar bill all black but left Washingtons head floatin in space. After the meal I got a stapel gun and placed them on the wall next to where we sat.

Dollar Bills:
L 91154423 S
I 03958929 A


We headed abck to the hotel and them made our way 1 hour north in search of the Grand Canyon (a.k.a. Big Hole). We left Flagstaffs 6,500 feet elevation and reached 8,046 feet at on point during the trip. Again another huge climite shift as we went from 45°F with a light snow flurry to 30°F and snow everywhere and then to 58°F with clear blue skies. We stopped off on the way there for several photo ops (Fred Flintstone). Before we got to the canyon we decided to grab a beer to bring to drink while we sat at the canyon edge. Heiniken $3.99 a bottle!!! Pricey shit... damn tourist trap gas stations. Kanka told the guy that they were really to pricey and the guy said “Hey I’m giving you a free bag”, to which Kanka replied “Ohh wow will you autograph that too then.” Really confused the guy. Made it to the Big Hole ($10.00 seven day pass) and took several pictures of us on the edge — MISSION #1. We had our pricey beers while we drove from viewing point to viewing point — MISSION #2. We pissed over the edge into the canyon —MISSION #3. The canyon rocked... ha ha. Glad we got out to it. Stopped at a little Indian trading post, Kanka wanted to purchace an authentic peace pipe. i purchaced several postcards (paper, wood, copper plate) and also bought a sweet leather cowboy hat. Finally found one to fit my big skull. We drove back and dealt with the same changing climates again. On the way up I commented that some of the snow drifts on the side of the rode where so deep you’d fall waist deep in them. Kanka stopped the car when we got back to the 8,046 feet sign to take a picture 27°F this round. He took a few steps toward the sign and feel knee deep into the drift, with each footstep shouting FUCK!! FUCK!! He got his photograph but he also got a nice hot foot.
Made it back to the hotel and went down tothe lobby bar for a drink. Decided we didn’t want to go out so we had sushi at the bar and more drinks (tons of wasabi). I worked on some different postcards for Barker. I created a set made from overhead shots of Flagstaff and affixed a cut out of Fred Flintstone. I got tired of using my hair gel to glue things together so I dumped wax from the candles on the tables to fix them to the cards.

FEBRUARY 25, 2005
BARKER - Omitted Jughead 13(postcard)
BARKER - Other Peoples Words: Silver Indians 01 (postcard)
NEWMAN - Magnum Hawaiian 15 (postcard)

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