Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Flagstaff, Arizona I

Flew out to Phoenix, Arizona today with Kanka for another job related photoshooot (Special Olymics in Flagstaff). Nice long 4 hour flight. I decided I’d switch seats at the gate so I could sit with Kanka — bad idea — 4 hour flight between Kanka and the fattest woman I’ve seen in a while. Befopre the flight Kanka commented that prehaps you’ll get to sit next to apretty brunette. Dead wrong. After the flight was over I declared that it would be the only bad part of the entire trip. We grabbed our rental car and hit I-17 to Flagstaff. We stopped the car after we enter an area that was coated with cacti... hundreds of them. I don’t remeber seeing realm cactus up cloase and personal like this so we were extrremely pleaded to have the chance to get up close. Kanak shoot photographs of the landscape while I feared rattlesnake bite.
Went from desert to snow covered highway in less than an hour... crazy state. Checked into the hotel and went to eat mexican at Casa Bonita... I stole the menu cover for Kanka because Casa Bonita was a place from a South Park episode. Had a few beers and some Patron and Don Julio. Got back to the hotel and just completed a postcard for Barker.

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