Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Flagstaff, Arizona III

Woke up early again, grabbed some breakfast in the hotel lobby and headed to our 2nd photo shoot (ice rink again). Afterwards we decided we walk around the downtown area again and find a place to eat. Found a really cool little shop that sold all sorts of good stuff. Alternative/junkmans Daughter type place. Purchaced several more postcards and some colored b/w photographs 90¢ each. Also bought a ton of little button with all sorts of randon things on them (heart diagram, dance steps diagram, pigtailed little girl, Niagra Falls map, Micheal J. Fox, DEVIL in red, and a few more for friends). The real gem from this store was a wonderful book about sending mail to dead people. Yeah really cool... of course i feel the premise is total bullshit, but granted it still a clever idea and a beautiful book ($20). The ‘Flagstaff punk rock girl’ at the stores counter turned us onto a great local brewery for lunch. Really good beer and snacks. Purchaced a jug of their Dobblenag beer (double strong) to drink at the hotel.
Eat some pizza in the hotel lobby. Made a ton of postcards tonight. I'm going to send them all out in the morning... even though it's sunday. I displayed some of the post cards near the hotel fire place so as to help them dry and cause people walking by to look at them. One couple came by and sat right next to them so I asked if they'd like to add something to the cards I was doing for Newman. The girl wrote a line of text and the guy draw a toe with six toes. I told both to doo the exact same thing on each card... the toes look really funny... he totally drew it the same way each time.
Kanka and I later wandered through some party in a ball room where there were sopisticated people gambeling. I started calling out for Chrissy and even asked a few people if they had seen Chrissy... but no one replied... ohh... and I was wearing my coboy hat too. Stole a blue marker from a table and came upstairs to my room.

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