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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Ants.... Ants Everywhere

Ants... a long trail of ants. This is what I discovered upon entering my house today after work. And what did they want? Goldfish... yeah Goldfish. I don't know why. Perhaps they were using them to construct a giant monument in honor of these tastey crackers. We'll never know, because a immediately vacuumed them up and took them in their new vacuum cleaner bag home to the dumpster.

Speaking of vacuum cleaner bags, Zimmerman was quite disappointed with the wonderful box she received from me. 'Heart to Heart Day Alteration AE' was a lovely little green box that contained a used vacuum cleaner bag. It's a key piece in the entire body of that work. I worked on it form July 20 - December 31, 2004. Zimmerman said she was expecting something really special when she unwrapped and opened the box (just like I felt when I received her hairball box). Another word for revenge is trots... it means shit. That's what you get I suppose. But I must reiterate the fact that 'Heart to Heart Day Alteration AE' is an important work. If not for the fact that it's a part of a larger body, for the fact that it is a Retroconsumerism piece. That alone makes it a precious piece to own, seeing as I've done only a few true Retroconsumeristic pieces thus far outside of the 2004 Fluoride Set. She should feel special... it fits in with other uncompleted Retroconsumerism works from the 'Events & Artifacts' series. I'm actually kinda sad to see it go. Ohh well, maybe one day she'll understand it once she receives the other 4 works. But i assured her that she would start receiving other correspondence pieces that aren't as complex to comprehend. Sherrill told me that Barker and her feared that Zimmerman might tear open the vacuum cleaner bag thinking their was something hidden within it. I thought that was totally hilarious.

After I took care of the ant situation Kanka stopped over and we had a few drinks. We sat around and watched some movies I had received from NETFLIX — Director's Series, Vol. 1 - The Work of Director Spike Jonze & Director's Series, Vol. 1 - The Work of Director Michel Gordry. Really great stuff... was really surprised to see how many of my favorite videos were done by Gordry. The guys a genius... simple as that.

Spent the night cutting out the back sides of the mass mailer Valentines i'm sending out this week. However i fear i will not be able to send them out until this saturday. So I think some will arrive on V-Day for some people and some will arrive the day after. Not that big a deal to me... If I were smart (now that i think of it this is a better idea) I should send them on the 14th so they have a 14th post mark on them. I'm gonna do them that way instead... it'll give me a little more time to make them look better too.


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