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Friday, February 04, 2005

Biggest Correspondence Day Yet!!!

Today is a big big day. Sending out a total of 30 correspondences - 5 unique and a set of 25 mass mailers. I'm pretty excited to see if everyone gets theirs and what the response will be from people who aren't expecting to receive the new mass mailings. Can't wait to see if anyone replies. Also today I am sending the fifth component in the Zimmerman 'Heart to Heart Day Alteration's. This one is a nice little package... err box to be more accurate.

While I was cataloging all of the 'Rabid' correspondences, I was surprised how all the different words generated for each card had some sort of meaning for each person. All the words used are related to the worked rabid in some fashion or another. Each set of words were placed in a random-ordered fashion, but as chaos has it patterns and similarities always emerge. For example - Newman has 'Rabid: hydrophobic/mad-dog' now while hydrophobic meaning lacking affinity for water may not apply to him, the term mad-dog fits him perfectly because of the 'Lost Dog' series of art works he has produced. Also - Kutzbach 'Rabid: hot/made' fits very well with his new rock-n-roll lead singer lifestyle. Hot meaning very popular or successful and made meaning successful or assured of success... perhaps I'm a fortune teller of sorts who knows. But I just find it interesting that the randomly choosen words fit so well with so many people.

Now the most interesting aspect of this first mass mailing is the Olive situation. Olive is a guy I went to college with for a short period of time... I think only the first semester freshman year. He then transferred to UMASS (home of Frank Black). All I have is an address in Connecticut that I've had around for about 8 years now. I don't know if he or any of his relatives are currently at this address, so it will be interesting to see what happens with that correspondence and future ones — whether it reaches its intended target audience and if it generates any response. We shall see... we shall see.

UPDATE: Just took mail to the post office and the guy behind the counter was giving me all sorts of flack over the Zimmerman package for several reason. First, for it's lack of a return address to which i informed him - "I never put return address. If it gets lost that's your problem." Second, for the label I put on it which states CAUTION RETROCONSUMERISTIC MATERIAL. He told me that was suspicious and could cause problems. To which i replied - "Look.. I could write SEVERED HAND on the thing... your still gonna mail it reguardless." Third, when he questioned me about the contents of the package, I explained to him what Retroconsumerism was and told him what was inside. To which he replied - "Why in the world would you want to mail something like that?" I laffed. Forth, after he had taped it and stickered it I told him I had to take a photo of it... which after explaining to him that I did Mail Art and had to document everything in case they lost it, he informed me again that I should put a return address on it and then reluctantly let me take a photo of it on the floor.


FEBRUARY 4, 2005
BARKER - More Than Three Occasions 03 (letter)
HOLLENBECK - Left Foot 04 (drawing/collage)
NEWMAN - Magnum Hawaiian 09 (postcard)
WEISS - Miss March / Miss November 08 (postcard)
ZIMMERMAN - Heart to Heart Day Alteration AE (package)

BARKER - Rabid: extremist/revolutionary (postcard)
BUTTREY - Rabid: fanatical/raging (postcard)
COTELIA - Rabid: fervent/radical (postcard)
DURAN - Rabid: flipped/poisoned (postcard)
GLASSO - Rabid: frantic/overboard (postcard)
HARL - Rabid: freaked out/obsessed (postcard)
HOLLENBECK - Rabid: frenetic/nutty (postcard)
KANKA - Rabid: frenzied/narrow-minded (postcard)
KIDWELL - Rabid: furious/maniacal (postcard)
KUTZBACH - Rabid: hot/made (postcard)
NEWMAN - Rabid: hydrophobic/mad-dog (postcard)
OLIVE - Rabid: infuriated/mad (postcard)
PEARSON - Rabid: insane/keen (postcard)
REYNOLDS - Rabid: intemperate/irrational (postcard)
SCHAEFER - Rabid: berserk/zealous (postcard)
SHERRILL - Rabid: bigoted/wild (postcard)
SKOREPA - Rabid: bitten/virulent (postcard)
SMITH - Rabid: bugged/violent (postcard)
STATTS - Rabid: corybantic/ultraist (postcard)
SYLVESTER - Rabid: crazed/ultra (postcard)
VINSON - Rabid: crazy/stoned (postcard)
WEISS - Rabid: delirious/steamed up (postcard)
WHITLOCK - Rabid: deranged/smoking (postcard)
YORK - Rabid: enthusiastic/sizzling (postcard)
ZIMMERMAN - Rabid: extreme/sick (postcard)

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