Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Kansas City, Missouri II

Woke up and forced my self to eat breakfast. No one else joined me. Eventually we packed up our shit and heaed to lunch at Houstons. Wasn't really hungry after breakfast so boxed my food to go. Went to that days photoshoot. Warehouse full of junk and such. I rescued a little boy doll from a dumpster and made sure he made it to the car for eventual travel back to Atlanta. We got back to the hotel and whle waiting for the elevator a little girl say my little boy doll and gave the blankest most frightened expression I'd ever seen. Kanka saw her too and said she'd probably be mentally scared for life because of my little boy — we laffed. Went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for dinner and had a nice big meal. Left Ruth's and decided to find another bar to drink at. Stopped in a Barnes & Nobles and purchased 4 new art books - Richard Prince: Photography/Painting - Themes & Movements: Conceptual Art - Pop Art - Ringo Stars: Postcards From the Boys. Good stuff. Ended up back at the irish Pub and had just a few Guinesses. Keeping to my pledge from earlier that day, that I wouldn't have a drink tonight until I had a drink. Another bad cover band played... but there were tons of hot girls... WOW. Kanak and i went back to hotel early. Schrier went out with his friend for a while longer.

FEBRUARY 19, 2005
BARKER - Other Peoples Words: White Elks 02 (postcard)

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