Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Barkers Here? What the F@*%!!!

Barker showed up yesterday night. I guess he flew in just for fun and drinks... which we had a few. Was extremely suprised to learn that Barker didn't know who Ray Johnson was and had never seen 'How To Draw A Bunny'. I fugured he would have betten me to it. Ohh well the gag will be slightly on him now... if he ever refers back to some of my old mailings I'm sure he be suprised to see all the little Johnson clues that have been in quite a few. We ended up staying the night a Sherrills and watch the film and had some drink.

Today I woke up early ande painted the front sides of 15 correspondences — Kutzbach, Reynolds, Schaefer, York. Just basic white paint pieces. We went on a city tour of galleries and such. Didn't see anything that was of major interest. Barker was interested in getting photos of grafitti so we toured around for stuff like that and then went back to Sherrills for the evening.
I completed a set of 5 correspondences for Newman that are interesting but I'm going to have to develope more. They just are as worked as I'd like them to be. Again, dealing with themes that he's interested in now... only the images are cropped and blown out of porporton so much that it's hard to read what they originally were — outside of a set of large colored pixels. Ha —

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