Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Monday, January 31, 2005

Sickness Sets In — More Correspondences

Called in sick today... I'm sitting in bed with the laptop working on filing things. I've added more people yet again to the correspondence list — another 5. I'm also going to post my address on the website sometime this week to allow anyone to write me. The damn internet is on the fritz as usual. It's been like this since last friday so i've been writing these posts into a text file and saving them away. As soon as i figure out whats wrong with it I'll post these up to the site. I might not be able to post these everyday but i still have to write them somehow everyday.

Barker. Aaron — Dallas, Texas
Buttrey. Kevin — Cleveland, Tennessee
Cotealia. Spring — Chattanooga, Tennessee
- Duran, Dave — Savannah, Georgia
Glasso. Tracy — Atlanta, Georgia
- Harl, Michael — Richmond, Virginia
Hollenbeck. Phi — Dallas, Texas
Kanka. Jaroslav — Atlanta, Georgia
Kidwell. Martha — Charleston, Tennessee
Kutzback. Donny — Kenmore, New York
Newman. Scott — Savannah, Georgia
Olive, Frank — Bethel. Connecticut
Pearson. Olivia — Charlotte, North Carolina
Reynold. Tom — Powder Springs, Georgia
Schaefer. Susan — Grand Island, New York
Sherrill. Nancy — Marietta, Georgia
Skorepa, Dave — North Royalton, Ohio
- Smith, Jeannette — Atlanta, Georgia
Statts. Jason — Savannah, Georgia
- Sylvester, Olie — Auburn, Georgia
Vinson. Chuk — Atlanta, Georgia
Weiss. Danny — Miami Beach, Florida
- Whitlock, Laurie — Chattanooga, Tennessee
York. James — Brighton, Michigan
Zimmerman. Cassandra — Dallas, Texas

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