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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Folk Art Show A Blast - Bigger List!!!

The Folk Art Show opened last night and it was awsome. Sherrill did a great job... I'm so proud of her efforts. Everything she put together was perfect. Got to the Woodruff at about 6pm and went across the street to drink martinis with Kanka before the show. Linton eventually joined us. We were seated in a window seat and I saw linton approaching the entrance from a distance... man what a crazy hat he had on. Totally 1950's style.. the kind Newman always used to were when we were in college together. I wonder if he still wears that.

Ran into some new and old faces at the show and just had to get their mailing addresses. So again the list has increased by 5. Now I'm at 30 and I'm sure it will get bigger in the coming months. This group will all recieve the Valentines Mass mailing that will go out middle of next week... hopefully hitting just before V-Day.

Barker. Aaron — Dallas, Texas
- Beasley, Elizabeth — Atlanta, Georgia
Buttrey. Kevin — Cleveland, Tennessee
Cotealia. Spring — Chattanooga, Tennessee
Duran, Dave — Savannah, Georgia
Glasso. Tracy — Atlanta, Georgia
Harl, Michael — Richmond, Virginia
- Herrle, Jake — Atlanta, Georgia
Hollenbeck. Phi — Dallas, Texas
Kanka. Jaroslav — Atlanta, Georgia
Kidwell. Martha — Charleston, Tennessee
Kutzback. Donny — Kenmore, New York
- Linton, David — Atlanta, Georgia
Newman. Scott — Savannah, Georgia
Olive, Frank — Bethel. Connecticut
Pearson. Olivia — Charlotte, North Carolina
Reynold. Tom — Powder Springs, Georgia
Schaefer. Susan — Grand Island, New York
Sherrill. Nancy — Marietta, Georgia
Skorepa, Dave — North Royalton, Ohio
Smith, Jeannette — Atlanta, Georgia
- Stanford, Chris — Lilburn, Georgia
Statts. Jason — Savannah, Georgia
- Steeger, Robin — Dallas, Georgia
Sylvester, Olie — Auburn, Georgia
Vinson. Chuk — Atlanta, Georgia
Weiss. Danny — Miami Beach, Florida
Whitlock, Laurie — Chattanooga, Tennessee
York. James — Brighton, Michigan
Zimmerman. Cassandra — Dallas, Texas

FEBRUARY 2, 2005
BARKER - More Than Three Occasions 02 (letter)
NEWMAN - Magnum Hawaiian 07 (postcard)
WEISS - Miss March / Miss November 06 (postcard)

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