Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Friday, February 18, 2005

Kansas City, Missouri I

Woke up really early and ate breakfast in the lobby of the hotel. Kanka wondered how he was supposed to eat so early in the morning... I had to agree. Schrier ate 2 plates however. We headed into the bad parts of Kansas City for our only photoshoot that day and they returned back to the hotel. Decided we'd grab a drink and went back to the Irish Pub and had a few guiness. Then Schrier thought we'd head down the street to another bar and have a few drinks there and then go eat dinner. Well... we never made it to dinner... but we did enjoy many games of pool and some delicious Don Julio. They didn't have Patron but I assured the group that it was just as good. Schrier bailed out early, leaving Kanka and I alone to drink more. We left that bar, because of crazy blonde girls who were harrassing us. We ran into Schriers friend on the way out and went with him back to the Irish Pub. PACKED TO THE GILLS... and more shitty cover bands playing. Kanka and I ordered a guiness and a scotch. Crazy blonde girls showed up there as well. Kanka spilled his Guiness, I put my down (away from my stomach) and we both had about 2 sips of our scotch before we headed back to the hotel.

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