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Monday, January 03, 2005

Barker Correspondence

Completed a large set of correspondences for Aaron today... 30 in all, with about 25 more waiting to be completed. I'm going to attempt to send out at the least 4 of these mailings a week for the entire year. 4 x 52 =208 total // I did a large number of blue Jughead cards again called 'Omitted Jughead'. Like Richie Rich, Jughead is going to become a central figure in a lot of work to come... he's going to be my Christ figure. He wears a crown and I'm saying he's a jew... works for me.

Also started a Ray Johnson'esk fan club mailing too. John Wayne Fan Club - complete with John Wayne stamps. I'm pretty sure Aaron knows about Johnson... in a correspondence I got from him in August 2004 he pasted a clipping from a book that mentioned him among other people. This first fan club letter is a neat little envelope with a 8.5 x 11 drawing inside with Blue Jughead's and a young picture of Johnson in the middle with a jughead head asking "Moticos! Moticos! What is a moticos!". I also did a nice little play on words too – put the letters RA on it (Ray Johnson, sun god Ra, RA periodic table for Radium) Also added UR CR ANIUM (uranium/cranium/your cranium).

JANUARY 03, 2005
BARKER - Birds/Birdfood 01 (postcard)

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