Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Hollenbeck 'Left Foot'

Created a lot of new 'Left Foot' correspondences over this past week. Set a ot of them on fire too. It seems that the latest theme for about the past 10 of these has had something to do with burning. Some are set on fire... some have things you light up... and other have actual money (which I obviously have to burn). So far I'm at about 15 of the total 50. It's strange, but I have a tendency to either I guess tell a story or a better way of putting it is following a train of thought. it's the same thing I've been doing with Barker for the past year. All of his correspondences follow some common thread. Come to think of it, this all started with the Newman Media Mail work.... huh. I'll be very interested in seeing where these correspondences are at when I reach the initial 50. Who knows I might never send Hollenbeck anything else ever besides 'Left Foot' correspondences... but I doubt that.

Discovered that the instep of my left foot is the exact height of a dollar bill.... strange proportions... I'll have to use that observation at a later time in this series.

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