Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Newman & Barker Correspondences

Started using the shredder today to make the Newman correspondences. It's amazing how much faster this particular process goes once you have all the cut portions ready in a matter of seconds. Already completed 16 of them today and I'm probably going to keep going. Since the images started to repeat I'll start another set but with a different patterned stucture.

Considering the concept of creatng some kind of large work with patterned shirts. Something extremely simple... even just glueing the shirts flat on a white ground. I'll have to put some more thought into that though.

Also used the shedder to complete a new set for the Barker correspondences. 4 works from the 'Three or More Times' set. This is a set that had alot of hand cut strips in it previously... but I finished the envelopes with the shredder technique and did some interesting ordering of the images.

Took the left over stripes from 'Three or More Times' and completed Hollenbeck correspondeces 'Left Foot' 1-3. Have to find out what the postal rate on something like this will be (9" x 13" envelope). I'm thinking 74¢ will be fine, but I want to check just to be sure. Gonna spend the rest of the evening scanning and cataloging all correspondences ready for mailing.

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