Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Folks Helping Folks With Folk

Well the weather man was right. Ice everywhere... I mean everywhere and thick too. I had over a 1/4" coating my entire car. The streets were frozen.. man everything. the best part was getting it off the car. you could actually roll down your windows and be left with a fully intact sheet of ice... kinda like a second window. the funniest was smashing that... hmmm good stuff.

We finished building out the under-structures for all of Sherrills bio panels. They should be really sturdy. She had all of the bio printed on chip board and skilled in black ink. Standard Deluxe out of Alabama did that. They look really good. I'm truely interested to see how everything looks when the show is hanged. She also had poster printed up by Hatch Show Print... they look really cool... very Hatch'ish.

Stayed up until the wee hours with Kanka drinking martinis... gin of course. Most of the night I spent looking at this mammoth door Sherrill had. She was wanting to make that into the title panel for the show... something you'd see I guess when you wanted into the door. We had tried silkscreening onto earlier that night but it just didn't work. I don't know what the hell she'll do with that door. i wish i could have helped her with it but she'll figure it out I'm sure. I think it will be best for her to do that kind of thing... she already has the show in her head I know it. I'd just screw thing up.

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