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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sundays Workflow

Well today I've taken it kinda easy... didn't get a ton of things done but did get enough correspondences made for at least 5 weeks worth of mailings. Completed — Barker / Zimmerman / Newman / Hollenbeck. Spent a little time designing the labels for the Newman and Hollenbeck sets. Newmans requires a small 1/4" strip of paper with the address and Hollenbeck a simple label to fit onto a 9" x 12" envelope.

Began working on 5 new Hollenbeck 'Left Foot' correspondences. They'll be pretty interesting when they are done because they are being built from a lot of the left over materials I've been using for other projects. So each one should have a mini history of the works i've been creating at least in these past few years.

Completed a new set of 5 correspondences for Barker today as well. They are the 'Fat Chick' set and they feature Fonzie on the back side with a top 5 list. They are pretty silly. Very similar to the 'Upton Sinclair's - The Jungle' set. I've got at least 6 weeks worth of cards for mailing to Barker, so another 2 month vacation will be good, although I'm sure I'll produce another huge amount during this time off. The system of creating large amounts for future use is just so much better especially when I can crank out sets of 5 within a few nights time.

One of the next projects that i need to get rolling on is the 'Events'. I have build all of their wood structures, but now need to fill/sand/prime them for the artifacts that will be on them. I've decided to try and not force these works into being developed every month — only if they merit the documentation. It looks like I will have 2 pieces from 2003 and about 6 pieces from 2004. This just makes the works more momentous, really focuses on their reason for being. I don't want to force any 'Events' into existence if they don't possess true virtues.

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