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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Drinking With the Kids

Halleluiah... Received another correspondence from Barker today (he's been away for a while) I think he's on a stamp kick this month. Last week I received 'Rough Riders' with a nice little story about a guy trying to get to his cousin's birthday. This week I got one called 'World Refugee Year'... and I must agree, it is very noir.

Spent the evening drinking with Kanka and Sherrill. Basic conversation and sensationalism that I'm always expecting (good stuff). It was a good evening at our usual waterhole El Myr — El Schmere. Drank a few too many black beers with Kanka. The waiter said that they were second best to sex... but I found my eyes googling at every beautiful brunette that entered. Ahh what is it with my hate and love for the color brown. HA!!!

Developed several interesting correspondence scenarios while I was at the bar, but I'll have to work them out more fully before I can clearly explain them here. Going to take it easy tonight and do a bit of organizing and go to sleep early. I think next week Monday I'll be able to start sending correspondences to 3 new people.

- Kanka
- S. Schaefer
- York

Then the next big mailing will be my Valentines and everyone on the list gets a few of those. i will be very busy in the next few days so I'm going to get my sleep while I can tonight. Perhaps I'll dream up some new art schemes... I usually do when I go to sleep early.

JANUARY 27, 2005
HOLLENBECK - Left Foot 03 (drawing)
NEWMAN - Magnum Hawaiian 06 (postcard)

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