Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Friday, January 28, 2005

Ahh Fridays Again

Not to much happened today. I did talk to Weiss He's been pretty excited about all of the cards I've been sending him. He was asking who they were supposed to go together. I don't think I told him though. Bahh ha ha!! Going over to Sherrills tonight to help her with preparing materials for the Folk Art show at the Woodruff. I think we'll be assembling all the backing materials for her bio panels. I want to make sure that we build these things sturdy... the show travels for 2 years. So the better we make them the longer they will last of course.

Should be interesting weekend Kanka will be joining us. the weather report says we're going to have an ice storm, but I think it's a bunch of shit. Better go buy my bread and milk... yeah right i think I'll be buying a bottle of gin instead. Read a funny story today about a guy who got trapped in his car under huge amounts of snow. He was traveling up to his cabin or something like that and brought with him a few cases of beer. He drank all the beer and used his pee to melt the snow that trapped him in his car. So the moral of this story is... bread an milk won't get you out of a snow covered car but alcohol can.

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