Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

You Only Have To Come Out Of Your Hole

"The harder you concentrate, the more the things that are really in your head start coming out."Lucian Freud

"The best way to change is to stop doing the same old shit." Damien Hirst

Last evening I worked on 2 different projects. First I punched out all the images for the 'Reunion Jacket'. The 'Reunion Jacket' is made up of 422 unique 1" buttons. I'll be making a button from each high school senior yearbook picture from my class of 95'. There are 227 in all. Each is a centered headshot in black dress or tuxedo top... all black & white. Then I've taken my own portrait and blown it up so that it consumes an area that is 13" x 15" — 195 buttons. This portion will be applied to the center-back of a black suit jacket to reveal the enlarged portrait. The other 227 buttons will mingle thoughout the rest of the jackets body... moving from back to front and engrossing as much surface area the jacket has to provide. I'm not absolutly sure of the reason why I'm creating this work, but I think it will make itself known as I build the work and finally wear it for it's one night only performance on Saturday, November 22. It's sure to turn a few heads. I'm also going to bring along a grab bag of buttons to give away to people at this 10 year reunion party.
Secondly I continued work on the large Blue Jughead triptych. The work is built in three sections, though unlike traditional triptyches, these works are not hindged to the center piece and I have no plans to connect at this point in the process. I do think however, that I will be adding some sort of lighting rig the all three pieces. I'm not sure whether I'll be doing the same type of lighting I did on 'Dance Dance Dance' or something more subtle. The one thing I am disliking in powering my works is the unsightly electrical cord that hangs from the work and gets plugged into the wall. GROSS LOOKING!! There are several methods that can be employeed to get rid of this distraction, of course, I just haven't considered them at this point in the process.

This evening I will begin production of the 'Reunion' buttons, as my package containing my 2,000 button parts finally arrived this morning via FedEx. They were supposed to be here last friday — typical.

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