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Friday, November 18, 2005

Transitional Hoop-La And Naughtism

Arrived back at the house last night after another 4+ hour trip. Finished reading 'David Sedaris: Dress Your Family In Corduroy And Denim' on the plane ride back. The book was loaned to me by one of my friends and correspondents - Pearson. I was pretty amazed how fast I balzed thru the 270 odd pages in the short time I was on the plane. It was a really fun book and a great change from all the books on math & physics I've been reading lately. The inflight movie was the 2005 remake of The Bad News Bears. There was no way I could sit thru a film with that twit Billy Bob Thornton, especially a remake of a film and a series I adore. Now granted the film was directed by Richard Linklater and I love Slacker, but man what is he up to lately. He must have had kids or something. Most of the great people get all tame and lame after they have kids. The only thing that is going to save my appreciation for link' is the new film he has coming out ' A Scanner Darkly'. The saving grace, it's based on a Philip K. Dick novel. So it has to be good. I love Dick... ha ha. Ohh yeah and it also stars one of the greatest actors alive today — Keanu Reeves. Plus... it has the most brillaint actor alive today in the supporting cast — Robert Downey Jr. I also read somewhere that Terry Gilliam wanted to make a film based on this book as well... but poor Terry, that never happened. Ohh yeah did I mention the film is rotoscoped... ohh boy!!

Anyways, back to the Bears, if you are unaware there were 3 Bad News Bears films and a TV show that ran from 79' to 80'.

The Bad News Bears (1976)
The Bad News Bears: Breaking Training (1977)
The Bad News Bears: Go to Japan (1978)

Personally I like the worst of the 3 ' Japan' — Tony Curtis is awsome... in a really bad way. It's definitly the worst of the three films. A definite studio money maker after the sucess of the first two.

I was hoping my buttons would have arrived, 2,000 of them, but there was a mix-up with FedEx — jerks. To my suprise however the back issues I ordered of Jughead Digest (complete 2003 & 2004 sets) were sitting in an envelope outside my door. I forgot I even ordered them... it was some weeks back. I needed the digests so I could complete the large Blue Jughead triptych. I had exausted my supply of the mini digest comic and was unable to find them in any local store. I usually picked them up at the grocery store, but I haven't seen one up at the cash registers magazine section in months. I had purchased 50 back issues of the original Jughead comic a month before at the flee market, but they were the wrong format for this work and were bought for other reasons.
I tore a few books apart and took the uncompleted panels outside and slowly afixed the pages to the panels. Tomorrow I will get a broad covering of the areas I want to focus on and paint out everything else with the Brilliant Blue acrylic... which in the absence of the digests I've been buying anytime I see it in the store — I believe I have almost 30 new tubes of the stuff and I'm sure there was a day in Atlanta where you couldn't find that paint anywhere because I bought it at 6 different places one day.

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