Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Thursday, November 24, 2005

I Need To Feast Upon The Thoughts Of My Children

Thanksgiving Day... visiting my parents in Cleveland to eat some turkey.

This afternoon I completed 200 1" buttons to give away to everyone at the party this saturday. The buttons imagry is derived from the 200+ images of my senior high school class. There are 2 pins - 1 of a male and the other of a female. Each image was achived by taking all the images of the same gender and putting them into an averaging program. Each image is processed and the computer calculates a relative pixel gradient that is an average of all the pictures. The resulting image is a ghostly looking form that resembles a person in a tuxedo or in the case of the female a person with long black hair. Each genders face is is blown out to white because of the averaging process. All that is left is a ghostly image. This technique was first done by Jason Salavon. He did large prints based on his and his mothers graduating classes. Salavon has done several works of art based on his personally written averaging software.

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