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Monday, November 14, 2005

Bread Crumbs Leave Scars On Little Babies Arms

11:48pm (Sacramento Time)
OK So I'm here... now what... well here's some of the 5 hour adventure in fun.

Getting on the plane.

Getting off the plane.

Had issues finding my bag at the luggage claim... strangest thing I ever seen.

View from my room... that there is a bridge... zoinks.

Figured out where the local art store is... only 15 blocks down J Street from my hotel. I'm planning on creating a work that is 50 pieces big... subject matter is still unknown... media unknown, but more than likely derived from local newspapers and found items in the streets. All I have so far is the goal of 50 small pieces. I'm going to do them in the same index card format as I did the 'New York City Barstool Baptism' works. The format is great because I can cart them around in my pocket... no big crap to haul outside of a few markers/pens/pencils and maybe a tube of paint to act as a bounding agent with things I attach. It'll be an excellent and well deserved cathartic exercise... I need one right now.
The hotel has free internet access so I'll be able to update the blog everyday I'm there... load it full of photos and all sorts of other garbage.

Ordered 2,000 buttons this morning. Gonna hit the post office this afternoon and get stamps before my trip. Gonna need them, I plan on sending out a number of cards from the area.

Was going to mail out the 4th pin based correspondence today 'Beatle Beam', but as fate has it, I ran out of materials to make my buttons with this weekend. On a good note though... I've learned to both Steph and Kanka recieved the first card 'Wanna Have Fun' cards with buttons intact. This gives me hope that others will recieve their cards intact as well.

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