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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Gogogo Airheart @ The Earl

Kanka and I spent the entire morning waiting around for my buddie Linton to drop by so we could go buy stereo equitment... he eventually showed. The highlight of the early day — having to go all the way back to best buy to return the pioneer reciever I had bought that didn't work... so much for open box discounts. We finally got a salesguy to get us the replacement stereo and after waiting at the return desk for 10 minutes we decided to leave with the new stereo - my old reciept and fill out any of the stupid return paperwork. We weren't about to go and wait another 15 minutes for customer-no-service. the new reciever works and I got it at a discount... or they paid me for my time as Linton put it.

Went with Steph to see my favorite band play at The Earl tonight. There were 4 bands that played, Steph and I made it for the last three — The Werewolfs - The Joggers - Gogogo Airheart.
The Werewolfs were really boisterous... they jumped around the black-lighted stage with little werewolf hoodies, they even had a full moon prop... I went and grabbed another beer and then I talked to Hash (GGGAH bass player) for a while and complained that they didn't have a vinyl release yet... Hash told me they couldn't afford it and that they were gonna get it pressed in Australia toward the end of their tour and that he'd have copies when they came back to the ATL in Februray.
Finally the Werewolfs finished up and The Joggers came onto the stage. They are touring with the GGGAH. The funniest thing i noticed about them before they started was that they were all playing SG guitars... even the bass was an SG... strange. They were pretty good, but as with most bands I see at the Earl the sound was way too loud and you kinda feel like every bad sounds the same... loud and routy. I grabbed their LP after the show along with GGGAH new record... err CD.
We made a break for the outside before the GGAh came on... the other bad thing about the Earl is the lack of ventalation in the back... smoke err I should say smog hell. We caught our breeth and went back for the show. Rock!! The GGGAH were great. It was a little more rock v. the Gogogo's typical groove I've seen in the past, but part of that is due to the poor sound there as well.

The Joggers

The Gogogo Airheart

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