Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Run The Corset Length Wise... Then Cut The Spade

Woke up late this morning yet again. Spent the majority of the day painting on the large Blue Jughead trypitch and it's moving a lot faster than I expected... I'm using the brush in a very strange way. It's almost like I am carving away at nothing with paint — I guess I'm just holding it in a different manner than I do when I paint realisticlly with oil. Speaking of oils, I also pulled out all reference materials and supplies to begin work again on the two small canvas for the Fluoride show. I plan to begin a full assult on those 2 works in the following weeks, just as soon as I get the Blue Jughead totally painted out.

Still no buttons... pissed. I need them for a project I need to completed before this coming Saturday — details later.

Going out for dinner with Steph tonight. Haven't seen her since I got back. Gonna have to cut todays work flow short so's I can get ready. Next week will be a busy one for sure.

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