Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bagged Wizard

Flying on an airplane today — hope nothing blows up. I've always considered the fact I have an Apple laptop with me when I fly handy. I've imagined someone trying to hijack the plane and me coming up from behind and cracking them in the head with it or defleting a knife with it and beating the hijacker in the face with it. Then I'd be on CNN or FOX and I'd be interviewed and the headline would read 'Man Thwarts Hijacking with Apple Laptop'... I'd make sure they put Apple too. See the logic to all of this is thus — Apple would get such great publicity that they'd want to replace my laptop. Hell hook me up with a great new sytem. Steve Jobs would come meet me and say, "Thanks Tom." Wow... now that would alright.

Had to give my postcards to the bartender at the airport because — 1. the postoffice box was ouside of security gate — 2. I didn't mail anything all week (ohh well). Just hope the bartender doesn't forget to mail them. Time for another drink... Time to get on the plane.

NOVEMBER 17, 2005
BARKER - Sacramento White A (Stuffed Envelope)
KANKA - Sacramento White B (Stuffed Envelope)
LUDWIG - Sacramento White C (Stuffed Envelope)

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