Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Friday, November 25, 2005

We Both Know Of The Illegal Suggestions By Our White Masked Sinner Friends

This afternoon I venturfed out into the small town of Cleveland in search of a black suit jacket that I could use to create my 'Reunion Jacket'. I hit the local Goodwill and not only did they have a black jacket but it fit me perfectly.
I ran over to a local fabric store, picked up some fabric pencils, headed back to the house and began my work.
First I marked the back of the jacket with a 12" x 15" grid. This was needed to keep the 183 buttons lined in order. Next I pored the pins on the floor and put them back in their numbered order. Once this was done I began to apply the pins to the jacket.

The next pahse is to apply the 200+ pins that are pictures of my class. I'm not totally sure in what sort of fashion AI want to apply them in, so I'm going to do some prepatory sketches to figure that part out.

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