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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

USPS Is Stealing Your 12¢

I finally have Comcast coming out to my house so I can get back into the 21st century — INTERNET!!! I'll finally be online at my home this friday evening. Comcast is the worst I tell you... I called and called and called to get them to come out to my new house and did they ever get back to me... HELL NO! So today whilst paying bills online, I perchanced veiwing their website to make sure they were not billing me still and found a place where you can order your service online, schedule a install date and then instant chat with a representative. It took all of 20 minutes for me to get this all taken care of and have a real person scheduled to come out to my house. About time.
I purchased a new set of monitors this afternoon. Two 19" widescreen LCD ViewSonic — so by this weekend I'll be cruising the internet in style from the comfort of my own home. Not to mention I'll be able to post to the blog like a regular person finally, not just anywhere my laptop picks up a rouge wi-fi signal I can hop on the net with. So at least this portion of my transfer to the new place is finally taken care of. Now about that big new television...

I just received word from my correspondent York that he is having to pay an extra 12¢ on each postcard he receives from me. He lives all the way up in Michigan. Kutzbach in Buffalo is being made to pay the extra 12¢ as well. If any of my other correspondents are being made to pay let me know immediately. There is a serious issue here... you are having money stolen from you. The cards I've been sending are well within the 37¢ first class limits. People in other parts of the country are not having to pay the extra 12¢. So the question is — Why you? The next time you go to get your mail, you should refuse to pay the extra money on the grounds that 92% of the other exact same cards are not required to pay the fee's. This is an outrage. Please send me scans of all the postcards you were instructed to pay 12¢ on. Keep all the yellow stickers that are placed on the cards. Ask for a receipt everytime you pay this 12¢. I am going to start documenting this occurrence and send a letter to the Post Master General and request your money back.
Some time ago I talked about the idea of sueing the USPS based on the fact that they were losing countless pieces of my mailings or the receiver acquired them weeks beyond the date they should have received them — that is still an issue that I also want to focus more on. Now we have another real issue to talk about. USPS watch out.

York and Kutzbach... I have a special series of postcards just for you on their way.

What would Ray Johnson do in a situation like this. I'm going to have to commune with him.

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