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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Titles Are For Girls To Make Up — Girls Are Gross


It's undoubtedly not Friday... but at least it's the 13th. Correspondences begin again today. Glad to be home. Life is looking sanguine.

Today is kicking my ass... it is just simply beating me down. By the way, the flat tire I had this morning isn't helping. Will need a glass of Scotch when I get home and a paint brush in my hand to cure this day. Still at work right now... have lots to talk about later.

Till the tape - batch - rolls, let me know - I'm in control.

Sitting at the house listening to the best of the best — the Gogogo Airheart'.. San Diego baby. Be sure to watch out for their new album "RATS!SING!SING!", their 5th, in September. They are the best.. what up Hash. You boys need to hit the ATL with that new shit.
Went over to the house today. It had a basic plywood roof on it and water everywhere... get to shingling folks and remove that damn fireplace please. I REMOVED IT FROM THE PLANS FOR A GOOD REASON. Standing in the garage I realized my driveway is big enough to fit 8 cars. Pretty funny. But good, because cars will never be in the garage and we all know 'How much I love cars' Yeah right. I tend to think their are a few more important things in life. Of course cars are cooler than professional sports... as we all know sports are a retarded waste of the American cultures time.
Talked with Barker this afternoon... he's gearing up for the big wedding. Barker was also very excited about a new painting he's doing with a big 'Thumper' in the composition. I'm sure he'll turn out a worthily protracted, voluminous master work. Keep it up Bark! I do need a nice piece for my new home... ha ha ha.
On the homefront (finally)... we endured a hmmm... yeah, protracted car ride in ATL traffic. This allowed me time for a lot of introspection and from it... I decided that I will have to create a totally new work to present at the Spin & Gin V exposition. After rummaging through my countless publicly concealed works I decided it best to keep them that way, until I reached a time where I felt complacent with their display.
I called Kanka on the phone and told him that I am going to do a reprisal to my action of last year. He laffed heartily and exclaimed that's why he regarded my so highly. Instead of Richie Rich, this year I'll be doing Jughead. Yeah... I've been doing Jughead paintings for about 2 years now, so I feel it is the appropriate time to get into character and hit the show as the man himself — err... at least a Schaefer'ized version of what I perceive him to be. I can't give you many details (they will remain in my head until the evening of the event), but I do guarantee that I will have tons of great artist giveaways (small & big), crazy antics and a performance worthy of my atypical repositories array. Something wonderful... no full-frontal face plants though.
So in short... Blue Jughead paintings will be on the menu at this years Spin & Gin V - — let's dance!


There are men, and there are women
Often they don't get along
I must try to get along with everyone
No matter how stupid they might be
Or how asinine their opinions are
I must learn to love everybody
Even people who are so obviously inferior to me
That they make my flesh crawl
I will get to know these people
And I will cook them a ravioli dinner
From a can I found, in Mexico City

I believe in the goodness of all mankind
I believe that the government is reading my mind
I believe there's a god who loves us all
I believe in the Beatles, except for Paul!


Ahh... my childhood was so good.

— Schaefer

JULY 13, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 10 (postcard)
BARKER - Wife Beater 01 (envelope)

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