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Monday, July 11, 2005

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Early Morning Post —
Flying out to North Carolina this morning to print a book I did. Will be printing thru Wednesday.

Spent most of yesterday recovering from a moderate hang over. That Jack is a mean man and when you mix him up and turn him all red & delicious, he's double trouble. I must admit I see why I prefer single-malt over the whiskey... it's all in the ice. I also worked on painting the finer details of the Blue Jughead triptych I started the other day. I need to buy more brushes and order a jar of Liquitex Brilliant Blue acrylic. These paintings are going to look great in the new house, which already has a roof on it I might add. Maybe one day I should post some pictures of the construction on here... maybe first I should take some pictures. Another project!
Very upset that it rained yesterday. The drive-In was cancelled... I guess we're gonna have to find another event to go to where I can wear a bra on my head and people would get it. YES... Weird Science folks... rained out. And I also suppose I won't be smashing any guitars either. YES... Animal House kiddies... rained out. I'm sure there were many brave souls that went to the show — but the only excuss I'll ever use for sitting in a car at the Drive-In is that I'm making out with some girl... not rain.
Earlier this week I was asked if I'd like to design a dress for a fashion show coming up in October. Of course I accepted, I'd be stupid not to. What's most interesting is that the dress has to be made out of paper... all paper. Time to bust out the sketch book, scissors and sewing machine, gonna have a hell of a difficult and challenging project ahead. Right now my tastes seem to make me lean towards white with minimal silk screen pattering. Something very light and simple. I kinda like the cut of this this dress I did in a painting I haven't finished yet (note:need pink and purple high heels to add to shoe rack). But I know I'll figure out something that will just be ablaze as it saunters the catwalk.

Anyways, I anticipate this to be a real amusing project. I think I'll make myself a paper suit to wear to the show. I will be finding out more details on the project this friday.

reply to: lindy_luna
Dispite my hyped up monologue of last evenings event at the Eyedrum (our readers like it hyped up), in reality, it was one of the best times I've had there. I believe the whiskey siphoning our veins was the real motivating factor for us to leave. I'm sure to frequent future events. Anyways, boys will be boys. I'm just pissed none of them bought me a drink... what's this world coming to.

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